How to stay as safe from the NSA as humanly possible

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Don't just take my word for it, Check the Arch Wiki. My method is just a tad bit more "evasive/overt/anti-fed/anti-waterboarding."

STATUS: THUNDERDOME, VS THE PENTAGON. (Vehicle seems to have listening equipment/electronic equipment in it, females using laptops behimd tinted windows, and a sunshade figure that got out of the drivers seat as if it would prevent me from burning the vehicle)
I take it the Pentagon is too busy eyeballing the prospect of physical death to laser focus on their failed sport of "corrupting my purity with underage vagina/honeytraps while engaged?" They've never failed to sting a target with a bee? Reader... take note that the below questions are LITERAL, not figurative... and here's why:

Aside from being told over google that I was interacting with "child soldiers," I was also told that I was interacting with "heartbreak soldiers." The below images were associated with the Google search term "Soldierx how to stay safe"
-This is the Thunderdome and I intend to induce legal suicide while I'm on the bus and legal death via getting off the bus, to set an example with tweedle dee and tweedle dum via misery, suffering, and heartache.

Am I safe to assume that the emotional sustenance that's supposed to come with "trapping a target/corrupting a target into performing an immoral action such as cheating/poping the targets supposed cherry/breaking the targets heart" is more important than eating food, drinking water, or breathing oxygen?

I take it you needed that drug hit of grool producing heartache and sadness regarding trapping a target with underage vagina so bad that you thought to use mental evaluations twice to increase your chances of snorting that line of purity-corruption cocaine off of my dick with underage vagina?

Gina Haspel...
About those paid judges and cops (that counted money in front of me "off camera") used in the CHILD-SOLDIER SPONSORED MENTAL EVALUATIONS... they deserve to go to JAIL, right? (?) (No civil war pl0x)

You felt your sins weighing on your neck..

(spidey senses)

(shh) (It's a fatal fuckup.)

Dear Anonymous: REAL SHIT.

If you choose to target the narcissistic supply of the infinite darkness, the biggest tip that I can give you (based on experience) is to disregard fake news entirely (short of using it as a measuring tool). Fake news is a pathology/perception management thing. Ignore the armor plating and go for the squish.

I recommend not becoming a threat to Big Brother. You'll have far more success with old school "tactics."

I'll be busy fighting the infinite darkness while waiting (the Supreme Court is filled with chicken shits that have weak senses of identity, similar to Congress) (shh).

Pentagon: "My bad." (lol downvote birgade, lol child soldiers, lol hidden weakness.) (It would appear that the Pentagon has the ability to forge the date and time of a Youtube comment, similar to suppressing the viewcount of a youtube video. Their gaslighting seems to know no bounds.)

Jeez it's like Gina Haspel and her Bebe's kids are afraid of Anonymous or something...
Note1: Updates are in ascending order (the more recent the update, the higher in the thread the update is). The $hittalk $ection remains at the top, is 100% filler, and is in descending order.
Note2: Thinimg admin, the multi-billion-dollar-damage screenshot could be hosted on your servers right now. Next time, don't take a check.

Dear Internet: Here's your anchor. Evidence that was recently generated from their reactive behavior, that's stronger in weight than the evidence that they tried to repeatedly suppress. ( was sabotaged and made unreachable due to envy, then reverted) (Evidence of Nation State Backdoors in Cellphones, stock android, not rooted, no dev apps, Model: LG Stylo 5) ("A picture speaks 1000 words" is literal, not figurative.) (My phone is wiretapped by virtue of this leak. WORKS FOR ME, the government isolated me from my friends and "lovers" with a PAYCHECK.) (REAL SHIT, FCC?) (evidence of the Pentagon and its child soldiers infecting my original place of employment) (Detailed explanation, to include the fake lawyer letter handed to me that was dated for 1 year in the future. The cop that responded to the SGT inquiry that I made was also a child soldier and wore heart earrings.)
(Gaslighting via the NEWS, a reaction to me ripping Gina Haspel a new asshole.) (One of the two mental evaluations that Gina Haspel paid a judge to order and had CIA tied cops carry out. The Pentagon and its child soldiers did not like the results so they forged the heartrate results to make it appear that I had high blood pressure.)

Hey Gina Haspel, I don't like the Pentagon, but I do like CAMERAS: (a reupload of evidence that the Pentagon has suppressed. They hack courtrooms and double sentencing fees.)
(This is just as bad as the Pentagon forging forms in my tax return in an effort to make me believe that the state of Maryland owed me $5,000. What would have happened to me had I not caught that error/zeroed out the values in the form that I never filled out in the first place via TaxSlayer? I'd be in prison for tax fraud. This is how the Pentagon rolls.) (Did I mention the thousand+ dollars of nickel-and diming aimed at preventing me from continuing my healthcare via dental?) (Child Soldiers fucked up by using my employers at the Government Publishing Office to abuse me. I believe that this was done to placate the children for the purpose of having sex with them. After being exposed, they instructed my employers to fire me and not explain why I was terminated, had an employee that was supposed to honeytrap me serve as a witness, and attempted to go for the "shock" factor with GPO police present to escort me out of the building.) (Evidence that Child Soldiers hack the Washington D.C. Metro Rail system, this occurred while I was halfway across the country via vehicle, and I didn't use my Smart Trip for three days straight.)
Daisychain into the below:
And WHY DID THE PHOTO CHANGE? (ORIGINAL PHOTO) (#Blackboi1, gotta ruin dat purity.) (#Blackboi2, eventually he'll take the bait.) (an example of the various "kindness" probes that are being used to find what the Pentagon perceives as "emotional weakness," a prerequisite to the end goal of corrupting my dick... this hyperlink is serious business, my "kindness" and "inherently good nature" are seen as weaknesses to be used to trap me with underage honeytraps.) (Photographic evidence of gangstalking combined with aerial vision (spy satellite), arranged in a circumstance that should be physically impossible and that occurred immediately after I "pushed taunt.") (This is most likely not a Secret Service or CIA agent. This is most likely a FBI agent.) (Planting fake evidence.) (From "RedZone Technologies LLC to my old "Home Address," near or around exit 16 on the right, with a bridge over three or four unusually thick pillars... there may still be a "fade" of the graffiti that was forced to be cleaned. The "idea" to "risk it all" that this was supposed to "implant within my head" ambient-gaslighting wise should be "more direct and easier to understand.") (The jury is out on what agency this fucker works for, I'm going to assume CIA since he was there to herd me to a Motel for hygeine purposes.) (The FBI needed info that the Secret Service/CIA has and they don't regarding the state of my car and the Pentagon's attempt to MURDER ME. Someone looked at my Google data and misunderstood how oil changes work... and believed that the process was similar with the filter and an oil change with the oil pan vs a transmission fluid change where the fluid pan needs to come off of the vehicle.) (Attempt 1 to fuck up my car occurred a few months ago when I purchased it, they left a dent left from the bumper swipe during the HIT-AND-RUN. The piece that the bumper attaches to (covered by the bumper) snapped in half. I fixed it with superglue and screwed the bumper back in place.) (Attempt 2 was in pitch black with a blatant high-speed side-swipe (hard force PIT MANEUVER) aimed at getting me to REACT and SWERVE instead of IGNORING THE HIT ENTIRELY AND FOCUSING ONLY ON DRIVING STRAIGHT UNTIL THE CAR STOPPED MAKING CONTACT ENTIRELY... also, damage of the bumper that dangled from one side during Attempt 1 before I fixed it.)
-Unsure if the CIA tried to clean my car, or if the FBI was paid to cause an accident.
I was tailed for an hour by a police officer that was told to signal his lights for 1 second to get me to pull over before I realized that I was being fucked with.
After realizing that the officer was following a set GPS pattern that matched mine, I pulled over and got behind him to monitor. He was instructed to follow a GPS route behind me for over 20 miles.The child soldiers/the child soldier adults dropped a tier down to continue their abuse. They NEED that emotional feed of "corrupting my purity."
I predict that the abuse that I experienced was performed side by side with children, before the investigation became too hot. I predict that the Pentagon is having "a little trouble" with enforcing the NEWLY CONSTRUCTED boundary with their child soldiers (who are used to running rampant). (evidence of the Pentagon attempting to "herd" me via GPS.) (Next to a cellphone tower.) (Evidence that mobile data is turned on, but not connected to the 4G or LTE network.) (It's not my phone carrier.)
Daisychain into the below evidence of the Pentagon controlling the backdoor in my phone: (they stopped looping the edit page (aimed at preventing me from posting) so I wouldn't catch the evidence on video, but I managed to catch them preventing me from reaching this website unless I use a VPN)

We having fun yet, Pentagon?

THREAD TLDR (excluding the LEGAL DIGITAL CATFIGHT and bypassing Gina Haspel's Mental Eval bullshit): (was engaged, "Sydney" and "Stephanie") (Never successfully breached illegally, illegal/incorrect/stale/INADMISSIBLE metadata, didn't bite the bait) (underage honeytraps and little kids and #cameras oh my) (Prerequisite to fight the infinite darkness, made of pure unobtanium... "armor" just made it salty.)

$hit-talk $ection: Purpose is to generate more evidence that can be used in court and to offload steam to counteract their abuse (I believe this is called "fighting back").
(Updates here are in descending order)


(Pro Taunt Strats, #OnCamera)

Move over, Snowden. I intend to unseat you. YOUR LEAKS DON'T ADD UP TO MY TESTIMONY AND I FIND YOUR "ASYLUM" TO BE SLIGHTLY SUSPECT. (Something something "Infinity +1 Sword" something "soul slash" something)

-Your "technological capability" leaks are just a tad bit suspect. Just a tad.

-Your asylum is also "just a little" suspect.

-You grabbed everything that was negligable and omitted "the GOOD shit."

"SIGTERM, why u do dis?"

(Pro defensive strats)

(hidden weakness.)

(Hold my beer.)

--- (samefag, newfag)

(They can dish out abuse via triangulation of family, but apparently they can't take a hit.)

(Does "homewrecking" cream the twinkies of the child soldiers of Congress? Does it make their muffs drip and dicks erect when they get the drug-rush of destroying something that they see as "pure?" Is this why they used underage honeytraps when their attempts to "break me down" failed and they couldn't get that "heroin fix?" Is this "too painful" to acknowledge?)
(I'm being targeted by chickenshit villians.)

(Why switch from female honeytraps to male honeytraps despite there being no data on me being gay or bi? Why are they more aggressive in their approach to interact with me, such as tapping my knee while I'm sitting on the metro or repeatedly nudging a bag that touches my shoulder to get my attention? Does me silently leaving the area in a similar manner to how I respond to the female honeytraps cause narcissistic injury? You do realize that the spy satellite has to be included in the court case similar to the wiretapped cellphone... right?)
(Try "Plan B" instead of using degenerates.)
(You takin this L, nigga.)

(Shittiest Pokemon Trainers NA. The kids are TOAST. The bottom line at this point in time is REDUCING THE PAYOUT since I'm at MAX PAYOUT... And they keep INCREASING THE PAYOUT AMOUNT WITH THEIR IDIOCY...)

Lol Gina Haspel: Can't win in a str8 up fight, go for the nuts amiright or amiright?

Dear Pentagon: About your "precious kids..."

