New Proc's

As most know from the site being down, we have been doing a lot of major upgrades since the begining of the year.
I'm pleased to announce that we now have new processors in the server and everything is up and working great!

Thanks for sticking with us while we continue to make this better!



After much discussion, the position of Vice President has been dissolved. This decision was carried out as a result of the growing stigma around that position and does not effect Origin's status as a contributing member.

Server Maint. Work

Sorry for the server being down for so long.
This was essentially something unexpected during a routine maintenance upgrade.
Between having a raid issue and upgrading the entire system, as most of you saw the effect, we were down for a few days until we could find the time to figure out exactly what was going on.
This has been fixed and everything should be back to normal, once again sorry for delay.


More Maint. continued

The server will be going down for about an hour or two this morning. This is not during peek hours so hopefully everyone won't be too pissed at me. I'll bring it back up shortly, thanks for the understanding.


SOLDIERX Now Hosting Public Blogs For All Site Members

I have an important announcement to make regarding the SX Member Pages. They have been changed to Blogs as you can probably see by looking at the navigation panel to the left of this post. Aside from a name change, the major change is that we are now hosting blogs for all registered members of this site. It seemed like there should be more benefits to membership other than just forums and the increased amount of available content. We are in a testing phase so as long as everything works well (minimal abuse), the public blogs will stay.

Firewall/Server maintenance

Just an FYI....
We are currently working on a new firewall project and will be taking the website/server offline for a couple of hours tomorrow morning.
We will be down from 0830am CST Feb. 8th until 1130am the same day.
This should not affect anything other than the site being down for a little while and no data will be lost.
We really shouldn't require this length of time but are accounting for the unexpected.


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