All Hands IRC Meeting - Aug 22 4PM CST

Due to a number of inactive members, dead projects, new members, and general chaos going around SX - we're having an all hands meeting this Thursday at 4PM CST. This will primarily be a meeting for SX Crew, but anybody is welcome to attend if they are interesting in getting a sneak peek at the future of SX. In the case that there is too much disturbance, we will be migrating the conversation somewhere other than our public IRC. Please come prepared with suggestions for changes that you feel would be beneficial to SX. The meeting will be on our IRC channel #soldierx at Hope to see you all then Smile

New Tutorial on TeamviewerQS unpacking and resource editing

A new tutorial from fellow crew member Pirrup has been put up about unpacking and resource editing TeamviewerQS at for everybody's viewing. Enjoy.

Douchebags and Dumbasses on Steroids

Lately, shaming DoSers has been fun and all, but the honest reality is that they don't deserve it. Most of the people who rely on such an attack are scum sucking, mouth breathing, bottom feeding, pieces of shit and we're sick of it. We have repeatedly asked where the 0-Day is and with good reason as doing good attacks gets respect, not some bland, brainless attack that is merely an annoyance. Today, as part of my duty is to be the resident banhammer for the site, we are taking it to a new level so that it it swings harder and faster than before. Between this and my work with FEDWatch and MILWatch, I consider this to be a part of our crusade against stupidity.

New Twitter Account - Alex Berta Doesn't Understand The Internet

Due to CriticalMass (Alex Berta) not understanding passwords/security/twitter/internet, we have had to change twitter accounts. After 6 months of trying to get him to recover the password, we gave up and had a new one created. Kohelet has decided to join the group as an inductee focusing on Public Relations (starting with twitter). Our new twitter account is @soldierxDOTcom. For those of you that don't know, we also have a facebook account with the same name.

FEDWatch and MILWatch 2013 Lists Published

Following our older tradition, we've released FEDWatch and MILWatch 2013. These are lists of .gov and .mil visitors to our site. We don't prevent .gov or .mil from visiting our site, but we've typically done our best to keep track of what they're doing. We won't be publishing that information, but we are sharing the IPs and reverse lookups (no usernames) to give our users an insight into how many governments check up on us (the number is surely much higher, but they use proxies). Interesting visitors include (but not limited to) SOCOM, CIA, DHS, SPAWAR, Ft Meade, Los Alamos National Labs, Idaho National Labs (stuxnet lol), and DISA. Thanks to Amp for writing the tools to expedite this process.

Proxies, VIP, Upgrades, IRC, and DDoS

Sorry for the lack of mainstream news updates, we've all been hard at work behind the scenes. First off, we have been working on a new proxies section of the site that you can preview here. We've also got some special VIP updates coming out late this week or early next week. As far as site upgrades go, we've almost rebuilt all of our scripts for detecting various attacks and unwanted visitors. Expect the return of fed logs (.mil/.gov/etc) soon Smile As part of the upgrades, we're also upgrading our SAS card due to some unforeseen read/write cache issues based on our architecture not being x86/x64. Much of the crew has been making a point to be in the IRC room from 8-5 CST, so please join us. Last but not least, we've been under a great deal of DDoS and have thus rolled out yet another automated system to help combat the script kiddies. If you happen to get a 403 error, please contact RaT or wait 10 minutes and you will be automatically unbanned.

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