Let's rewatch videos that you have no choice but to watch... videos that highlight your mental condition: (time to take "Satan's sword" for a spin right quick, education on the Pentagon's mental condition and an explanation of the Pentagon's behavior regarding their actions... backed by BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of damage due to my REPEATED and CONSISTENT exploitation of their reactive behavior...) (the reason why they're buttmad) (the reason why they're spiraling) (Ph.D in demonology, part A) (Ph.D in demonology, part B) (Video starts at 2:49) (Failure must hurt the Pentagon's brass soooooooooo bad... ) (The Pentagon failed to force me into a position where I can't abandon them... the Pentagon failed to force me to be subject to their "value system...") (All that effort put into "capturing me..." all for nothing... too bad, so sad...) (They're like boomerangs. The narcissistic injury never heals and they never rest until they can "get back in." This video is a perfect fit for the below image... "prior relationships are a bitch.") (Gotta stay off the Pentagon's BlackBoi-Pet plantation...) ("Probing for emotional weakness" is a standard Cluster B behavior.) (That implosion is taking quite some time. I guess it makes sense, this issue will cause armageddon if not handled correctly...) (Explaining the "facemask," part A) (Explaining the "facemask," part B) (Explaining the "facemask," part C)

Pentagon/"Hidden Enemy": You are ruled by the "false self." You have no "true self" to speak of. There is "nothing there," to include the children. Your "child soldiers" aren't "children." The "child" died a long time ago. There is only the "false self." They are "vessels," so to speak.

Because of your lack of a true self, you are only capable of playing checkers. You can't see past "1 move ahead." I'm playing "chess" and I see "Mate in 12."

This is reinforced by the fact that you have zero control or influence regarding me or the outcome of this situation. You don't even have the power to let me off the bus due to how much has been exposed and due to how deep the feds are in your shit. You, quite literally, "have no power here." Every emotional probe, from "money" to "cops" to "women" is wasted energy. The best part about you being ruled by your false self is that you are too stupid to accept that there is nothing that you can do to regain control of the situation.


(The longer the Pentagon tries to use me to repair their imploding ego, the more psychopathic they reveal themselves to be. Implode faster, please.)

Secret Service:
Taking "Satan's Sword" for a spin "one more time."

Am I safe to assume that cars that are connected to the internet are subject to acts of sabotage via zero day attacks/backdoors by the Pentagon? WHILE BANKING ON AN OLDER MODEL CAR NOT HAVING ELECTRONIC TRACTION SUPPORT/ELECTRONIC TRACTION CONTROL, a pit maneuver seems to have been "Plan C," and cracking the Serpentine Belt seems to have been "Plan B."

Why would you piss in the fucking punch bowl of a party that you shouldn't even be invited to?

Also, why are you escorting Child Soldiers to interact with me and why are you continuing the abuse on their behalf in an area that has been burned already regarding you tailing me as if I'm the suspect? To help them "pop my cherry?"

Planting fake evidence on behalf of the Child Soldiers, too?

This is made worse by the following...
I was tailed for an hour by a police officer that was told to signal his lights for 1 second to get me to pull over before I realized that I was being fucked with.
After realizing that the officer was following a set GPS pattern that matched mine, I pulled over and got behind him to monitor. He was instructed to follow a GPS route behind me for over 20 miles.The child soldiers/the child soldier adults dropped a tier down to continue their abuse. They NEED that emotional feed of "corrupting my purity."

I predict that the abuse that I experienced was performed side by side with children, before the investigation became too hot. I predict that the Pentagon is having "a little trouble" with enforcing the NEWLY CONSTRUCTED boundary with their child soldiers (who are used to running rampant). (Bye, kids.)

Based on the info that demonstrates that I'm being abused by people that have Law Enforcement Training AND by Law Enforcement IN AREAS THAT HAVE BEEN FLAGGED AND SHOULD BE MONITORED ALREADY, the willingness to continue taking paychecks from the Pentagon to delay acknowledgement is now a matter of National Security. Also, either the cleanup crew tried to clean my vehicle, or the FBI took a paycheck to perform a Pit Maneuver against my car. Thank you for demonstrating that you are ill equipped to handle me.

Gina Haspel:
Am I safe to assume that "the powers that be" are "flabbergasted" and "dumbstruck" regarding their failure to escape accountability via my "death/neutralization?" Am I safe to assume that the last ditch to escape involves "me having sympathy for the kids" despite having repeatedly identified them as predators? Or... maybe it has to do with the colossal FAILURE that has occurred regarding "the emotional food that the child soldiers were supposed to get from breaking my heart and fucking up my relationships..." and has to do with the emotional pain that the child soldiers will feel regarding what I'm destined to get as a reward once the Pentagon has no choice but to follow the law and let me go instead of using their children as chess pieces?

I smell retardation. Apparently, the kids and the brass need to see me "driven before them? To "feel their powuh?" Is it because corrupting my dick failed?

Also, I have a $500 deadpool bet on when you will kill yourself after you are forced to resign/clean the kids. Your techniques and tactics rely sooooo much on "how the target is perceived."

I'm willing to bet that you wouldn't use police officers if I were white, that you wouldn't try painting me as "mentally unstable" if I looked like a "Poindexter," and that you haven't the slightest clue regarding wtf to do because:
1) You failed to alter my perception of reality.
2) You failed to alter how I am perceived by others.
3) You failed to alter how I perceive "you."

If this were a game, you'd rely heavily on "illusion." Your illusion level is shit tier and only works against the weak minded. When someone sees through your bullshit, you are rendered powerless. Without the ability to "trick or deceive me" to reduce my bargaining power/leverage, you seem to be unarmed and helpless.

I intend to permanently destroy your facemask. You care nothing for the kids or for "service to America." You only care to maintain your false facade and to wet your dicks/stuff your muffs with kids.


Gina Haspel... I scare you shitless. (potentially lethal at high speeds) (suck) (my) (dick)

Am I a joke to you? Below is forensic evidence of a pit maneuver performed by someone with LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING, most likely THE FBI, possibly due to the belief that such an old model car did not come equipped with ELECTRONIC TRACTION SUPPORT/ELECTRONIC TRACTION CONTROL. I believe that the force of the impact was aimed at counteracting the cars brand new tires. (Attempt 1 to fuck up my car occurred a few months ago when I purchased it, they left a dent left from the bumper swipe during the HIT-AND-RUN. The piece that the bumper attaches to (covered by the bumper) snapped in half. I fixed it with superglue and screwed the bumper back in place.) (Attempt 2 was in pitch black with a blatant high-speed side-swipe (hard force PIT MANEUVER) aimed at getting me to REACT and SWERVE instead of IGNORING THE HIT ENTIRELY AND FOCUSING ONLY ON DRIVING STRAIGHT UNTIL THE CAR STOPPED MAKING CONTACT ENTIRELY... also, damage of the bumper that dangled from one side during Attempt 1 before I fixed it.)

The benefits of "keeping your cool," huh?

Apparently... with ETS, it's best to eat the hit, DON'T FUCKING STEER, and maintain the same speed WHILE ETS COUNTERS THE PIT AND MAINTAINS TRACTION CONTROL.



UPDATE: After eating the PIT MANEUVER I decided to relocate to an area that gives me A SIGNIFICANT TERRAIN ADVANTAGE (AND IS IN MY INTEREST TO NOT DISCLOSE OR HINT AT) before reporting the details of the abuse (aka... having the highground is LITERAL). Apparently, someone authorized the payment of two police officers to slowly drive the area that I was parked in at night, one with sirens ON and one with sirens OFF shortly after.

I believe that this was done IN REACTION TO the above leak, and that the purpose, IN THE HEAT OF THE REACTING MOMENT, was to "find a reason to arrest me due to my race and (apparently...) the increased likelihood of committing a crime that (apparently...) comes with being "black," or something to that degree..." and did so WHILE IGNORING THE SIGNIFICANT TERRAIN ADVANTAGE.

pssst... trade ya...

It's OK, FEDS. I got it.


Necessary Filler:


I believe that the current definition of "counter hacking" should be renamed to "retaliatory hacking" due to both parties seeking to breach the others system, one breaching the other in response to a breach. I believe that the current definition of "counter hacking" should mean "the act of actively monitoring for and removing/evicting an intruder from your own system."


Never seen a car shop (loyalty record established at different locations of the same shop) say "oil pan leak, recommend commercial vehicle inspection" after an oil change before. Last time I checked, if there's a leak they recommend a fix.

Also, you drop the transmission pan to change the fluid and filter, not the oil pan. An oil pan leak counts as a repair. I believe you confused the engine with the transmission?


I understand why it was tried... I went 8k miles without an oil change and the oil level was "lower than normal (but not a cause for concern)" during that inspection... but no oil leaks were found during that inspection, just the cracked serpentine belt. This inspection found "oil leaks" despite the oil level being full, and recommended a commercial vehicle inspection instead of an actual fix.

Does the Pentagon feel insecure about leaks? Personally, I don't like leaks either. I can help you:
1) Plastic parts on a vehicle are most likely to fail. I need to change my ignition coils fairly soon as preventative maintenance.
2) The reason why old cars are called "pieces of shit" is because no one ever maintains the transmission. The transmission fluid should be changed on a new car or rebuilt trans once every 30k miles. The transmission counts as a consumable item (with solenoids, seals that leak with age, and rubber grips that wear out overtime). Some transmission repair shops recommend replacing the rear-differential, but those dont really break.
3) Wear and tear parts should be replaced. Examples include tires, brake pads/drums, old spark plug wires/spark plugs, serpentine belts, etc.
4) Liquid parts fail faster. Water pumps tend to leak and weep with age. The oil pump and fuel pump tend to last for a while (if you never run your gas lower than 15%, the lower the fluid the harder the pump has to work). Also, don't be a bitch; run high mileage full synthetic to avoid engine seal issues and wear/tear issues in the future.
5) Sensors related to liquid fail faster than regular sensors (oil sending units tend to leak with age/fuel pressure sensors tend to get "gummed up" with age).

Shittiest blessing in disguise that I have ever fucking purchased. Little fact... the coolant was empty upon purchase of the vehicle (due to the unknown weeping water pump) and the car was parked on grass upon purchase. Had I not been an "elitist" and "checked all the thingies," the next drive of the vehicle would have been its last due to an overheating engine. It was on its death-bed. Everything leaked except the power steering fluid and the windshield wiper fluid (oil, coolant, brake fluid, atf).

Anyways, about that cracked serpentine belt that was discovered with a previous free inspection ("unknown known") that came with the oil change... that you forced me to fix by putting a large screw in the unrepairable area of the back left mid-tread level tire (not the first time I've had to do tire maintenance, a few months ago a nail was in the repairable area of my tires) to force me to spend money on new tires and find it stupid to neglect fixing the serpentine belt... Am I safe to guess that my serpentine belt was sabotaged (and seized silently due to being inspected and its state being documented on a non-secret record) due to the below screenshot? (lucky guess)

Jeez... we're at various counts of attempted murder, planting false evidence for me to report, abuse of psychiatric wards to paint me as mentally unstable, attempts to distort my sense of reality/sanity, financial strangulation, abuse by triangulation via paid abusers (to include my family), and repeated attempts to get me to step out of integrity so you can escape being held accountable... it's not looking good for you. But I guess it makes sense. Your condition dictates that you can only live in the "now." I'm playing "the long game" (popshot at the fuckups.) You're playing the "short game."

You are losing.

Gina Haspel:

I forgive you for trying to protect a group of demonic entities that you know have killed hundreds, if not thousands of people. I forgive you for protecting monsters that take pleasure in the erosion of and destruction of their targets that they revel in driving to suicide or to commitment in a mental facility. I forgive you for assisting them in trying to achieve that sweet sweet "oooh I broke him I am so great" muff stuff/dick wet/twinkie cream fix via paid judges and CIA tied cops with the aim of helping them convince me that I was delusional via the use of anti-psychotic needle injections and pills that were falsely prescribed. And I forgive you because you are going to resign and because you are going to kill yourself after you resign due to the exposure of your true nature and how you believe this is supposed to actually work.

