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A holiday reflection on: Training.

Daily Dave - 19 December, 2023 - 13:33

Posted by Dave Aitel via Dailydave on Dec 19

I think one thing this community does really well, better than almost any
other community I've found, is training. It's amazing, in a way,
because this is a community of professional secret holders. And yet
everywhere you look, a hacker is putting their heart and soul into
iterating on lab exercises for their class in whatever sub-field they are
an expert in.

And giving training is hard. It's hard in the way consulting is hard,...

t2'24: Call For Papers 2024 (Helsinki, Finland)

Daily Dave - 19 December, 2023 - 13:27

Posted by Tomi Tuominen via Dailydave on Dec 19

Call for Papers 2024

t2 infosec has been pushing the boundaries of security research for two decades and it don't stop. We're back April
18-19, 2024 - Helsinki, Finland.

CFP and registration are both open.

This is an event for newcomers, established merchants of dual use computer code, beginners of vulndev, cyber vagabonds,
retired or redacted, and hackers of all sorts.

If you have new original security research targeting old,...
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