New Record Set, Agent Steal VIP Build Released

We had a great first month of the new year. We set a new site traffic record with 3,189,536 hits! That's an increase of 753,012 hits in just one month. Thanks to everybody who has been spreading the word about SX. The other thing that I wanted to report is that we have released the Agent Steal VIP Build in the VIP Downloads area. If you are a VIP member, please check it out and let me know what you think. This version addresses all of the issues reported in as well as gives you a new feature to run your own code from Agent Steal.

2010 Tutorial Contest Extended!

Due to only having two security related tutorials (and the low number of entries), we are extending the 2010 Tutorial Contest until February 28, 2011. We will also be including all of the 2010 tutorials from SX crew members as part of the competition (we have done this in the past, but decided to not do it for the 2010 competition to make things more interesting - unfortunately it did not work). Please send your tutorials ASAP to [email protected]. Please see for more information.

We have decided for the hard work that zkoolkyle put into his tutorial on iPhone Game Hacking, we will be sending him a SOLDIERX Shirt regardless if he places in the competition or not. Thanks for all your hard work zkoolkyle, we hope to see more tutorials from you soon!

Psychlone Wins 2010 Wallpaper Contest

Psychlone has won the 2010 Wallpaper Contest with a landslide victory. He had 64% of the votes, where as the runner up had only 12% of the votes. Congratulations Psychlone, you've earned it! We still don't know what we are doing about the 2010 Tutorial Contest. We can either extend the contest, cancel the contest, or include all of the SX Crew tutorials from 2010. Any ideas people?

Holiday Releases Part 3 - Agent Steal and VIP Surprise

I am happy to say that the Holiday Releases are finally over. The new version of Agent Steal has been posted as well as a new VIP release. I'm not going to mention the VIP release by name, but let's just say that it's a very popular application modified to the standards of SX. The new Agent Steal includes the password stealing add-on pack that was previously VIP only. It also addresses the bugs that people found when running Agent Steal under 64 bit XP, Vista 32/64, and Windows 7 32/64. We hear that Agent Steal is very popular with the Geek Squad. We hope that this release will help them not only steal customer pr0n, but also to steal customer passwords. Happy hacking!

Jerbo Promoted To Full Crew, Effective Immediately

It is with great honor that I would like to announce the High Council's decision to promote Jerbo to the status of full crew member of SOLDIERX. During the past months, Jerbo has worked night after night with RaT and pirrup on the new SX Watermarking System. Thanks to the efforts of Jerbo, we were able to meet our holiday testing goals. As with all members promoted to the status of full crew, we hope that Jerbo will continue his efforts and show the same enthusiasm and workmanship that he showed during his inductee status. Congratulations Jerbo!

A Call For More Tutorials

Recently, RaT brought it to my attention that in the past year we have not received very many unique tutorials. To me, this is one of the a rather unfortunate development cause I personally considered that part of the site to be a good example of the mantra that 'Nobody Can Stop Information Insemination.' In addition, a large number of the tutorials is information that from what I have seen is already widely available such as overclocking hardware. The second development in particular has older members of this community such as myself very disappointed.

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