Also, the act of closing down rest stops at earlier times than normal and blatantly leaving them locked when they shoukd be open (in reaction to the above picture) when they should be left open is aimed at herding me to a motel. I'll stick to public showers and not having my dick trapped by underage child soldiers (or anyone associated with government honeytrapping or that have government honeytrap training). My fists stay up until I get the fucking paper. (This is an agent that tried to bar me from showering. After pretending to leave and then going back in to take his photo, he seemed... shocked. Immediately after this I went to my car and used my GPS. A truck stopped behind me to "talk to the above person" in an attempt to prevent me from backing out of the parking spot to leave. I backed up slightly and cut through the grass to leave the parking spot... and passed several trucks with deactivated sirens on them. I believe that the attempt to "hold me there" was reactive behavior aimed at busting the "scoop" nut, believing falsely that they could still scoop me after burning the agent. I aired on the side of caution and left instead of taking a photo of the truck that tried to prevent me from leaving.) (I have confirmation that the CIA is trying to scoop me and needs me to break the law to do so. They're trying to use hygeine to both scoop me with possible illegal actions and to herd me to a Motel to try to honeytrap me with underage vagina, failing to realize that a rest stop, a small bucket, a towel and rag, soap, and water work just dandy.) (The failure to "hold me in place" seems to have negatively affected the rational thinking of the people targeting me, so they sparked construction on a highway to "hold me in place." The highway is also littered with cops and speed traps, despite the fact that I usually never speed... particularly in mountain like terrain.)

Poor Pentagon...

Don't you find it strange that I'm "better" at this than you? The formula is simple, really...
1) Get the target to REACT.
2) Leverage the REACTION against the target.

I seem to be better at this based on the reactive nature of the cluster b personality disordered individuals that are targeting me. Billions in damage don't lie.


Uncle Sam...

You masked turning off my data connection as "gaslighting" and did so after sabotaging google maps (gaslight examples are: triggering speed trap questions in an area of plains and cow farms, and putting two "30+ minute slower" signs on a straight road with no alternate routes).

You then forced my phone to patch against my will and used it as an excuse to turn the data connection back on.

This technique of masking what the purpose of disabling my data connection was is similar to the Secret Service/CIA attempting to hustle me by hiding in my face/creeping up on me to keep tabs on what I do... and similar in nature to the Pentagon using gaslighting to disguise the fact that child soldiers are trying to interact with me on the opposite side of the country (and wore sunglasses).

That kid that keeps trying to get in with me is possibly one of the same predatory kids previously reported. If so, that's a fuckload of second chances squandered

Mission accomplished.


Your child soldiers aren't capable of driving everyone to suicide, something that the Secret Service already knows about but is leaving me in the middle of regardless... intending to kill two birds with one stone due to political motivation. That being said... it's still in my best interest to "work with" the Secret Service to get off the crazy bus faster: (not the first attempt... though the original attempts to communicate with me via graffiti were much more "high quality...") (An example of "word salad," or in this case "symbol salad.")(The drive from "RedZone Technologies LLC" to my old "Home Address," near or around exit 16 on the right, with a bridge over three or four unusually thick pillars... there may still be a "fade" of the graffiti that was forced to be cleaned. The "idea" to "risk it all" that this was supposed to "implant within my head" ambient-gaslighting wise should be "more direct and easier to understand.") (lol)
Daisychain into:

Moving on...

Pentagon... the only reason why you'd disable my data connection for hours on end is if you were busy dealing with something else.

Like terrorism...

Did the DM get tired of your shit, Pentagon?

Cleanup crew, please... both sides are corrupt and intend to leave me here, hoping that I will falter. My only option was to lose and everyone's EGO and PRIDE seems to be WOUNDED due to me winning "an impossible game..." to include the FEDS. My refusal to "step out of integrity" seems to REALLY REALLY BOTHER EVERYONE INVOLVED and my STRENGTH OF SPIRIT is an issue for everyone involved because IT MAKES THEM LOOK BAD. The other issue is AMERICA ESCAPING ITS SHAME OF USING KIDS FOR CYBERWARFARE, HONEYTRAPPING, AND THE SEXUAL PLEASURE OF POLITICIANS, FAILING TO REALIZE THAT TRYING TO SUBJUGATE MY WILL AFTER HAVING BEEN EXPOSED MAKES THE PROBLEM WORSE. The government is RULED BY SHAME and that is why they hid the pedophile ring behind Nation State Secrets. EVERY ACTION TAKEN BY THE GOVERNMENT AGAINST ME IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF ESCAPING THE EXPERIENCE OF SHAME, SOMETHING THAT I AM AFRAID IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE.

I will continue to transform myself into the worst kind of eldritch abomination to ensure that the government's shame eats them alive, slowly and painfully.

Let's get started now by challenging the Cleanup Crew:

Am I safe to assume that the Pentagon's pedophile ring is used by several people in positions of power from around the globe? For example: India? Am I safe to assume that there is a heavy global interest in subduing me to leave the program intact, so the "powers that be" across the entire planet can continue to have sex with the Pentagon's child soldiers without ever facing accountability? No worries, FEDS. All I'm missing is your badge.

The way I see it? Those kids are as good as dead. You won't be solving this issue through traditional means and the court of law has demonstrated that it wants to leave the child soldier program open to continue to placate to the dicks of leaders across different countries.

Regarding the politicians that "don't get it"...

Cleanup Crew Survival Checklist:
Exclamation Mark 1) Leak is within the rules.
Exclamation Mark 2) Last resort due to being hustled by investigators.
Exclamation Mark 3) Was blatantly told the information (lol gaslighting) (psychopaths like to tell on themselves without the person they're telling understanding... it's a "narcissistic supply" thing).
Exclamation Mark 4) Was also blatantly fucking told in various different ways (this is an exact image that was returned when "soldierx how to stay safe" was "googled") that there were kids (lol cameras)
Exclamation Mark 5) All of the above in combination with being extremely valuable. (One fuckup is one too many. If I fuck this up even once...)

I still think that they don't get it.

Cleanup Crew, please... this has gone on long enough. Child Soldiers are now on the opposite side of the country. Their aim is to get near me to facilitate potential interactions in response to the above checklist that removed their available angle to deny their existence.

After various ambient gaslights aimed at my vehicle (the purpose of which is to distract me at this point with "right hand moves while the left hand xyz's"), they're having them (them as in "multiple") wear sunshades to hide their eyes (wet/snowy weather tho) while they perform predatory mirroring actions against me for the purpose of "feeling as if they succeeded in deceiving me" (example: me throwing a snowball in a specific direction at Rooney Road Trailhead between 14:00 and 15:00 on Mar 21 for no apparent reason before practicing emotional neutrality, and a child soldier rolodexing me from behind the shades, finding nothing to mirror, and copying me by rolling up a snowball and throwing it in the same direction that I threw it in... the entire process taking place very slowly while I'm repeatedly stared at for an extended period of time).

The investigators should have the kid in question caught on camera being given instructions (possibly along with/possibly while next to the other child soldiers assigned to walk different nature paths that I'm likely to bounce between), I assume? (as if this matters, the existence of child soldiers can be verified plaintext.)

Hi, Pentagon. You don't give a flying FUCK about the child soldiers. You only care to use them to probe for emotional weakness and "cowardice" regarding me reporting their interactions/transactions with me... while COMPLETELY IGNORING THE FACT THAT YOUR CHILD SOLDIERS TOLD ME THAT THEY EXISTED AND THAT THIS FACT CAN BE VERIFIED BY A MULTI BILLION DOLLAR ENTITY...


-The Pentagon seems to have hacked my GPS to recommend food and stores in the area of the setup that I am 150+ miles away from. All results show 100+ mile recommendations despite me being next to fast food restaurants. This seems to have been done to "herd me" to increase the chances of honeytrapping my dick with underage vagina by "controlling where I go."

-The Pentagon, in an effort to make me feel lost, "boots me" off the LTE network. Upon demonstrating the ability to use google maps manually, the Pentagon folded and restored my LTE connection.

-The Pentagon booted me off the LTE network again to "herd me" to an overpopulated rest stop filled with trucks that have "campers" attached to them. The honeytraps that I have encountered over the past two weeks have been adults and there is no logic in giving me free vagina. I predict that the aim at this point in time is for the Pentagon to slide me a STD to destroy the National Security "threat mitigation" via what they failed to capture me with. Upon popping a u-turn and abandoning my next destination, my signal in the area that it was broken in was restored (breaking it no longer served a purpose).

We having fun yet, Pentagon? (Next to a cellphone tower.) (Evidence that mobile data is turned on, but not connected to the 4G or LTE network.) (It's not my phone carrier.)
Daisychain into the below evidence of the Pentagon controlling the backdoor in my phone:

This report is being posted from free public wifi. They attempted to prevent me from reaching this site, so I used the VPN again. The Pentagon is overtly preventing me from reporting their abuse.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: What is your opinion on the Pentagon's psychopathic targeting of my penis?


The joy of picking bumfuck areas: Everyone at the rest stop that I'm currently in is a FED (I picked one of the least populated rest stops in America... One that should be fucking deserted.).

Strike 1: ("Dogs" and a temp license plate) (This Secret Service/CIA Agent looks like "Sydney from Redzone's" "evil twin..." notice I didn't say "clone.")
(Based on this evidence, I can conclude that the next door neighbor that lived next to me when I lived with my ex fiance was a FED. This would mean the investigators are leaving me in a financially fucked up state for more "golden eggs.")

At the rest stop, two agents paid by the Pentagon were instructed to follow me after I burned the agent. I immediately pulled over and forced the two agents to park and abandon the tail before exiting the rest stop.

Why am I doing this?

Strike 2:

The Secret Service refuses to keep its fucking distance while I'm in the fucking woods... I walked at a double-time pace for a solid 15 minutes, about a mile and a half and stopped to take a piss... no indications of anyone behind me, repeatedly checked once every 2 to 5 minutes while walking double speed along a very skinny uneven uphill path with ice and giant ankle twisting rocks, a path that is next to a river on the left and a rock wall/thin treeline on the right, having done so after performing a survey of the amount of cars and people in the parking lot before walking the trail at a double time pace and counting how many groups on the trail walked towards and past me to the lot to leave... Lo and behold, 15 seconds later a fucking agent that is clean cut, wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, age range within the late 30's to early 40's with a seemingly well trained white-coat dog and sunshades is walking triple speed in the same direction to keep tabs on me and wasn't in the lot when I started the walk.

You are potato's. Mayhap you spend your time preventing the brass from fucking little suzy instead of imitating the Pentagon with dog walkers to test my vision? You should learn to keep your distance instead of trying to hide in my face.

Can I see you? Yes. I just don't care. You aren't a threat and you never will be. But when you're walking triple speed to keep up with a target that is trying to keep its distance from people and find a nice isolated spot by the river in the woods, you blow your cover.

As a result of your failure, the following terms are to be met:

1) Anyone associated with me once I'm off the bus ("soul sellers") is to be paperwork bound with terms that PREVENT them from cooperating with or informing against me to Law Enforcement, the FBI, and the Secret Service.

2) The burned Agent is to be removed from the case.

I am doing the bare mininum to avoid untrained gaslighters. Apparently it's enough to burn the Secret Service.

I'm judging.

All in on "cleanup crew." The greed of the investigators just sealed their fates. That's a lot of red-with-blood that I'm going to make the streets run with. I'd also argue that the Secret Service was delaying to help the Pentagon succeed at honeytrapping me, and took paychecks to do so.

The Pentagon did this in response to me exposing their cluster b nature:

One car going the wrong way on a road with two lanes? Ok.
Two cars going the wrong way on a road with two lanes? And "at a stoplight?" All in. This isn't the first time this has happened. Bonus points for the female gangstalker's "fake tears" in the tan vehicle.

How much did they get paid? Am I safe to assume that the "spy satellite" group works with the "gangstalking" group?

The Pentagon seems to have lost all bargaining power. I am here to take all of their money AND YOUR BLOOD. They're the type of sleaze to trap you with underage vagina and forcibly subject you to their value system via "chump change objects."

Not today, Satan. By the time I'm done with the Pentagon, they won't have a Nation State budget available to use AND they'll never be able to monitor me ever again.

"Oh no..."
"Our pet..."
"Is escaping..."

