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Hey everybody, I am mainly dropping a quick line as I am currently updating and adding new content to the Neophyte's Guide and the Basic Programming Concepts series of tutorials. If there are any questions, concerns, or suggestions feel free to make them heard.

wdivulge 0.2.0 Released!

Blake has released a major updated to wdivulge (0.2.0). The update includes proxy support (to include TOR), custom browser user agents, custom directory saving, and slight code cleanups. You can read more about it and get it at This is one of many SX Labs updates for this summer. Blake has stated that he's up for adding any sensible features. Please add your requests at

Defcon 21 news

It is with great pleasure that we announce that SoldierX will have a presence once again at Defcon. Thus far, I can confirm that me and Blake will be attending the event. While in previous years I have not been able to go due to personal commitments and financial concerns, I decided to say go for it this year as this may be my best chance to go and I'm certainly not getting any younger. If anybody from the community is attending, drop a line in the comments below.

Lamers Section Added to Forums

After many talks with the high council, we've agreed to open up a new section of forums to post some of our attack logs. This section, dubbed "Lamers", is for attack logs and other pieces of information about script kiddies and other basement dwellers. It's somewhat of a "Hall of Shame", reserved for those who try really stupid attacks against our site. We decided we were giving too much front page attention to script kiddies like VB, so we wanted a less visible place to share the information. If you have logs of lame attacks, feel free to post them as well. The new forum is located at

Libhijack 0.6.1 Released

I'm proud to announce the release of libhijack 0.6.1 for FreeBSD and Linux. This is mainly a maintenance release with one new feature for FreeBSD users. This release fixes bugs relating to writing data to the child process via ptrace. The new feature for FreeBSD users is the ability to resolve the RTLD's symbols. This wasn't properly being done before. You can download the new release from GitHub by going to the Tags page and downloading the 0.6.1 tarball or right from SoldierX. Read below if you want a technical reason for the new feature for FreeBSD.

Runtime Process Infection Talk at BSDCan To Announce To libhijack Release

While I've been lurking in the shadows, I've been working hard on my hobby projects. I've recently fixed a number of bugs and ported my test suites from 32bit linux to 64bit FreeBSD in libhijack. I will be speaking at BSDCan this weekend about runtime process infection and I'll be releasing a new maintenance release of Libhijack. For those who don't know, BSDCan is a conference held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The presentations focus mostly on BSD-centric topics. My presentation will include a lot of the same material from Defcon 19 plus additional material regarding the challenges porting libhijack to FreeBSD. I'm excited to speak and if you're in the area, come see my presentation.

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