Game Server

I had a talk with RaT about hosting a game server, and depending on the game and what resources it takes up he would be glad to host. So I would like to hear everyone's opinion on what games we should try. It can be a FPS, MMORPG, or Strategy game, etc. So please start posting information about what games your interested in. After we come up with a few key games we'll do a final vote.

Defcon and Other News

Defcon is quickly approaching - we hope to see many of you out there. Durandal may or may not be speaking at the event. He last reported that he had a fishing trip that was more important than his speech. In preparation for this, bitemytaco from has agreed to help present the speech. He's one of the co-owners of that site and is very knowledgeable in the field of cable modem hacking. In the case the Durandal does not show up for his part of the speech, he will be stepping down from the position of Vice President immediately after Defcon.

Transition to New Server Complete

Our site is now completely on the new server (formerly as you may have noticed. We removed the main page that had the large SX logo because we now feel the site is working well enough to put it as the main page. Amp has been kicking ass on the HDB, Origin has been working on the engine for the new theme, and I have been working through archives and future content. The books section ( ) is temporarily offline due to the switching of servers. This content is being uploaded to the current server as I type this.

Old school hackers request HDB changes

We were recently contacted by both Supernigger and Taran King to remove the listings of their last names from the HDB. After some thought, I decided that this was a legitimate request and performed it. We would like for anybody on the HDB to know that we will gladly remove last names if needed. You simply need to contact me and provide a means for me to verify your identity. We hope that we're not upsetting anybody with the HDB, as it is just a means to talk about many of the people and stories that seem to have been forgotten.

Plethora of News

I have many updates today for everybody involved with SOLDIERX. We are now testing our new server, A very special thanks to Zerash (zee) and Ocyrus for making this happen! Thanks a bunch guys, we really owe you.

Durandal is now officially back from vacation and online. Contrary to the rumors, he did *NOT* get party vanned. He's working hard to get everything organized for the return of SOLDIERX. I know that it's been slow and painful, but it seems to finally be coming together. Durandal will be speaking with Blake at Defcon 16 about vulnerabilities in cable modems. For more information, please see

Lloth has informed us that he is working on a new template for the web interface. I will be doing the graphics of course, but he will be improving upon the content and current layout. If you want to help out, please contact him in our IRC channel.

Lloth now a member of SOLDIERX

Lloth from Blackcode is now an official member of SOLDIERX. He's going to start out here by helping us to cleanup the new site and fix all of the problems that we're currently experiencing. As I said on the site launch news release, Kyle Browning is still suffering from the loss of EPiC. Once all of the bugs are worked out and we have a solid system setup, Lloth is going to work with me on projects for SX Labs. He has experience in vulnerability discovery and has expressed an interest in projects involving that. Please welcome him aboard on the forums and in IRC.

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