"We tried... so hard..."
"To make him..."
"Belong to us..."

(Feds be like... "why does this work?" Well... narcissistic injury feels like...)

Example: Observe how the Pentagon's facemask changed from "this is a criminal website that does illegal things with money" to "hackers and hacker tools."



Supreme Court: How many kids have YOU fucked?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: I'd ask you for help like I asked Senator Ben Cardin, but you'll probably gaslight me again like you did with the "proposed energy bills" (when I "discussed" a fraction of what I wanted to do with the money) in a similar manner to how Senator Ben Cardin's "workers" were instructed to gaslight my second request for assistance by asking me "why I believed it was the Pentagon that was responsible for the abuse that I experienced."

Senator Ben Cardin, Here's your answer:

I believe that you should be investigated for pedophelia, due to recent events and due to how much information has been exposed by the child soldier program. Did they send you two child vagina's to stonewall both of my requests for assistance or did they send you four child vagina's?

Melody Leighton's importance has increased due to being so closely tied to the honeytrapping program (underage or otherwise, I have no fucking clue).

(My "hearsay" jacket is "poppin." Having said hearsay viewed live by the Pentagon/Secret Service makes me feel... "uncomfortable")
(Secret Service: You may want to investigate the Pentagon official that sent a gaslight with the license plate "Shelbell"... is the brass shitting bricks? If I were the Pentagon, I'd shit bricks at not being able to see me too due to the impending custody swap. That's a whole lotta pain and suffering that you caused, aimed at trying to trap my dick with underage vagina... for a whole lotta nothing. You failed to turn me into a threat and failed to convert the suffering that you inflicted into leverage. On what planet would you be allowed to continue to watch me when this is over with?)


Hidden enemy uncovered: The Pentagon (aka the hidden enemy... whatever portion of the Pentagon is targeting me works for Satan and that portion of the Pentagon needs to be destroyed) is working with Gina Haspel to honeytrap my dick with underage honeytraps, and I have a direct line in due to the various abuses performed by the child soldiers. This relationship would also explain why the mental evaluations were combined with Osprey Gaslights regarding the Corpseman that was killed via killsat.

Real shame that the Pentagon failed to turn me into a Nation State Threat... real shame that they failed to choke me out and trap me for leverage... no more little Suzy crotch available for the 5 Star to sully?

You are now the enemy and you will pay for the crimes that you so desperately failed to cover up. It's all fun and games until the gaslighting fails and people continue to die. The portion of the Pentagon that is targeting me has demonstrated that it cares not for prior honorable service or continued government service... it cares only for power, control, the escape of accountability, and the ability to continue having sex with underage kids.

I'm willing to die for this one. You are free to choke me out until nothing remains. I'm never going to yield to cowardly fucks like you that have demonstrated that they are unfit to lead. When my flame is snuffed completely, you will have an issue on your hands far greater than "escaping your shame."

(Adults pretending to be kids posting threads. How psychopathic...)

I also find the Pentagon's blatant refusal to accept that I'm not gay and that I just don't want to have sex with a honeytrap to be highly disturbing... so I'm going to piss you off with gifs:

(Hidden weakness: homophobia)

Value Town:
-Beat the Pentagon's "finest" in a legal digital catfight (CYBER WARFARE).
-Exposed Qualcomm's backdoored processor (
-Direct line into the Pentagon's underage Honeytrap program (prerequisite being the abuse that I was subjected to at the hands of child soldiers) (
-Witness to the murder of a Corpseman via Nation State SuperWeapon.

Satan's army failing to "corrupt my purity" has consequences:
-The ambient gaslighting/gangstalking program is to be destroyed. All participants/workers are to be arrested.
-The child soldier program is to be shut down.
-All leverage gained against everyone via the honeytrapping program is to be documented by the Secret Service (shh... I try to not draw too much attention to you) and destroyed.
-All kill targets of the superweapon are to be documented by the Secret Service.
-Everyone involved in the creation of or the expansion of the Child Soldier program (Pentagon official, Congressional official, or otherwise) is to be arrested.
-Everyone that ordered that I be abused, gaslit, or honeytrapped is to be arrested.
-All Nation State tools are to be removed from the hands of anyone under the age of 21.

Pentagon Failure List: (Anchor)
-Ambient gaslighting with a spy satellite and vehicles, aimed at making me believe that I have no escape and aimed at keeping my cortisol levels maxed out.
-Abuse via financial damage and financial strangulation.
-Mental evaluations aimed at making me believe that I was delusional. (ATTACK ON "HEARSAY," INCIDENT 1)
-Abuse via law enforcement on several occasions.
-The infection of both of my places of employment, one being a government building. Attacking the observed religious practices of "Tarot Cards" and an unused "Voodoo Doll" (ATTACK ON "HEARSAY," INCIDENT 2) while disregarding that my desk area is used for prayer by others with prayer rugs and bows.
-Abuse via close family members and friends, aimed at making me believe that I'm delusional and have a mental disorder.
-Property destruction.
-Attempted murder.
-Repeated attempts to get me to "step out of integrity" via hacking and thievery, (it's because I'm black) for the purpose of "scooping me."
-The relentless attempted honeytrapping of my penis with underage honeytraps.
-Attempts to make me feel insecure about my digital work.
-Recent attempts to get me to "drop my guard" via females with dogs at parks, a precursor to the end goal of honeytrapping my penis with underage honeytraps.
-Repeated attempts to probe for "kind traits" to use as a weakness (this specific one being set up after a 3 hour long nap in a walmart parking lot... lol location)
-Repeated attempts to suppress evidence, repeated attempts to "control me" and "control what I report" via DDOS of my cellphone's internet connection at the interface level.

The ground will run red with your blood. The portion of the Pentagon that is targeting me worships Satan or some shit and I'd argue that "taking my purity" is part of its religious practice... The corruption of the intangible traits of a target seems to be very very valuable and very very important to you. I'd argue that it's almost as important as the Satanic Rituals that you put the kids through that makes them so envious of those that they watch that they find and destroy "purity" in every single person that they target... am I supposed to believe that the repeated attacks on my "spiritual practices" and (documented by investigators) "hearsay events" are "just a coincidence?"

Congress: You are the "peanut gallery" and you are only at "the show" by virtue of your positions. Sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and let "daddy dick" SIGTERM solve the problem that you have demonstrated that you are incapable of solving AND UNWILLING TO solve (due to being ruled by your SHAME).

Supreme Court: You are a bunch of chickenshits that know exactly how bad it is. You put your money on the Pentagon managing to find a way to take me out so they could skirt the law. If I didn't know any better, I'd argue that half of you sleazy fuckers were trapped with underage vagina too.

"I know we're choking him out and he's in a life or death situation, but maybe we can go for his penis again since he didn't steal the car even though he's black... despite the fact that he's in full combat mode like he's been for the past two years straight..."

Lol hidden retard.

Gina Haspel, why do you insist on assisting the hidden enemy with "trying to scoop me?" Neither of you are very intelligent. I am 100% certain now that I am being targeted by no-shit psychopaths. Both you and the hidden retard have cluster b personality disorder.

Why is this country ruled by retards?

I'ma lay it to you straight: Your failure to capture me for the child soldiers means that they will continue to refuse to put out, due to having failed to destroy what they feel they can't have. I guess your pedo-ring members will never wet its dicks with child-cunt ever again, huh?

Speaking of soul sellers that perform acts on behalf of child soldiers/the corrupt portion of the CIA... and kids doing the darndest things to imitate their parents, am I safe to assume that the underage honeytrapping process involves a hidden person taking photographic evidence to increase the leverage gained?

This court case is finna be DELICIOUS. That whole "kids sabotaging my music mid insert during the start of sex" thing seems to be more important than I thought in terms of imitating their parents (the orifice doesn't really seem to matter when the signaling/interference occurs, so long as the "penis" is "half-way-in"). (obligatory anchor, one of the devices sabotaged mid-insert)

Was the plan to "take photos of me and my dick mid-insert" in an underage honeytrap? Attempting to convince me that I was delusional and attempting to "break my heart" seems to have been a precursor to making me more prone to taking the bait when presented with "lucky opportunities." (obligatory anchor, this shit has been occurring for over two years)

Who would have thought... I guess the kids do have a use outside of being cumdumpsters for their authority figures. They're great for snitching on their parents regarding what the kids have seen and what their authority figures do to innocent people. The "underage honeytrap blackmail" process seems to be watched by the children that are targeting me and they seem to view the process as a way to "capture" people (as if they're pokemon). The underage honeytrap process also seems to maximize on the EMOTIONAL leverage gained against a target.

Definitely being targeted by psychopaths.

Congress? Supreme Court? You can abandon the concept of avoiding "the shame" now. From where I'm sitting, that false self-image is toast. Sucks to suck, you can't use the kids to wet your dicks anymore, you can't use them to trap me anymore, and now you can't give the order to wipe them to escape your shame. Ready to kill yourselves yet?


Gina Gina bo-bina banana-fana-fo-fina.
Observing her setups is like watching Nat-Geo Wild. The car was left there for over an hour (probably two, idk how long my nap was before I moved my car to the only available shaded spot due to heat) with the door open. Immediately after reporting this, a "car driver" in "sunshades" got into the vehicle. I'll spare you the suspicious white 4x4 pickup trucks that were parked awkwardly near the vehicle for the same extended period of time... similar to the pest control vans involved in the Southern Management USB Rubber Ducky Payload Drop setup.

Is it because I'm black? It's probably because I'm black. Gina Haspel is racist?

.... and I thought that MY mental state was an issue...

First "cameras..." then Ospreys... now "race?"
Ayo Haspel... "Blackboi Gaslight?"

It's a serious question. I come from "value town."

Based on the recent data that has been gathered (regarding the erosion of my religious beliefs at the hands of government employees), am I safe to assume that the relentless attempts to "corrupt my intangible traits" and the blatant disregard for the physical (internal bleeding from vomiting due to stress), mental (endless ambient gaslighting and attempts to paint me as delusional with cops, pills, needle injections, and psych wards), and emotional (isolation from family, friends, and loved ones) damage done to me in the pursuit of the destruction/corruption of my intangible traits... is religiously motivated? I'm serious, the data documented in this thread (that can be verified by feds) suggests that I'm being targeted by someone that no shit worships Satan, or something to that degree. Are the child soldiers subjected to demonic rituals or something? Does the hidden enemy worship Belial? (1000 sentences) Since the kids are so hellbent on understanding my religious beliefs:

Religion, to me, is a practical approach to communicating with "WhatsTheThingy (you little shits may refer to it as "God")." Different religions = different communicatiin methods. The prerequisite, to me, is having a connection to it (something that I believe that those that have abandoned their true self and are ruled by the false self cannot have since having a connection to yourself is a requirement to having a connection to a higher "whatever").

Makes me wonder why a certain hidden enemy is so hellbent on destroying my "intangible traits" like he/she did with every single one of you broken fuckers. We've reached a point where I can safely state that what's being carried out has NOTHING to do with National Security and seems to be religiously motivated (and cult-like).

Evidence that child soldiers hack the Washington D.C. Metro Rail system. I'm halfway across the country and haven't used my smart trip for 3 days straight. They seem to have put money on it by forging my trip (I have the unlimited monthly pass) in the hopes that giving me chump change would "bring me back" for more abuse.
Daisychain into the below:

Gina Haspel: what's my killcount? And speaking of "killcounts..."

How old was "Sydney" and "Stephanie" of RedZone?
The underage honeytrap from the metro that dropped her credit card as bait looks like Stephanie's clone. The behavior of Stephanie interacting with me at a popup party and working in the office next to me at RedZone a few days later is identical to the behavior of the honeytrap that dropped her credit card to facilitate an interaction with me in the Metro Station. This is also solidified with the evidence of the envious child soldier dressed in a full upper body coat and booty shorts, caught on camera in the Metro Station, who's attempt to lure me was in response to an embedded gif in this thread that triggered "purity envy."
RedZone Technologies LLC hired underage Honeytraps. This is enough to daisychain into the Government Publishing Office regarding Shahid and Achampong taking a paycheck to abuse me on behalf of child soldiers.


