Please vote for the 2010 Wallpaper Contest

Please click here and cast your vote for the 2010 Wallpaper Contest. Voting will be open until 01-15-2011. All of the wallpaper entries are listed on the contest page. Thank you to everybody that submitted artwork for the contest. I wish everybody the best of luck.

Voting will open for the 2010 Tutorial Contest once all of the tutorials are collected for it. Looking at the data for the tutorial contest, we may be canceling 2nd and 3rd places. This is due to both the lack of entries and the lack of security/hacking/cracking related tutorials.

Happy New Years - Holiday Releases Part 2 - OFACE

Happy New Year everybody. We had a great year in 2010 and we look forward to an even better year in 2011. We ended the year strong by setting a new record of hits in a single month at 2,436,524. Last December we had 826,516 hits and last January we set a new record with 1,295,063 hits. We hope to have more visitors, more releases, and a larger crew in 2011.

Holiday Releases Part 1 - wdivulge

Our first holiday release is a public release. Initially we were intending to release wdivulge to VIP only, but Blake felt that it should have a public release. The tool is for web bruteforcing and is commonly referred to as a web fusker. Please check it out at

Keep checking back for our next Holiday release Smile

VIP Poll Comes To An End, Donation Requirement Increases to $40

We asked for the community's opinion and the community has spoken. The VIP Cost Poll has ended and the majority felt that VIP donation requirement should increase. The final votes were 35 votes for VIP to go back to $20, 83 votes for it to stay at $30, and 117 votes for it to increase. I appreciate the community voicing that our VIP only section is worth a larger donation than $30. Effective immediately, lifetime VIP will require a one time $40 donation to the site. Anybody who already has VIP is not required to donate anything additional, but it will be greatly appreciated if you decide to.

We Need More Contest Submissions

With the Wallpaper and Tutorial Contests coming to a close soon, we need more submissions! We have only had 6 people submit wallpapers to our 2010 Wallpaper Contest and we have only had 1 person submit a tutorial to our 2010 Tutorial Contest. At this point, the next two people who submit to our 2010 Tutorial Contest could be guaranteed for second or third place. This is an excellent opportunity to win some cash, a laptop, a SOLDIERX shirt, or at the least free VIP access. Come on people, send in those submissions!

Tutorial Contest 2010 - From 01/01/2010 until 01/01/2011

SOLDIERX proudly presents the official 2010 Tutorial Contest. Just like last year, we are going to end this contest on new years rather than December 1st. This gives everybody an extra month to work on their tutorials. Rather than having a single winner this year, we will actually have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places with much better prices! The prizes are as follows:

1st Place - Used Dell Inspiron 1150 (go here for stats) or $10 * the number of quality tutorials submitted (so 10 quality tutorials would be $100) and a SOLDIERX T-Shirt + VIP combo.

2nd Place - SOLDIERX T-Shirt + VIP Combo

3rd Place - SOLDIERX VIP

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