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A public, vendor-neutral forum for detailed discussion of vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques, as well as tools, papers, news, and events of interest to the community. The relaxed atmosphere of this quirky list provides some comic relief and certain industry gossip. More importantly, fresh vulnerabilities sometimes hit this list many hours or days before they pass through the Bugtraq moderation queue.
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Uniqkey Password Manager 1.14 - Remote Credential Disclosure

5 April, 2019 - 00:31

Posted by gionreale on Apr 04


Various vulnerabilities in Lupusec XT2 Plus home alarm system

5 April, 2019 - 00:29

Posted by Dan Fabian on Apr 04

title: Multiple Vulnerabilities
product: Lupusec XT2 Plus Main Panel
version: Firmware
homepage: https://www.lupus-electronics.de/
found: 01/2019
by: D. Fabian

Vendor description:
"The new...