The digital infrastructure of the Government Publishing Office was compromised by child soldiers, the helpdesk employees paid by them.

Evidence exists in my laptop and personal share drive, and I have copies of the tickets that involve compromise on my cellphone.

Gina Haspel's response was to remove my government employment from CTI. The aim is to get me to upload the evidence that I collected off the laptop to break the law and cause damage to government infrastructure.

Kojo Achampong (the same fucker that tested me on behalf of child soldiers by giving me a shady task regarding replacing a new laptop that a user in ISB used and to reimage it and put it back in stock... I disobeyed the order to reimage it) and Sheikh Shahid took a paycheck to pressure me in a conversation on behalf of child soldiers (due to a "hearsay psionic event" regarding "cleanup crews").

I came into work 30 minutes early every day, give detailed ticket notes that are better than every tech, every ticket that I have escalated has been accepted except the one that I sent to Shahid (I mentioned "laptop compromise" and he clearly didn't read the ticket notes), and they used a "cut cable" sabotage sthick as an excuse to have a meeting with me.

They attempted to use a voodoo doll that I obtained from the desk of a user that no longer works at GPO (that he should have had no knowledge of and never saw me use) as a pressure point (the kids want to find a flaw in my "purity" and have no nuanced understanding regarding the user that left leaving what she didn't value behind) and attempted to probe me on my performance despite me outperforming damn near every helpdesk tech in the office.

They attempted to probe my Tarot Card reading (that I do at my desk in private and takes 5 minutes, and that several helpdesk workers have taken an interest in) as if I were doing something wrong despite coworkers using my corner to PRAY IN with FACE-DOWN-ASS-UP-BOWS AND PRAYER RUGS.

They feigned concern regarding my evidence of Qualcomm being backdoored and took a paycheck from the CIA to do so, and this was done after I pushed the power button against Sheikh Shahid and sent him the evidence of Qualcomm being backdoored. I responded by sending the evidence to Kojo Achampong, CCing Shahid, notifying them that all suspicious interactions and abuse instances are reported to the FBI and that I don't want to reveal the report location, and highlighting that the damage of the leak "is at least 10 figures worth (lowballing)." Their response to being exposed was to fire me, under the false belief that they'd be able to cover up the fact that they assisted child soldiers. Margaret Rowe, a female contractor that grabbed her boobs when I asked her for technical assistance, was there in the room to "serve as a witness" to my emotional reaction when Shahid handed me the CTI termination letter. I was not told why I was terminated, and three police officers entered the meeting room from Kojo's office to escort me off the premises (the "cop power play" is played out).

Poor child soldiers...


SUPREME COURT/"Dark Council":

Does the Dark Council like ""memes?" Here's my vote...

(That magical murder thing that was hoped for with magical thinking regarding the people that refuse to stop abusing me? It'd be a liiiiiiitle suspect if it were to happen to me as a result of me "repeatedly insulting" and "repeatedly rejecting" those that murdered the corpsman now, wouldn't it? Two birds with 1 stone? Nigga do I look like a puppet?)

(How good is their VIDEO/AUDIO RETENTION POLICY? No... really... I'm serious.)
Obligatory Anchor:

(If I were in a position to slam the FBI/Secret Service illegally, I'd do so in a heartbeat.)

Gina Haspel, have you learned anything yet? You need to RESIGN. You TOLD me what your weaknesses are... CAMERAS, OSPREYS, AND MONEY. I DEMAND your RESIGNATION.
(I'll take "Dark Side" for $500.)
(RedZone Technologies LLC...)

(Nigga, "no.")

Let's dance...

The date and time of the crash that occurred March 2019? The audio and video footage and computer usage of the child soldiers that are targeting me need to be investigated due to the same "past the red safety line" reason. Unfortunately, it's a damn good reason because the series of events are an identical match to the corpseman that was killed via superweapon.

Just in case? The date and time of this crash also needs to have the audio, video footage, and computer usage of the child soldiers that are targeting me investigated.

No sir ee bob, no delusions here. (Trelelelelelelelelelel)


(March 10 2019)

(March 17, 2019)

Damn, Congress. Lying about your kids being pathological murderers so you can leave the pedophile ring open to wet your dicks and stuff your muffs? I should defect to China. I'd even bet that a Senator or two still rail the fuckers that did it.


Series of events regarding the first try of the Fertility Awareness Method:

Weekend 1: After 3 condoms used, I decided to try fertility awareness with my ex fiance without a 4th condom. Based on the events of "Week 2," I can safely conclude that I am not fully monitored 24/7 365 (by either spy satellite or via online data), and this is important because:

Weekend 2: I decided to try FAM once again outright with no protection, and there were two condom commercials that played on the radio ("station <3 99.5") that regarded "no condom usage" as "disgusting (a few moments before insertion)." The commercial played twice. The next morning, when taking my ex fiance ("girlfriend," as of the time this happened... this occurred before we were engaged) back home in my old car, a white movers truck with a spraypainted ejaculating penis on the rear cargo door pulled in front of my car and drove in front of it for an extended period of time, and the church down the street near the gas station had "praise jesus" activity occurring outside on the sidewalk. These gaslights should have been performed during "weekend 1," but the act of trying FAM went unobserved.

-I'll spare you the predatory pregnancy scare with the bluetooth thermometer erroring out and a parked truck with several anti-abortion signs being within our driving route (when we lived together) after the glitch.
Obligatory "Infinity Sword +1" flex (Hello, Supreme Court.)

1) Jimbo is a predator that feeds on emotional terror.
2) Evidence of sabotage via the radio, a form of media used to influence.
3) The government knows how bad it is but is relying on me to "not have the spirit" to testify about everything that happened.
$$$) The NSA doesn't monitor me 24/7... via either dish, or over TOR due to the precautions that I have taken via "maxcircuitdirtiness 180" and my old metadata scripts (that I am unable to re-upload at this time and that were suppressed with dumptext being taken down).

(Shoutouts to Gina Haspel for covering for confirmed predators.)

IDK who this "hidden enemy/wannabe-illuminati-faggot" is... but they are now a non-factor and should go find a corner to cry in.

(I don't get it.)

RedZone (Bill Murphy): You and the CHILD SOLDIERS that you worked with are my primary targets. Everything that I have done... the damage caused, the lives and infrastructure "destroyed..." is a means to the end goal of destroying your organization. That's a LOT of people that failed to protect you.

Am I safe to assume that the amount of work that went into Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies between myself and someone else THAT YOU FIRED TO HELP COVER UP THE WORK PERFORMED was a net total of over $250,000 (lowballing)? How much did the CHILD SOLDIERS pay you and SGT to CLOSE THE BUILDING AND WIPE EVIDENCE OF ITS EXISTENCE? That's a lot of shit that you failed to wipe... Timesheets... Bank Account Transactions... SGT Payments for work performed. Who's bright idea was it to forge my final paystub as if it would wipe my existence as an employee?

Gina Haspel... how much money would you have to shell out to destroy a single multi-billion-dollar-damage screenshot? (This blade rends souls.)

Observe how the kids that you failed to protect give zero fucks and overtly tried to sabotage the evidence of their crimes that they repeatedly fail to suppress.

Hey Pentagon:

(shhhhhh) (goodnight sweet prince)

The primary sabotage method that the Pentagon uses against me digitally at my place of employment (Government Publishing Office) is to make monitors blink by sabotaging the docking stations of users and to cause Adobe Reader and Microsoft Outlook "UNSOLVABLE PROBLEMS" via THE INTEL MANAGEMENT ENGINE BACKDOOR THAT IS IN EVERY GOVERNMENT LAPTOP, for the purpose of "keeping me off balance" and "feeling in control of my autonomy." They also MONITOR MY EMOTIONAL STATE VIA WEBCAM whenever the monitors are BROKEN and the laptop is OPEN.

This sabotage is performed due to envy regarding me being more capable and skilled than those that are targeting me. The Pentagon allows this to happen in the hopes of escaping the acknowledgement of the ambient gaslighting that occurred with MILITARY AIRCRAFT after acts of abuse (my car wreck and Gina Haspel's "Mental Evaluation/Hopelessness in Law Enforcement" abuse) and in hopes of escaping the acknowledgement of the corpseman that was MURDERED and the OSPREY BREAKDOWN that was PURPOSEFULLY PERFORMED TO ENSURE THAT HE WOULD DIE (cleanup job).

You won't have it any other way. Your false selves don't understand anything else. So I will beat it into submission.
(But there are shots in the white near the black dot tho...)
(Fuck you, Pentagon.)
(Firing was not in progress and he was "past the red safety line" while putting the targets away in the shed. No one saw anything (according to the investigation) because no one on the firing side of the range fired their weapon.)
(I witnessed his death, target 24, there was no blood. I'd bet that his autopsy showed no bullet. There was only one audible crackle when he dropped to the ground and it didn't come from anyone that I or those next to me were pulling pits for.)
(The first Osprey that came to evac the Corpseman to the hospital BROKE DOWN on-site in the middle of the range, most likely due to sabotage SIMILAR IN NATURE TO WHAT I HAVE WITNESSED FOR 2 YEARS STRAIGHT.)

(This is why the Pentagon and the CIA abused the dog shit out of me. The Nation State tools outside of the "dish" are childs play.)
(I find the "two Osprey" taunts... one sent after I wrecked my car and went to the tow yard and one sent after Mental Evaluation 2/"Hopelessness in Law Enforcement" abuse... to be HIGHLY DISTURBING AND I BELIEVE THAT EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED IN ITS ORCHESTRATION HAS CLUSTER B PERSONALITY DISORDER. You fuckers REALLY like TELLING ME what your weaknesses are, huh? If you actually cared to get away with it, you would have simply did: nothing. But... control for all of you... from Gina Haspel to 5-Star General WhatsHisNuts is a feeling. Control to all of you is NOT something that you can "touch." Control for all of you is an EMOTION. It's an EMOTION that you have to CONSTANTLY FEED YOURSELVES to feel "safe and secure" in your positions. You have PROVEN yourselves to be fundamentally weak people.) (Fuck You)


"Why?" Because FUCK YOU.

Envious Top 5%: I'll just explain this to you like you're 5, since the series of events can be verified: I am an honorably discharged war veteran (with a DD-214 that probably looks better than half the brass that are bitching about me) that beat Uncle Sam in a legal digital catfight and DOUBLES as a WITNESS TO THE MURDER OF AN INNOCENT ARMED SERVICE MEMBER AT THE HANDS OF A "SUPERWEAPON." I've endured abuse that would make the average American civilian COMMIT SUICIDE, the purpose of its use being "to escape the shame of acknowledgement." I recommend you pocket your envy of me being more capable, skilled, and resourceful than you and target someone else.

(Gina Haspel...)


(Error 404, predatorial weakness not found. I wish to go no-contact with my own "flesh and blood." Functionally, they are dead to me and when the gate opens they will have restraining orders placed against them... probably indefinitely (Gina Haspel is inherently weak, is using Keyaira Jackson to probe me for "positive emotions towards family" via CELLPHONE (March 1, 09:11 PM, previous date and time of original abusive conversation already reported regarding "probing me for negative emotions towards family" via CELLPHONE) as I type this and listen, and can't process how "blood and bond" doesn't serve as a "weakness" because she has CLUSTER B PERSONALITY DISORDER, is UNFIT TO LEAD, and NEEDS TO EITHER RESIGN OR BE FORCIBLY REMOVED AND REPLACED BY SOMEONE THAT DOES NOT HAVE CLUSTER B PERSONALITY DISORDER). What chance do predators like the ones that are actively targeting me have?) (This stays in the thread now, since the act of removing it is viewed by Gina Haspel as an emotional weakness due to the fact that she has Cluster B Personality Disorder.)

