Expect a full tutorial

Everyone should expect a full tutorial about 2wire routers with ATT Uverse service coming soon as much trouble as I've had to go through today.

Network Maintenance

Sorry for the late post but we had some maintenance to do on the network tonight causing an outage of about an hour.
All has been corrected and fixed and although we do not see this becoming any kind of habit, we will be making slight changes here and there to have things setup properly for future contests and potentially war games.
So stay on the look out because even if you haven't heard from someone in while (namely myself) we're still doing things on the backend to make the site better.
Thanks for the understanding,

pirrup is now a member of SOLDIERX

I would like to announce to everybody that pirrup has completed his inductee period and is now an official member of SOLDIERX. He has done a phenomenal job with his private reverse engineering work as well as his public work on MRI He has completed the most difficult of tests in order to become a member into the reverse engineering section of our group. Please give him a warm welcome and congratulations, we hope to have him in the group for a long time! Hopefully we will have some new public releases soon that pirrup will be a part of.

Ronald van den Heetkamp <hackerwebzine@gmail.com> blames soldierx.com for zf05

In a rather interesting turn of events, Ronald van den Heetkamp (0x000000/rvdh) is blaming us here at soldierx.com for being hacked and listed in zf05.txt. We were not responsible, we just thought that zf05 was entertaining. In an attempt to not misconstrue the information, here are the original emails:
Subject: rat
From: ?o?ald (hackerwebzine@gmail.com)
Date: Sat, August 1, 2009 9:14 pm
To: rat@soldierx.com
Priority: Normal

zf0 5 released, lulz

I'm drunk so all that I can say is that zf0 5 was released just in time for Defcon. Lulz

http://www.leetupload.com/zf05.txt (also attached to this post)

BAM! Linux Kernel 0day Released by Spender

Spender (Brad Spengler) released a 2.6.30+/RHEL5 2.6.18 local kernel exploit in /dev/net/tun today at http://grsecurity.net/~spender/cheddar_bay.tgz. The most amusing thing to us at SOLDIERX was all of the internal vendorsec emails that appear in the comments. Particularly Linus Torvalds saying that it doesn't look like a kernel problem to him. The exploit is very interesting because when it's viewed at the source level it is unexploitable. It actually doesn't become exploitable until gcc performs optimizations during compilation.

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