Server Upgrades and Downtime

We will be experienced some downtime today and in the next few weeks as we do a series of server upgrades. Some of these upgrades are being done for lower power consumption, where as others are being done to get more speed out of the site. I will make an announcement when all of the upgrades are complete.

SOLDIERX.COM Reaches Over 8,000 Active Members

Congratulations everybody, our community is now at over 8,000 active user accounts. Technically speaking we just had our 9,523 sign up - but around 1,500 of those were determined to be inactive/spammers and have had their accounts removed. We actively prune accounts that spam as well as accounts that never log into the site. I can't wait to see our active user list grow to over 9,000 - but 8,000 is a decent accomplishment for now. We're currently growing by about 250 active members every month. Thanks to everybody who has been active in our community and to everybody that has helped to spread the word about

Nu11By73 has finished the third pentesting tutorial

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that the third pentesting tutorial: Pentesting Tutorial Part 3 - Vulnerability Scanning and Authentication is finished. The tutorial is located Here. Up next tutorial 4 exploitation and escalation.

Defcon 20 news

Amp here, as some people may already know Defcon is taking place in Las Vegas and several members of our crew are attending. If you happen to see anybody wearing our shirt at the event, give them a hollar. Meanwhile, Nu11By73 has completed his first two Pentesting tutorials (Located here and here respectively) with a third tutorial currently in the works. For those interested in learning about Pentesting, I do recommend reading them.

Last, but certainly not least, Pirrup is currently in the hospital for surgery. On behalf of the SX Crew, I wish him a good surgery and a fast recovery.

2012 Bitcoin Mining Contest Preliminary Winner

Unfortunately it does not look like anybody will be getting the free pass to Defcon. The mining numbers were extremely low, with the winner being the anonymous sx account (default for the bitcoin miner .rar file on the site). If you'd like to up the competition, please follow the directions at 2012 Bitcoin Mining Contest. The full numbers (from top to bottom) are as follows: sx - 5973, rat - 2005, mrkoala - 5, joka - 0, jerbo - 0, jason - 0, c0d3inj - 0. Thanks to all of the anonymous people who generated bitcoins for us, feel free to register an account and win the contest before the end of 2012.

New Tutorial on Null Byte Poisoning by Nu11By73

Nu11By73 has published a new tutorial on Null Byte Poisoning located at I urge anybody that is interested in learning about this technique to check it out. We're still having a few issues with some of our private servers, but we're hoping to have these resolved within the next few weeks. We're also planning to release our phone home decompiler within the next week.

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