Ronald van den Heetkamp <> blames for zf05

In a rather interesting turn of events, Ronald van den Heetkamp (0x000000/rvdh) is blaming us here at for being hacked and listed in zf05.txt. We were not responsible, we just thought that zf05 was entertaining. In an attempt to not misconstrue the information, here are the original emails:
Subject: rat
From: ?o?ald (
Date: Sat, August 1, 2009 9:14 pm
Priority: Normal

zf0 5 released, lulz

I'm drunk so all that I can say is that zf0 5 was released just in time for Defcon. Lulz (also attached to this post)

BAM! Linux Kernel 0day Released by Spender

Spender (Brad Spengler) released a 2.6.30+/RHEL5 2.6.18 local kernel exploit in /dev/net/tun today at The most amusing thing to us at SOLDIERX was all of the internal vendorsec emails that appear in the comments. Particularly Linus Torvalds saying that it doesn't look like a kernel problem to him. The exploit is very interesting because when it's viewed at the source level it is unexploitable. It actually doesn't become exploitable until gcc performs optimizations during compilation.

EverestX is now a member of SOLDIERX

I would like to announce to everybody that EverestX has completed his inductee period and is now an official member of SOLDIERX. He has shown great potential in his steady commitment to the group by his tutorials aimed at helping neophytes. Hopefully he will remain as active as Kayin has and will continue to help our site and group grow. We are currently working with other people who answered the May 21st call for new blood. Hopefully we will have even more inductees and members soon.

New Gaming Area Added To The Forums

I have added a new area to the forums based on discussions I had with RaT about his decision with Amp to have information about console hacking on the site. Please post anything about gaming/console hacking/cheating to the new forum -

Phrack 66 Released

This news post is a little late due to a power outage with our host and is a bit different from our normal news posts. We generally only post news on the main page that is specifically related to SOLDIERX, but I feel that phrack is important enough to be mentioned on our front page. Phrack has been around for a long long time, and is one of the places where I learned much of what I know. I encourage everybody to check out the issue at Particularly Exploiting DLmalloc frees in 2009 and Exploiting TCP and the Persist Timer Infiniteness.

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