(This is not a game. I demand that the rules and the law be followed, one way or another.)


(Spiritual warfare ain't greasy.)

I present to you: Cancer.

This abuse report (and what it implies regarding the FCC) is ALMOST as bad as the near-adult child soldier walking past me in a full upper body coat and booty shorts in response to this hyperlinked gif (used as a taunt) due to "purity envy."

The "hidden enemy" is probing for weakness with "children videos."
(ELI5: Why is this bad?)
( <3 Neutral Platform, #REFUND)

This is fresh evidence. The predators bounced from using my family... to targeting me at my place of work digitally... to sabotaging my phone (which I used)... to gaslighing my car. They are bouncing from "weakness probe" to "weakness probe," unable to find what they want and unable to process the damage being done OR that their manipulations can be seen through. They are incapable of weighing the consequences of their actions. It's delicious. It's going to lead to the downfall of those that protect the child soldier program.

The pain train has no brakes.

The real question is: How much more power will the government allow the child soldiers to give me?


President Trump:
Lol... no.

Mayhap you find someone else to delay the Metro Rail commute of with your "motorcade?" (no "dark weapon" would be complete if it didn't come with "dark whispers.")

I believe that the infinite darkness has run out of people to hide behind. I also believe that this documentation on the hunting strategies of the pack of (emotional) predators that are targeting me will serve the medical science community quite well. This goes beyond the traditional "gangstalking" and "isolation" and the "infection" of everyone that a target knows... they operate as a literal pack of predatory animals. Medical science, based on the evidence, wouldn't be wrong to classify what is targeting me as a subhuman species.



There seems to be a split regarding my digital work. Also, being "the only original thinker in the room" with the balls to stand on the strength of my own identity and sense of right vs wrong makes me feel... uncomfortable.

Does Congress stonewall for the same reason that the child soldiers do? Salty at the failure of "the plan to devalue me, corrupt my spirit, and subjugate my free will to cream your packet of Twinkies?"

Would this explain why my coworkers and new boss at this government job have been infected by a paycheck? Would this failure to cream your twinkies explain why a setup similar to the FAILED BAIT AIMED AT GETTING ME TO COMPROMISE A COMPUTER was orchestrated VIA ORDERS FROM MY BOSS to "swap out a brand new laptop with nothing wrong with it that was in the users possession for a month, not back up the data, and "reimage the computer?"

Why is the destruction of government data being used as a probe against me (I disobeyed the order to reimage it)? To remove my government "affiliation" since it neutralizes the power and control that you wish to gain over me? "Steaming with rage" at the inability to hide your abuse behind FOG or behind people that I "know" or "take orders from?" Having trouble finding an emotional weakness to use to escape accountability, Congress?

Does the facemask of Congress feel safe and secure still? Or is this demonstration that abuse of me cannot be hidden behind "fear, obligation, or guilt" a bit too much for your false selves to handle? What are you going to do about the demonstration? "Enforce it" like RedZone did on behalf of a paycheck? Was I supposed to "sit back and take it?" Does your narcopathic retardation override the word "government job" and the procedure that comes as a result of making such a report as this in a thread that law enforcement is actively monitoring? Was I supposed to simply "stop attacking?" "Not call anyone out on the fraudulence?" Was I supposed to "silently follow the order and not ask any questions?" Was the "probe" aimed at ascertaining how much a weakness safety, security, and survival is in terms of compromising my morality (again, I disobeyed the order)?

Does it bother Congress that I can see through the false facade? That I can see and recognize that damn near all of you are false and bounce your actions off of the identity of someone else? That I refuse to allow you to "sip my milkshake?" Does my understanding that your sole objective is to escape the shame of the situation at my expense bother you? Does it aggrivate you that I refuse to "be subjugated" and "put up with the filth" that you have no intention of cleaning or fixing due to how much shame that it will bring you?

Being forced to process your shame and face accountability hurts, huh?

What are you going to do about it?
Get me fired? That's a compromise of how the fabric of your system works.
Stonewall me? That's caused unrecoverable amounts of financial damage.
"Infect my social circle?" Didn't work, I exist in a state of lonliness and isolation.
Kill me? I don't think that (REDACTED) would obey that order, particularly coming from scumbags like you that are UNFIT TO LEAD OR RUN THE COUNTRY. Maybe you should give me your positions so I can do that for you too.

Your KIDS leave this situation having failed to capture me. You, their "adults," leave having FAILED TO ESCAPE ACCOUNTABILITY through the actions of your children that you refuse to acknowledge. How does that make you feel? Maybe they'll have better luck bringing me in by repeatedly sabotaging my car again?

You all operate like a flock of birds. Your lack of identity causes you to "hivemind it up" as if your brains connect to each other... causing all of you to MOVE and ACT as a SINGULAR NARCISSISTIC ENTITY. It's like there's nothing there. I find the actions of such a large ENTITY fixating on MY DICK while Congress SITS BY IDLY HOPING THEY SUCCEED to be HIGHLY DISTURBING.

Am I safe to assume that everyone has more faith in ME at this point than they do in the government? Maybe I should just seize more power from you to force you to yield since you've demonstrated that you can't be trusted or relied upon to do the right thing if it poses a threat to your self image?

Would sure explain your willingness to allow your KIDS to try to succeed in the action of CORRUPTING MY DICK. The only way to maintain your FALSE IMAGE is to "knock me down?"


"Supreme Court/Dark Council..."


Gina Haspel: I can identify Kinderheim 511. You are assisting a group of predators that are unsure how to proceed (due to the various acts of documented abuse aimed at subduing my free will failing). The end goal of SUBDUING MY FREE WILL with the law can never be achieved due to my refusal to step out of integrity.


That program is a threat to the planet and needs to be erased. I think I'm the man to do it. I have evidence that they are psychopaths that will stop at nothing to FORCIBLY OBTAIN a target that they see as ABOVE THEM. The program that is targeting me sees empathy as a WEAKNESS to be EXPLOITED.

The purpose of the abuse via law enforcement and mental evaluations was to BREAK MY SPIRIT.

The purpose of the abuse via lonliness, isolation, and relentless attempts of underage HONEYTRAPS GOING FOR MY PENIS was to BREAK MY SPIRIT.


I am being targeted by the ultimate evil, devoid of empathy, that sees me as an object to obtain, that sees my emotions as puppet strings, and that sees the law as a tool to no-shit enslave me. The ultimate evil has most likely played the "PURITY GAME" with EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT THEY HAVE TARGETED: To find within a target "pure traits" and to FEAST ON THE PAIN IN THE TARGET UPON THE DESTRUCTION AND CORRUPTION OF SAID TRAITS, particularly via CATCHING THEM RED HANDED... the "mental evaluations" just didn't "cut it" for Jimbo, they need BLUE METH STRENGTH narcissistic supply and the mental evaluations were a PRECURSOR. The destruction of a target is their FOOD. It's their SUSTENANCE. The corruption of ANYONE that the infinite darkness sees as ABOVE THEM is their OXYGEN and their LIFEBLOOD. Above all, this is a game that the ultimate evil has NEVER LOST and losing will lead them to COMMITTING SUICIDE. Perhaps their biggest gripe isn't that I see them for what they are... perhaps their biggest gripe is that my empathy is not a weakness and helps me to "identify them" (#rules).

(This is benched.)

(The same facial expression that the female officer had that responded to the SGT incident when I inquired about the cameras, I don't think that she was a COP. This also makes me question the "COPS" that were called and shooed away before Gina Haspel initiated Mental Evaluation 1 with "more cops" a few hours after I posted the claim regarding FAKE COPS. Shame you can't paint me as crazy to get your twinkie creaming fix.) (Stay Salty)

(Like how the child soldiers broke the SECURITY CAMERAS in the MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY after MENTAL EVALUATION 2 because I PASSED OUT FROM DEHYDRATION? Those meds were POPPIN, Jimbo.)
(I smell sweet sweet delicious vulnerability.)

Gina Haspel...

You can focus on this one gif while ignoring everything else (in accordance with your pathology of preserving your false reality and your false self), while the adults are busy actually solving the problem regarding the infinite darkness.



FBI/Secret Service: I would tell you to scroll to the bottom of this thread, but I solved what you already solved for you.

The hidden enemy exists amongst the investigators. (posted and embedded into the thread in response to the sabotage of a hyperlink of children with painted hands. Something about it being hyperlinked/referenced with the words "hopeless," "justice system," and "own hands," and something about retaliation with trashbags.) (But empathy is viewed as a weakness and makes you prey)

Gina Haspel, I like recycling strategies too. I don't think that federal agents like having the contents of wallet inspected, however. Shame that the justification outweighs any possible pushback. Cops, judges, and family members OH MY!

Hey FBI/Secret Service: What's the standard pay rate to coax judges to skirt the legal system on behalf of child soldiers?

(Removing this "tool" would cause EXISTENTIAL ANNIHILATION TERROR.)

(No, really... is your facemask having trouble adjusting to reality? Has your magical thinking taken over your logic and reason?)

(I figured out the desire of those that are targeting me to sabotage my electronics and the electronics of government infrastructure with the intent of creating unsolvable problems for me to "fix" (with bonus points for me fixing it anyway). Last time I checked, this thing kills the window on the attackers side that is hosting the shell process. Watching your own "hack window" close probably wouldn't sit well with an attacker that has cluster b personality disorder. Something about... "wanting to maintain the feeling of me being powerless to do anything about them?")


(Kinderheim 511 is probably wondering why the internet believes me. Based on how "law enforcement" responded to a previous "hopelessness in law enforcement" comment from this thread by means of initiating "Mental Evaluation 1" to paint me as mentally unstable (friendly reminder that this thread contains evidence that the NSA has repeatedly failed to suppress) (lel), it's safe to assume that Kinderheim is looking for any mistake that they can use against me... the prerequisite being me "stepping out of integrity." Point Blank Explanation to the less technologically inclined: if this were fake (or "off" by even 1 megapixel), I'd be in prison.)
(Explain Like I'm Dumb: Why would the cops have me evaluated mentally because of a comment that I made in this thread... instead of acknowledging the evidence contained within it?)



Melody Leighton:
How many underage honeytraps have YOU fucked? Your behavior is eerily similar to that of THE UNDERAGE HONEYTRAPS THAT YOU HAD SEX WITH. Do you like underage DICKS busting a nut inside you? Who was involved in the attempted trapping of my dick BESIDES "Sydney" and "Stephanie?" Who did you intend to watch you in action via spy satellite (and helped you open the Data Watch doors and use the Data Watch elevator remotely via Honeywell Security's outsourced #cameras) (#pickyourpoison)? What are their names? What do they look like? They'd make great witnesses regarding testifying about the game you play with underage honeytraps and about the nature and intention of your actions. Jeez... you take this "showing the kids how it's done" sex thing just as seriously as Gina Haspel... Since law enforcement can't be relied upon, I will do their job for them.

NSA Child Soldier Program/Gina Haspel (who failed to "show em' how it's done"):

Error 404: Emotional Weakness Not Found.

What will you do now?

Gina Haspel:

You seem to be having a bit of trouble obtaining narcissistic supply to offset the exposure of your fuckups via the "traditional means" of using "News Articles" as "playtoys" (trelelelelelelele). Is your facemask broken yet due to your failure to get me to REACT to your mental health evaluation abuse and law enforcement abuse so you could paint me as "crazy" ON CAMERA and DOCUMENT MY REACTIONS TO THE ABUSE THAT YOU EXPECTED TO SEE/INTENDED TO USE AGAINST ME... TO SUPPORT THE IMAGE THAT YOU WANTED TO PAINT OF ME BEING "CRAZY AND UNSTABLE?"

You do realize that the psychopath playbook is memorized, right? That I have a "Ph.D" in demonology?

