cisc0ninja Retires, Open IRC Meetings Every Thursday

cisc0ninja has decided to retire from SX. He has stated that he's not currently interested in computer security, so there's no place for him here in SX. He has moved onto gaming, so if anybody plays Elder Scrolls Online - feel free to reach out to him and join him in game. We're leaving his email account open.
Since the majority (91%) voted that they would attend a chat session where members of SOLDIERX would answer any question they wanted, we are now starting that as a weekly IRC chat on Thursday. Our current plan is to have it from noon to one (12:00-13:00) EST and then again at nine to ten (21:00-22:00) EST. We're having two time slots in hopes that everybody who wants to attend will be able to make one of the sessions. Our first meeting will be this Thursday, December 18, 2014. Hope to see you all there!

HardenedBSD and the Offset2lib Attack

The recently disclosed offset2lib attack against Linux's default ASLR implementation has generated a lot of chatter. As mentioned in the paper, ASLR implementations based off of PaX's--which is the case for HardenedBSD--are generally secured against this attack. Our whitepaper describes how we calculate separate offsets for the execution base, mmap, and the stack. For Position-Independent Executables (PIEs), the shared objects have a different randomization offset than the executable itself.

While HardenedBSD is secure against this particular attack, further additions to our implementation can help strengthen it. Since each shared object is randomized with the same delta, the same attack could theoretically be carried out in between libraries. Research is being done in HardenedBSD to randomize the base address of each shared object independent of the other shared objects. This would strengthen HardenedBSD against similar attacks. Additional research is being done to randomize the load order of shared libraries as well. OpenBSD does this to further frustrate an attacker as he or she will not be able to know beforehand in which order the libraries will be loaded.

Crowdfunding HardenedBSD Development Server

We're working hard to bring the FreeBSD community (and the Internet community as a whole) many security enhancements. We're looking to build an automated infrastructure along with providing our developers a system to do dedicated development on. We're paying everything out of pocket and our expenses are quite high, even as a new project. As such, we've started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a dedicated development server. If you want to see HardenedBSD succeed and be given public credit for that help, please head over to the Indiegogo page and give a donation. Even if you can't donate, we'd love it if you could spread the word. We need all the help we can get. We deeply appreciate all the help and support the community has already given us.

Organizational Changes Coming, Feedback Requested

We're currently planning some organizational changes as well as trying to figure out where we should focus our work. Feel free to comment on this news post with things you would like to see. We're planning to bring some contests either late this month or early next month. Last but not least, we have a poll about hosting a weekly or monthly IRC chat where members of SX will answer any question you have. Please click here and let us know if you would attend such an event.

Site Enhancements

Just a heads up that we've completed a few site enhancements and are working on a few more. We've done some optimizations to speed up new post creation - hopefully this will resolve some of the double posting issues. We've also forced all http[s]:// traffic to redirect to as well as forced all cookies to be rather than This will help protect against cookie stealing attacks that would utilize servers such as hei. We're working on getting some minor theme updates completed as well as playing around with having a mobile theme for phones and such.

Jerbo Loves Cannabis, and Now You Can Too!

I wrote a guide a while back, and, well, you can read all about it here:

I'm going to add a couple additions, one with some tidbits on breeding and another on working with seeds and sexing since I left that part out.

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