Network Upgrade Ahead

We met our donation goals for the year of 2011, so we have taken the extra money and upgraded our network. The new speeds (which are being rolled out right now) are 3x as fast as the current speeds (upload and download). We are also having proper PTR records set so that we can go back to directly sending emails out from the site (we are currently using a mail server hosted in a separate datacenter). What does this mean for all of you? Less loading time of course! Thanks to everybody in the community who helped to make this possible. I will do another news post when the upgrades are complete.

New Mac OS X Hackintosh Triple Boot Tutorial From cisc0ninja

I'm proud to announce a new tutorial in our tutorials section. Much to the surprise of everybody, it comes from cisc0ninja. Is this a sign that he's going to come out of retirement? If you've been interested in building a hackintosh with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux - this is the tutorial for you. Please give it a read -

SOLDIERX Blackout (SOPA and PIPA Protest)

EverestX wanted us to blackout the site today, but I felt it would serve little purpose since the majority of our users are well aware of the evils of SOPA and PIPA. I told him that he should do a news post about it instead, but it appears he's passed out and didn't make the post. Since he's not going to, I will. SOLDIERX is against both SOPA and PIPA. If you haven't already, please visit this page of the EFF to read about and protest both of these blacklist bills.

All 2011 Contests Extended

The programming and wallpaper contests will be extended until the end of January due to lack of submissions. I strongly encourage people to submit as it's a great chance to get your name out there (as well as snag VIP and a free shirt). Due to the difficulty of the Cryptography/Steganography Cracking Contest, it will be extended until the 2012 version is complete. A question for the community - do we need better prizes or do all of you just not have the skills for these contests? Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Web IRC is Back!

Just a quick announcement to let everybody know that Web IRC is back up and running. You can access it at

It seems to be running a little slow, but it's working perfectly. Hope to chat with many of you soon. More updates to come.

Programming and Wallpaper Contests Anyone?

We haven't received any submissions for the programming or wallpaper contests. Is anybody going to compete? Does nobody want free VIP and a shirt? At this point, all you would have to do is submit and you would win (as long as you're the only person that submits). Come on people!

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