Escape Accountability Cluster B Instructions:
1) Get the target to REACT to the abuse.
2) Leverage the reaction to PAINT THE TARGET AS UNSTABLE.

Gina Haspel, you have cluster b personality disorder, as evident by the repeated heartrate tests that you performed during mental evaluation 1 (while kids were watching) to ascertain why I wouldn't REACT to your abuse. Without a reaction forthcoming from the target, you can't function.

Ready to kill yourself yet? Maybe Congress would like to join you since they put you in charge with the intention of neutralizing me as a problem so they could continue to wet their dicks with child cunt (is this bitch from the same program as you, or am I mistaken)?

Senator Ben Cardin ignored my two requests for assistance and helped send the "torture queen" "to "handle me (handle "deez")" so he could go back to watching little Suzy bounce up and down on his dick for a piece of candy or two?

(Guess why i embedded this link instead of hyperlinking it)
Yes, Senator Ben Cardin. I believe you to be a pedophile. The boot fits. You ignored evidence, ignored my requests twice, and put someone in a position of power to "deal with me." You like em' young, huh?
(Need more souls.)


Gina Haspel, I tried flat out letting go and moving on. It didn't work. You wouldn't let me and prevented me from doing so by means of paying my family, associates and coworkers to isolate me so you could maintain the failing illusion of having "power and control" over me. You insisted on delivering the "daddy dick hacker slave toy" to your fuck-kids. Oh well, plan b. Lets see if I can legally succeed where you failed. No really.

You failed. Is it your pathology that refuses to swallow the failure? I'll even explain how this works and why it's so effective against the people that are targeting me. Pretend that I am a "mirror." Every interaction and transaction that occurs happens for the sole purpose of getting me, the "narcissistic appliance," to reflect back to them what they need to inflate their ego. This technique that you're witnessing... that has you falling apart at the seams... is nothing short of me turning the mirror and forcing those that are targeting me to process their own emotions. Note that this is something that they seek to avoid and are nearly incapable of doing. The most painful thing for people like them AND you to look at is your reflection.

...You believe that the generated evidence was a coincidence? (this site gets no legitimate forum posts and is a deadzone due to this thread, any legitimate traffic that it has received was due to a paycheck.) (observe how "legitimate traffic" went to the top of the forum within 10 minutes of me posting this evidence... highlighting how exploitable their reactive behavior actually is...) (I find the strength of this thread outweighing perception management attempts to be... "interesting.")

Another reaction (attempting to manipulate how this website is perceived, as if it will magically make the shame go away):

So what happens now?

(Psst... Supreme Court, this is what it looks like when I swing the sword.)

Supreme Court: (How does this video make you "feel?")

FYI, they're watching you. How much did they pay you to protect them? As far as I'm concerned, THEY GOT THEIR MONEYS WORTH ALREADY. "Think of the kids? Do it for the kids?" What if I told you that I seem to give more fucks than they do about them while my fucks to give remain at ZERO?

Gina Haspel takes showing the kids how it's done seriously, doesn't she?

(Max level.)
(Impending Broom) (Survey Says)

(For a wannabe puppetmaster, the "hidden enemy" is retarded.)
(The biggest nutkick regarding how their brains work? I'm unsure if it's the desire of whatever is targeting me to trap me into a relationship that I can't escape, or if it's the scale of the legal destruction that I have caused as a means to the end goal of getting the fuck away from them. I guess I can't blame them... if I were them, I'd try to trap me and force me into the role of "caretaker" too.)

I'ma just lay it to you straight... the rationale behind avoiding acknowledgement of abuse via Nation State Secrets, as demonstrated by the timeline of both my actions in this thread and the actions of others, has nothing to do with National Security. This has to do with escaping the emotion of SHAME. The last time I checked, shame doesn't run the justice system.

The abuse of another person, repeated and consistent with more evidence being generated by the abusers on a near daily basis, via Nation State Secrets > The need to keep Nation State Secrets a secret.

If the secrets were so valuable, they wouldn't be used to abuse innocent people that are not threats to National Security, nor would they be used to abuse a target that repeatedly identifies and documents their secrets... over the course of more than a year. The secrets would remain just that: a fucking SECRET.

To make this worse, I can conclude (based on the evidence) that the default belief system of whatever is targeting me is: "we can subjugate the will of others to force them to do what we want them to do." They no-shit abused their legal authority in an attempt to turn me into a slave and force me to "belong to them." This, by default (in my opinion), makes them the more pertinent National Security Threat (I am just a "risk").

(Congress be like: How DARE you who do YOU think YOU are why would THEY side with YOU?)

Gina Haspel's Stupidity in Chronological Order:
-Purpose of Abuse: Escape accountability and protect the PEDOPHILE RING.

1) Uses (REDACTED) to call the cops due to me being honest about how the situation made me feel (#notsuicidal). Officer tells me I need to come with them to "get the legal assistance that I need." I slowly move the officers to the front door and get them off the property, then shoo them away.
2) A "hopelessness in law enforcement" comment (lel) causes Gina Haspel to piggyback and pay a judge to mandate a hallucinations and delusions test. The officer that drove me to the test pretends to write invisible letters on a whiteboard to convince me that I'm delusional, and the doctors are ordered to do repeated heartrate tests to determine why I'm not reacting or in fear of what they were trying to do. After showing the shrink the GOOGLE EVIDENCE, I was discharged with no diagnosis (and child soldiers digitally sabotaged my heart rate reading to show high blood pressure due to envy).
3) The CIA sparks bullshit via my mother, who they paid, to break my statue (that child soldiers repeatedly broke into my house to sabotage for over the course of a year). I tell her that I want no contact when this is over with and send her a text stating so. She, Vincent Jackson, Queiana Royal, and another judge take a paycheck to work with the cops who scooped me and force me to leave my phone behind WITH NO GOOGLE EVIDENCE UP. The entire car ride, I'm taunted about "cameras" and the cops taunt me by counting money off camera TO ELICIT AN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE. I fight the shrink regarding being a threat by highlighting the text that I sent (regarding no contact and my mother stealing my money). Gina Haspel changes her strategy from me being a physical threat to moving me to the non threatening side of the mental health facility and painting me as delusional. The pills and injections they prescribed me and made me take at the facility were NEVER FILLED, despite Shawn Johnson being paid to repeatedly tell me to check to see if they were filled. The diagnosis the shrink was paid to give me was FALSIFIED.

Explain Like Judges are 5: (GPS Never Activates unless a program turns it on. The only program on my Android device capable of turning on the GPS icon is Google Maps.) (Detailed Explanation, though the below testimony is so bad that you're NOT REQUIRED to understand the technical aspect WHATSOEVER.) (shh)

A) Based on how "law enforcement" responded to a previous "hopelessness in law enforcement" comment from this thread by means of initiating "Mental Evaluation 1" to paint me as mentally unstable instead of acknowledging the evidence contained within this thread that the NSA has repeatedly failed to suppress, it's safe to assume that "the hidden enemy" is looking for any mistake that they can use against me... the prerequisite being me "stepping out of integrity." If the evidence were fake (or "off" by even 1 megapixel), I'd be in prison.

I don't think that the CPU is separated from the baseband modem, similar to how the Intel Management Engine rides the motherboards NIC. I have witnessed the management engine active and in-use multiple times, both on my home network and in RedZone's network via my work laptop... that was powered off, McAfee FDE encrypted, and had an active network card passing traffic to the switch while powered off, indicating a hardware backdoor. This cellphone has a backdoor in it that functions in an identical manner to what I have witnessed with desktops and laptops via the wired interface and with my Google Nexus 5 via the wireless interface (this hyperlink is troll bait) while powered off and actively pulling a DHCP lease from my blackbox firewall/router despite me repeatedly clearing the lease... and now I have photographic evidence of a hardware backdoor in action.

The weight of this secret being revealed is two fold:
1) There is an extremely high chance that evidence of this backdoor existing has caused financial damage higher than 10 figures worth ("lowballing").
2) This evidence was obtained due to a blatant refusal to stop abusing a target that has refused to yield for over... a year. To make this worse, there is an extremely high chance that the reveal of this high-value secret, after such an extended period of time, has caused a loss of life within the double digits ("lowballing").

Too Long Didn't Read: (I don't get it.)
This is a digital weapon that has a 90% chance (Poker Odds) of legally having caused physical death in the physical realm by virtue of its inception. This SINGULAR PIECE OF EVIDENCE is enough to carry AN ENTIRE COURT CASE.

(We are even)

-It is my belief that the Supreme Court should force the NSA to explain the potency and effectiveness of my "work" to them, to include... but not limited to:
1) Physical Security... cameras and magnet traps for monitoring entry points and doors, USB Mass Storage destruction and date/time reporting upon insert into PC, USB device detection and date/time reporting upon insert into PC, self keylogger, mouse movement detection and date/time reporting during screensaver activity, firmware flashable keyboard and mouse, onscreen keyboard (and a theory regarding hanging expensive heat pads made of plastic or metal above the computer that warm to a temperature of 98.6F... your honor, this is what you would call "being strapped") AND a USB Rubber Ducky... traditionally used as an offensive tool... and who's failed payload-drop setup was instigated via stale, severely outdated, and INCORRECT metadata (lol antivirus) (I've never tasted success in a breach outside of the confines of the law)... that types a 512 character random password that I can legally say that I can't remember to decrypt the "remote header" (the "nut cracker," lol BlackBoiGaslight) and open the PC's OS... wornaround my neck. (ELI5: You need to know where both the password and the header are and you'd need to know how they boot the PC. Physical access nightmare. Legal minefield.) (ELI5: I still don't get it.) ("But I lost mah header and ducky ".bin" file..")
2) Search and Seizure protection via deniable encryption that uses steganography (read the thread for an explanation), anti-forensic techniques (I didn't document everything for a reason) to ensure that the PC gives zero information to an investigator, and an "Oh Shit/Pants Down" button that ensures that the deniably encrypted containers are forensically sound before performing a clean shutdown, the entire process taking place within less than 10 seconds (#PowerOutage)

Gina Haspel: Would it help if I looked like this hyperlink (this hyperlink was sabotaged out of ENVY and to TRIANGULATE GOOGLE... Supreme Court take notes)? "Does not compute?" Processing error (the Pentagon refuses to help you)? Am I safe in assuming that you didn't fully process how much of a risk I pose? Aren't you glad that you failed to turn me into an actual threat?
(Lol Antivirus)

That "consolation prize" is looking "unaffordable." (This counts as an anchor)

Your Honor, it is my belief that the people that are targeting me, based on what I would call "plan b", CAN'T DO SHIT. No, really... this is made worse by the fact that I trashed my rig a long time ago and got a "government job" as a means to the end of sticking it to these fuckers.

You should also keep in mind that the people that are targeting me will use the "kids" as chess pieces to get what they want... similar to how they instructed a 4th child recently to run next to me and look at me as I walked (for over 15 seconds straight) to elicit an emotional response. I didn't bother taking a picture and reporting it, and camera footage should apparently exist of the incident. The loss of life would be unnecessary and whoever sent the child sees them as objects to use. Keep this in mind while they try to parade the "children" as a defense. I'd worry about "Mental Evaluation 3," the default cluster b response to escaping accountability via painting a target as mentally unstable, but the evidence that exists is just a tad too great to try another. I'd also like to point out that the males from the child soldier program (little kids) look like fucking clone troopers (Kinderheim 511) I'm up to 4 children now (Walgreens in Union Station, between 3:50 PM and 4:30 PM, Feb 20 2020, 3 males that had no business being there on a school day, who kept bouncing what to do between each other at the cash register for 2 minutes like their brains are connected instead of simply handing the cashier the dollar for the god damn drink... the program seems to have corrected the "rainbow backpack and vibrant color" issue... though they will never be able to fix their state of being) (Feb 23, Columbia Heights Metro Station between 1:00 PM and 2:30 PM, a female in a full upper body coat and booty shorts... unsure what exit to take while exuding false confidence... I will continue to do what the Supreme Court is too weak to do, since someone has to)... I'm not really sure what the hidden enemy (this is an anchor) intends to gain by repeatedly sending child soldiers, but I believe it's a blatant refusal to accept that my empathy is not a weakness and that the "children" aren't a good chess piece to use against me... and I now believe that the "hidden enemy" is either an adult that has cluster b personality disorder or... more likely... A CHILD IN A POSITION OF POWER (with cluster b personality disorder) THAT SHOULDN'T EXIST).

