January breaks unique visitor records on soldierx.com

Congratulations to everybody that has contributed to soldierx.com, this has been our largest month yet in terms of unique visitors. We have seen a large amount of growth since the launch of the new site. The more that people participate, the more that it makes members of SX want to contribute more content. I know that Amp is working on some tutorials, cisc0ninja is working on some tutorials, lloth is working on some projects, origin is working on content and I am working on a few projects. The new SX Labs is set to launch on 01-31-2009, so make sure to come to the site and check it out. We will have all of the old projects as well as some new ones!

I have been discussing the possibility of videos with Amp and we've really come to a point that we need some user input. Please let us know what kind of tutorials/videos/etc you would like to see by posting a comment to this news post or posting a request in the forums. We cater to our users so please let your voice be heard.