Credential Leakage f1 bull red

#Got this info from a redbull local admin, have been digging them for a while and here is some
#contact me if interested more: [email protected]

local admin —
[email protected]: Ready6d6c16f13c23b6be50bfcPlayer=Admin7328a6a5b61bc03f1a2ac4009a48165e0aab1ee3c42
[email protected]: Tororosso_(ePuZ#R+EXt)Ga@

employee —
[email protected]:LegioneLazio1900Immobile
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]:Rotfl12#
[email protected]:googledotcomstrongpass18at@
[email protected]
[email protected]:1Factorial!=0
[email protected]
[email protected]:c
[email protected]: (IP: (Vidar malware log)
[email protected]: 1996@2pac_is_legend
[email protected]
[email protected]: ILOVEMichaelandElisa
[email protected]:Masteryilegend@lol
[email protected]:BenReDBull8888888
[email protected]:ciasteczkoproproszetak
[email protected]:
[email protected]: Choo4Kalai#oneormore
[email protected]:
[email protected]
[email protected]: Lekkeryoh_mamOneill1979
[email protected]:ichliebemichundmeineFamilie:))
[email protected]: Choi-lebalibdelbPantheonforzaaa

service account —
[email protected]

computer name —


Why? Why is it many don't see this world for what it is. A controlled matrix.

Its like surrogates except your body is your machine. A gigantic computer ran by several moving individual vessels populating a gigantic screen of projection. Inception within inception inside a gigantic quantum computer.

You got billions of vessels running around with no security and no idea about the layers and layers of networking created that binds every single mind into one mind. Yet you have millions of vessels running around stating "We are one" I ask this question here for hope that the soldierx community can perceive what I see better than the multitude of programmed vessels roaming the planet.

Then again many have called me crazy for my claims. Literally obtained a degree in Psychology just to shake of mental illness accusations. Once that was conquered I went to learn coding but the work done on my own brain has prevented me from a lot. Practicing REBT and NLP to literally program the mind beyond what the system has developed as programming really opened my eyes to a new structure that I was stuck living in.

"Change your mind, change your reality" One of the dumbest quotes I loath seeing or hearing. You here it everywhere from self help gurus and more. Yet none of them are reprogramming their minds in the likes of a computer let alone a quantum computer. "Your mind projects reality" Again why not program your mind to actually see the machine and function within the machine as a hacker would program a computer? Mainly because they don't understand the likes of conditioning or mental programming.

Its not an easy task and is not something you can do on your own. Imagine Factory resetting your mind at age 30 solo and reprogramming it. You go insane their is no avoiding it, but you have to have the mental power to overcome it until you can find a new home that understands your way of thinking.

Not sure if anyone is interested, but sharing some knowledge I've gained through trial and error with 3D Printing.

Recommended 3DPrinter For Starter/Intermediate:
BIQU-B1 by BigtreeTech - Price as of 02/2021 - $267
32bit main board (quiter motors, faster processing of gcode, custom Marlin Firmware edits allowed)
Filament type: PLA,ABS,PETGMotor Accuracy: +- 0.1mm
Print Size: 235*235*270mm (xyz)
Max Print Speed: 100mm/s
Touch screen interface, filament break detection, single nozzle, highly expandable (based on C10 style printers like Ender 3)
Recommended additons for the B1:
BLTouch Leveling Probe - allows for the extruder to correct height in small amounts over a mapped area of the bed (doesn't level the printer for you, but can correct for high and low points on the bed to get much closer to perfect)
2x3010 24v 2pin blower fans/ 3x 4010 24v 2pin silent or performance fans - the stock fans are not bad, but I had a few start screaming and go out on mine.
Raspberry PI 3b with Octoprint installed - allows for a ton of features through plugins and control from your workstation.
Setting up the B1:
The instructions included are very easy to follow, however a few pointers that get glossed over: after assembling the printer, make sure you use the touch screen to "Home" the XY and Z axis before leveling. Preheat the bed and nozzle using the preheat button on the touchscreen before leveling, as the bed and nozzle swell and move due to heat.
Adding the BLTouch to the B1:
Prereqs needed:


does anybody even talk on IRC anymore or am i leaving it too soon

maybe we should move to telegram?

Need help with scammer

Ok so this is way out in left field, I am not a hacker or anyone that has any talented skills in what you guys do. I have been scammed with a job scam. The person who is scamming me does not know I know. I am trying to find out who this person at leas hold them accountable or idk. I felt bad when I thought I got a good job, could finally get a place and get my life back together then I noticed it was a lie. The person sent me a fake check, i have not opened the envelope yet. I have emails, domain names, phone numbers...wish account info etc. I'm here cause I need expert's

Just sayin

IRC a little dry



To most of those newbie questions that can be found on the internet on how to do a certain "hack"

I found this site called NullByte that had some pretty cool stuff on hacking but I recently found their youtube channel which includes very greatly explained ways hackers do some things and very common tutorials and a lot of stuff people ask on the forums are in this youtube channel, like how to crack WPA2, or analyze traffic on wireshark and all that and I thought it was cool

Hello- to anyone that gives a shit

Thank you for allowing me entry. .. These hallowed halls are quite huge and impressive. You probably don't know or remember me, and I like it better that way. I lurk a lot. I post now only to show my respect to the other OT still around. ttyl


What is money a lot of people think of money as a lot of things like money is there life money is there hope money is there strength money gives them the will to things but me I think money is a paper that every body want every body desire it its the health of a human life without it some people can serve so yes it can do a lot even give you a new life yes you think its impossible but money can do give you a better life it can take you out of hard life giving you a lavish life style big house fast life hot girls hyper life yes that's the life it gives you..........TO BE CONTINUED

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