New Tutorial by cisc0ninja - Staying Anonymous

For the first time in a long time, cisc0ninja has published a new tutorial. Dubbed, "Staying Anonymous", this tutorial essentially ties a number of other tutorials together with some personal preferences by cisc0ninja. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you don't have the patience to read through Kayin's Cyber Ninjitsu - The Art of Invisibility Online. cisc0ninja's new tutorial can be found at In other news, we have been using the new database backend since January 09, 2014. We didn't officially announce it as we didn't feel it was particularly newsworthy.

Email Issues Resolved

After much digging, we finally discovered that the email issues that we've been hearing about for the past few weeks were the result of a faulty script. The script failed after some of our security changes prevented it from having the access it needed. The result - the majority of emails sent through the site over the past 6 weeks had not gone out. Sorry for any problems that this has caused the users of this site. All systems are now back to normal.

In other server news, we have just assembled a new database backend server and are looking to get it installed shortly after Christmas. It's a brand new system, complete with a dedicated 16 GB of RAM, SATA 6 Gb/s, and SSD. This should resolve the posting slowdowns that some of our users have been complaining about.

Network Outages

I'm pleased to report that we've finally changed out some faulty network gear that caused several outages over the past week. Not much news to report, but there are some big changes coming soon - to include some interesting training opportunities. For our VIP members, expect several new releases and updates during the next few weeks. We will be merging the 2012 wallpaper contest with the 2013 one. Look for that announcement in the next few weeks as well.

Automated FreeBSD (with ASLR) Nightly Builds

I've started doing nightly builds of my FreeBSD ASLR work. The nightly builds are FreeBSD 11-CURRENT/amd64. I also have a pkgng repo with quite a few commonly-used packages (packages that I use on a daily basis). I'm announcing today the public availability of the nightly builds and the pkgng repo. The build runs at 1AM Eastern every night and at the end, the status of the build steps are tweeted to my account. I cannot guarantee the reliability, stability, or security of either the base system or the packages. Run them at your own risk. I run them on four different boxes.

The distribution sets and ISO images can be found here. The pkgng repo can be found here. Please be nice to my limited bandwidth.

jip Retires From SOLDIERX

Effective immediately, jip is now retired from SOLDIERX. I talked to him in great detail the past few weeks and he has requested that I notify the rest of SX that he is retiring. He has desired to take his work further underground and away from the general public. As a result, I will be taking over his work on the VDB and Tutorial Curation for the time being. We wish him the best and hope that he returns to us someday.

HDB Reaches 1,000 Entries

We are proud to announce today that the HDB (hacker database) now has 1,000 entries. Back in January of 2013 when Infosec Institute ran an article about us having the largest database of hackers, we had around 700 entries. We are proud to have grown our database by more than 30% in under a year. Out of the 1,000 entries - 800 of them have photos and 838 of them have real names. We feel it is a great accomplish to have real names and photos for 80% of our entries. We are very thankful to scryptz0 and the rest of the crew that have contributed to make this happen.

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