Rocket Wins The 2009 Wallpaper Contest

We are happy to announce that Rocket has won the 2009 Wallpaper Contest with 51% of all votes. xdevilsownx came in second place with 21% of all votes. Thank you to everybody who participated and voted. The 2010 Wallpaper Contest will be announced soon. It will be much shorter than the 2009 contest and will end prior to 2011.

Please Vote on the 2009 Wallpaper Contest

The 2009 Wallpaper Contest has finally ended and we need your votes. Please go to and vote for your favorite wallpaper artist. All of the wallpapers are linked at The poll will close on May 30th and the winner will be announced on May 31st. Sorry for the lack of updates everybody, the majority of our crew members are in school and are just now getting finished with finals and such. Hopefully it will be an eventful summer Wink

2009 Wallpaper Contest Ending Soon

The 2009 Wallpaper Contest is coming to an end on 04-30-2010. Hurry up and get those wallpapers turned in people. Once the contest ends, we will be opening up a poll to let the community decide the winner. The winner will receive a free shirt and VIP access. We are also happy to announce that the VIP server is up and running smoothly, so please request access if you have not already. Everybody has been extremely busy these past few months, but I expect things to get much better in May due to summer vacation (many SX members are still in school). More updates to come...

Amp Retires From SOLDIERX, grey Promoted to Full Crew Member

Amp has decided to retire from the group, as announced in his blog. He said that he has too many other commitments and his heart just isn't into it anymore. We thank him for his many years of service, and will welcome him back with open arms if he decides to return to the group in the future. As his last wish before retirement, he asked for grey (formerly grey_to_black) to be promoted to a full crew member. After careful analysis, we have decided that grey has worked hard and deserves the promotion. Congratulations grey, you've earned it. We look forward to your future contributions to the group and community.

VIP Updates

We are making some awesome changes to VIP. We are setting up a private server for VIP members that will offer them web hosting, email, and full shell access. Due to the large number of VIP users, Blake has created a VIP database for us to manage all of this information. If you are a VIP member, you may receive an email from him asking for missing information. Please get this information to him as soon as possible, we will be using it to verify that your account is setup properly on both the web server and the new private server. Thank you to everybody that has become a VIP, we are hoping to have some really awesome VIP releases by the end of this month.

Site Fixes and Other Updates

If you've been on the site the past few days, you might have noticed it going down for maintenance more often than usual. There were some issues with some data that was on our site, so we've been tracking it down and making fixes while trying to maximize uptime. All issues seem to be resolved, but let us know if you find anything that seems buggy. I am now working on a few theme updates and bringing the web irc client back. Thanks to everybody who attended to SX Party despite the bad weather, it was a good time for all. We did take some video, but it will not be distributed to the public. We do not know when the next party will be, but we will try to announce the next one months ahead of time.

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