Site Enhancements

Just a heads up that we've completed a few site enhancements and are working on a few more. We've done some optimizations to speed up new post creation - hopefully this will resolve some of the double posting issues. We've also forced all http[s]:// traffic to redirect to as well as forced all cookies to be rather than This will help protect against cookie stealing attacks that would utilize servers such as hei. We're working on getting some minor theme updates completed as well as playing around with having a mobile theme for phones and such.

Jerbo Loves Cannabis, and Now You Can Too!

I wrote a guide a while back, and, well, you can read all about it here:

I'm going to add a couple additions, one with some tidbits on breeding and another on working with seeds and sexing since I left that part out.

HardenedBSD - SoldierX's First BSD Distribution

I've been extremely busy these past few weeks to bring SoldierX a slice of awesomeness. Early on in the ASLR project, SoldierX graciously donated a sparc64 and later a BeagleBone Black. We've been able to identify a few (still outstanding) issues on ARM with our ASLR implementation. Our implementation would not be as stable, robust, or feature-complete today if it weren't for SoldierX's sponsorship and donations. It is with tremendous excitement that today I'm announcing the launch of the HardenedBSD project.

The HardenedBSD project aims to enhance FreeBSD's security by adding many exploit mitigation technologies and upstreaming those enhancements directly to FreeBSD. You can think of HardenedBSD as more of a staging area for bleeding-edge development of exploit mitigation, hardening, and other security-related technologies for FreeBSD. Once ASLR is feature complete and fully upstreamed (including integration with the Ports tree), I'll port certain security features from the Grsecurity Linux kernel hardening patch.

Please keep in mind that we're still in the early stages of getting everything set up. I'm building our first official package repo as we speak (with more than 20,000 packages, it takes a lot of time). Please give it a spin.

Defcon 22

Amp here, I figure I should give a quick update and mention that DEF CON is this week and as mentioned before, we will be firing on all cylinders. Blake and cisc0ninja will be presenting this year and covering practical DDoS defense. In addition, I will once again represent our crew as a part of the Hackers Against Humanity tournament. For those attending, look for the SX shirts as they may lead you to one of the crew members. Wink

Whitepaper - Introducing ASLR for FreeBSD

Introducing ASLR For FreeBSD
Shawn Webb
Oliver Pinter
10 July 2014

[ 1. Introduction ]
Security in FreeBSD is based primarily in policy-based technologies. Existing
tools such as jails, Capsicum, vnet/vimage, and the MAC framework, can make
FreeBSD-based systems quite resilient against attacks. FreeBSD lacks basic
low-level exploit mitigation, such as Address Space Layout Randomization
(ASLR)[1]. ASLR randomizes the address space layout of an application, making
exploitation difficult for an attacker. This paper and the associated
implementation aim to provide a secure, robust, extensible, and easily-managed
form of ASLR fit for production use within FreeBSD.

New Reverse Engineering Tutorial from Kohelet

Kohelet has just posted his first tutorial, Teach Me How To Reverse (Part 0). It covers patching an unpacked binary to bypass a password requirement. This should be the first of a series of reverse engineering tutorials from Kohelet. If you're interested in reverse engineering - you should definitely give it a look. It even has pictures Smile

In other news, we've created a "SX Archives" section and will be moving old content there in an effort to reduce site clutter. We will also be adding old content that has previously been removed to this archive section as well. Overall, this should be a great way to access content that is no longer relevant or up to date enough to be on the main sections of the site.

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