Phrack 67 and Other News

I know we're a bit late on announcing this (I was out of town), but Phrack 67 has been released. Please go to and check it out. As always, it's a good read for anybody that's interested in hacking and exploitation. We are still working out details of the tutorial contest, but we are nearly finished. We plan to release the details this week. If you are planning on entering, you may want to go ahead and get started on your tutorial.

Is VIP membership too expensive or too cheap?

Should users have to donate more or less than $30 for lifetime VIP membership to our site? With 2011 coming around the corner, we'd really like to know what the community thinks about VIP. In the beginning of 2010, VIP membership required a donation of $20 or more. We eventually took a poll and listened to our community by increasing the donation to $30. How exclusive should VIP become? The decision is up to you!

Please vote at

The poll will close in 4 weeks. The donation amount for VIP will be changed based on the outcome of this poll.

Calling All Artists - The 2010 Wallpaper Contest Is Now Open

Would you like VIP access and a SOLDIERX T-Shirt but don't have the cash? SOLDIERX proudly presents the official 2010 SX Wallpaper Contest. The contest begins now and lasts until 01-01-2011.
Here are the details about the 2010 SX Wallpaper Contest:
Image must be a minimum size of 1024x768 (any size larger is fine, dimensions are up to you)
Image must have something to do with SOLDIERX
Image should be emailed to [email protected]
Image should be in jpg/png/psd format (contact RaT if there is another format that you'd like to use)

Good luck everybody! Check out SX Propaganda for ideas.

1st Place wins a SOLDIERX T-Shirt and VIP access. For right now we are only having a 1st place. If we receive enough entries, we may have 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Another Xplico Tutorial Posted by EverestX

EverestX has brought yet another quality tutorial about Xplico to SOLDIERX. It is intended as a sequel to his first Xplico tutorial. Please check out the new tutorial at We are preparing a series of VIP releases for the end of this month (this weekend), so keep checking back to the VIP area.

Script Kiddie "StigeX" Banned For Lame Attacks

Just a heads up to people out there, launching script kiddie attacks against SOLDIERX is not allowed. Our sensors went off that we were being hit with a large number of web based attacks from Looking into this further, it was determined that StigeX ( [email protected] ) was attempting to attack us using Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner. Apparently he was mad about a post that was deleted in the forums, so lame. He should have at least put some effort into masking his IP. I guess he didn't read any of the tutorials on our site.

StigeX has been banned and his ISP has been informed of his lame actions. Let this be a reminder to all future attackers that these kind of attacks are frowned upon here. If you want to impress us, hit us with some 0day Wink

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