Nu11By73 Promoted to Crew, scryptz0 Promoted to Inductee

It is with great honor that I would like to announce the High Council's decision to promote Nu11By73 to the status of full crew member of SOLDIERX, effective immediately. During the past months, Nu11By73 has worked very hard to update the tools section of the site. In his spare time, he has also contributed HDB entries and tutorials (speaking of which, he has a new one at This means that that Tools Curator position has now been filled Smile scryptz0 has also been hard at work on the HDB, and has been promoted to Inductee for the HDB Curator position. We hope that scryptz0 keeps up the good work and becomes a full crew member of SOLDIERX like Nu11By73 has done. Please take a moment and congratulate both of these hardworking individuals.

New Tutorial by Nu11By73

Nu11By73 has added a new tutorial to our site, entitled Enumerating User Accounts Through Null Sessions. It's a short and simple tutorial which requires a *nix based operating system and the tool rpcclient. If you're not familiar with the technique, I suggest taking a look at it. Our updates are going slower than we anticipated, but we are hard at work now that summer is here. The VIP server will be back up once we are able to get in contact with Alien51 and arrange shipping. He has not been responding to emails for a few months now. More updates to come.

Spring $30 VIP Special (25% off)

After several requests to run another VIP special, we've decided to run one from now until May 1st. For this limited time only, you can get lifetime VIP membership for the low price of $30. That's 25% off of the normal price. Please contact RaT if you are interested. After May 1st, lifetime VIP will go back to the regular $40. In other VIP news, we plan to have the VIP server on new dedicated bandwidth in early May.

2012 Bitcoin Mining Contest

SOLDIERX proudly presents the official 2012 Bitcoin Mining Contest! Mining will be tracked starting May 1st, so setup your miner and get your botnets ready. Preliminary winner gets a free pass to Defcon.

Phrack 68 and Other News

Following our usual procedure, we always announce the new releases of Phrack on our front page. Make sure to check out the latest issue, 68, at We haven't had a news post in quite awhile as we've all been working hard on some new releases. We hope to have some of these hit the servers around the middle of May. In other news, Nu11By73 has been upgraded to inductee status for his hard work on overhauling the tools section of our site. If you haven't seen his additions, I suggest you check them out Smile

SOLDIERX.COM Reaches Over 7,000 Active Members

Congratulations everybody, our community is now at over 7,000 active user accounts. Technically speaking we just had our 8,436 sign up - but around 1,400 of those were determined to be inactive/spammers and have had their accounts removed. We actively prune accounts that spam as well as accounts that never log into the site. I can't wait to see our active user list grow to over 9,000 - but 7,000 is a decent accomplishment for now. Thanks to everybody who has been active in our community and to everybody that has helped to spread the word about

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