need help creating a genuine credit card

am <>kira<> from Nigeria, i need help creating a credit card, which is valid,
and also need help with jaibraking an iphone 5S which is stuck at recovery mode,

namaste ,

need help recovering a yahoo account

This isn't some bs I need to get info on someone or I'm being a victim or my girlfriend is cheating on me type of thing, I simply want my original gaming handle back. I haven't been on the grid in years so of course i have forgotten my password and don't have access to my old phone number and I would know my security answers but it doesn't prompt me to answer any. If anyone can assist on some ways I can recover my password that I am overlooking any advice or guidance in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Hi please teach me how to hack add me in my fb. Denpiers olandria

need help

how do i translate leet into english or to its actual meaning?please! help me.


Girls ,don't listen to others just do it . Lets show them.



Devil is coming

just wait you can run or hide but you can't escape from devil

We can help

37000+ Facebook Accounts Hacked By AnonCoders

37000+ Facebook Accounts Hacked By AnonCoders

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37000+ Facebook Accounts Hacked By AnonCoders
Happy 3rd Anniversary 01.01.2015 - 01.01.2018 (AnonCoders)
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