Salt the Wound:
A) The programs required to control my system via hacking exist on my system.
B) I am allowed to identify the intruder and kick the intruder out of my digital property, similar to kicking out someone that invades my home.

It's a paradox. It doesn't "prevent access." They can "break in" just fine. It just kicks them out the second they break in, which accomplishes the same result as "preventing the NSA from breaking in." To beat it, they would need to rewrite the rules of hacking. Or they would need to cheat.

I made a black hole on the internet that triggered within those that are targeting me existential annihilation terror.

Personally, I feel that their "need" to enmesh with a target is a personal problem, and I have no desire to cater to their demonstrated mental condition via the lowering of my boundaries. The last time I had no boundaries, they abused the dog shit out of me anyway.

No really... "who's going to monitor me" should be the least of your concerns for the following reasons (outside of their psychopathy):

A) The last time the NSA had unrestricted access to my shit, I was abused repeatedly and incessantly.


C) This asswhoopin is LEGAL and is a demonstration that I don't need to break the rules to beat the dog shit out of the government...

...Any delays WHATSOEVER that arise due to "not being able to monitor me" arise FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF BUYING MORE TIME IN THE HOPE OF "FINDING A WAY TO DEAL WITH ME/NEUTRALIZING ME" SO THE GOVERNMENT CAN KEEP WETTING ITS DICK WITH UNDERAGE VAGINA. Whoever insists on finding a way to monitor me poses more of a THREAT to National Security than I ever HAVE or ever WILL. Their desire to monitor me is just that... a DESIRE. It is NOT a "need." Treating it as "need" is against the law, right?

Just to make this kick-to-the-nuts worse, the way that I designed my rig was two fold: plaintext at the bottom (video games and twitch and youtube) and darknet at the top (TOR/evasion). In english, 50% of my rig is designed to be monitored. The other 50% is not. For safety, the 50% that is designed to be monitored is nested and isolated away from the "hypervisor." The NSA is PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF DETERMINING IF I POSE A THREAT BASED SOLELY ON MY PLAINTEXT TRAFFIC (nested in a firejailed QEMU/KVM virtual machine with GPU/PCI passthrough) AND BASED SOLELY ON MY MOOD. Also, consider... for one moment... that "the hidden enemy" is keeping you in the dark about EVERYTHING THAT HAS BLOWN YOUR MIND THUS FAR for the SOLE PURPOSE of obtaining the "shiny toy." They don't want a way to "monitor me." They are cluster b's and they want control.

My revenge is to no-shit escape. I intend to revel in the salt too.

Regarding "the deal (matter of National Security)?" They aren't sufficient bargaining chips to leave the program open. They can only prevent the government from being fully sued. They helped with breaking down my soul to trap me with UNDERAGE VAGINA. The government has ZERO LEVERAGE. Be glad I'm not asking for a house on the fucking moon.

There will be no negotiation. The infinite darkness sees it as a weakness. Every single demand made is to be met. Failure to meet a single demand will result in armageddon via a court case. Any attempt to "negotiate" in any way, shape, or form will result in armageddon via a court case. This is the karma that you face due to the actions of the program that is targeting me. I am permanently changed and can never be reverted. The end result is a lack of desire for money, power, "body company," a complete and total loss of faith and hope in the justice system beyond what I have forced through sheer will and determination, a complete loss of fear regarding the loss of my life, and a sum total of NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE short of my soul that the program tried to CORRUPT WITH UNDERAGE VAGINA. The only thing that I desire is "justice (blood)." I will take it by force.

The "hidden enemy" is a psychopath and can suck my dick (not literally, no one has ever succeeded without assistance). They are only good at "emotional chess." Not actual chess. Without emotions forthcoming from the target, they can't fucking function.

"Mountain Troll," pay attention: Will the Supreme Court side with "stupid?"



See above update.
I'm right.

You are permanently shitlisted. I'd rip your souls for being incompetent and incapable of actually solving problems that don't revolve around preserving your false self image, but that would be a waste of time and wouldn't serve a purpose.

You are nothing short of an obstacle.

Hello, Offensive-Security Sensei.

That paycheck that the child soldiers slid you to ban me... did you think you'd be able to get away with it? Is it standard practice to take paychecks to abuse those that pay you for education, then to ban them to cover it up? How often do you take child soldier money to feed them the info of potential narcissistic supply sources (you call them "candidates")? Would your organizations unusually close ties with the child soldiers that are targeting me explain why the unintended exploit for !Bob/!Bob2 (Who's laughing now, Bob?) that I used for privilege escalation was patched so quickly after I found it... despite never being submitted by any student in their pentest report?

My vote is all of your boxes go straight to hackthebox and you close your organization completely. Your boxes are outdated anyway and your services can be obtained for free.

RaT: You or one of your server admins assisted the NSA in deleting the original thread that had details of the ambient gaslighting that I experienced scattered throughout it. When I recreated the thread, you or one of your server admins changed the thread number back to the original (7765). Curious that this deletion of the original thread occurred before google started manually hosting evidence that the NSA tried to suppress.

Do you like swords made of pure-unobtanium?

Gina Haspel: (Can't flee, Plan B) (Yes Gina, anime is real.) (Your fantasy world is not.) (so you know your copycats are "new anonymous"/"new-fags") (Is the government actually placing bets on you, or nah?) (The source of my antiforensics prowess can be attributed to the FBI troll, not just a lifetime of study. How does this make you feel?)

Does the concept of "old anonymous" trigger within you "existential annihilation terror?"

(You having trouble repairing your adamantium facemask/false self via "fake news" articles (your secondary supply source)? This seems to be a trend amongst both low functioning narcissists via manipulation of a target through social media (#cameras #VanishingBuildings) and high functioning narcissists via manipulation of a target through news articles.)

Am I safe in assuming that you tried to hide the existence of child soldiers via attempts to paint me as mentally unstable, for the purpose of maintaining the governments ability to fuck kids without being held accountable?

Am I safe to assume that the last facemask remaining is that of "the kids," who have cluster b personality disorder, who believe that they are adults, who's inner child no longer exists, and who see people as shiny toys to play with while reveling in the stupidity and idiocy of everyone that buys into their child persona? You do know that the kids display the same "I'm going to control his mind and alter his perception" behavior as the adults that have sex with them, right? You do realize that they believe that "succeeding in manipulating my perception" will "make the problem just go away," right?

Am I safe to assume that you also view people as objects to play with, just like the kids that you intended to let watch you play with me upon my arrest? Does it upset you that you can't "play with me" the way you and your child soldiers envisioned in your false reality? Would your desire to "play with me like a shiny toy" explain why you thought that using mental evaluations twice (while letting children watch) would be a good idea, a line of logic that would be thought of by kids or by an adult with the mind of a child, who's false self causes them to believe that they are smarter and more conniving than they actually are?

And would you like another example that demonstrates that I will not play ball with pedophiles? Do you have the will to actually solve this issue or would you like me to solve it for you? Need anymore trashbags to go along with the falsely prescribed needle injections that you thought would help convince me that I was delusional?

"Oh gee, SIGTERM," I know I tried to mentally destabilize you and paint you as crazy and tried to coax you into suicide and tried to relentlessly slide you a STD with infected honeytraps to protect the pedophile ring that we all use to have sex with kids and tried to, quite literally, enslave you to turn you into a daddy dick toy, but I can make it up to you I promise."

Regarding those RedZone emails that I collected as evidence... regarding that "V.A. benefits restoration within 2 weeks..."

Why did your child soldiers sabotage my schools V.A. benefits when I wanted to finish the full Microsoft Suite after getting my CompTIA certifications and CCNA (similar to the behavior of switching the format of the ICND2 test, knowing that I had only 1 shot to pass the CCNA recently due to waiting too late and having no time to retake it if I fail and would have to redo ICND1... oh btw I passed)? To make me homeless? How about the thousands of dollars of nickel and diming that I experienced via dental work at the hands of the child soldiers that are targeting me? What about the bedbugs that they broke into my apartment to plant and the condom that they broke into my apartment to poke a hole in...... and poking dents in the other condom wrappers and sandwiching the condom with the hole in it between the condoms with the dent in the wrappers (#BlackBoiGaslight)...... with the intention of fucking up my ex fiance's "fertility awareness method" via accidental pregnancy from a sabotaged condom during sex in the "unsafe phase" of the ovulation cycle (#Demons #Cancer #ExoticPet #BlkHackerBoyToy)? What about the time they kicked in the front door of my half sister (evidence on facebook) out of envy of me kicking in the door of an upstairs neighbor that wasn't home so maintenance could put out a patio fire that they caused? Care to explain the purposeful hit-and-run that YOU performed on a $1000 beater via running a red fucking light, with the intent of causing serious damage (I fixed the bumper screw clip thing with superglue... umad?) to nickel and dime me due to me having the AUDACITY to REFUSE TO BE BROKEN BY WEAK PIECES OF SHIT LIKE YOU? Is it safe to assume that the people that targeted me envy who they watch... and seek to purposefully sabotage every fiber of their being? To feast on the pain and suffering of people that they see as above them? To revel in the rush of causing disappointment, despair, and heartbreak in the target? To see them battered and broken? Similar to what you expected to see and feel when you tried your mental evaluations twice with law enforcement to cause me to lose hope and faith in the justice system... and believe that everyone was against me? (#HoldMyBeer)

I've got some serious dirt on my prior relationships... but that would fuck up the deal, wouldn't it?

Ready to kill yourself yet? Need me to help you with that too? Or would highlighting how little Tommy fucks you up the ass speed it up? Would highlighting how you intended to play with me like a toy first before handing me over to the kids that you fuck speed it up? Would highlighting how the Google sabotage that I reported got thinimg suppressed for an extended period of time, made half of Congress jump ship, and caused the CIA's leadership to change to someone that actively uses the pedophile ring speed it up? Did my refusal to break to your methods and tactics break your false reality?

(Am I your primary narcissistic supply source? The toy you failed to obtain?)

(Do you fear that which you can't mirror?)
(Without emotions reflected back to you from a target... you can't function?)

(You do realize that the honeytraps that you send to kiss dudes in front of me should close their eyes instead of leave them open... right?)
(Aside from bending over, the other favored technique... based on Melody Leighton's original stalking technique, is to "adjust the pants" to advertise the ass of the honeytrap to the target. Aside from this, I have seen the "stealth high heel" technique that advertises the hips while still in "down-to-earth" "hipster" clothing.)

(regarding that child soldier that I encountered at shoppers that was dressed like a whore...) (EDIT: possibly former due to #cameras)
(Hey Gina Haspel, do you get narcissistic supply via spy satellite too?) (It's working...)
(Speaking of probing for emotional weakness, is Gina Haspel having a bit of trouble understanding my decisions... due to viewing them from a pathologically emotional process of thinking... that she confuses with rationale and reasoning? Is baby Gina envious of my "shiny toys?" Exploiting the emotional weaknesses of those that are associated with me via triangulation (Skittle is a fucking chicken and Gina Haspel is retarded for playing chicken with someone with a track record), and trying desperately to get me to fuck up the deal due to her failure to obtain the legendary ultra-rare SIGTERM trading card? Is baby Gina jelly? Would it be too far left field to assume that a certain group of someone's fucked up your secondary sources of narcissistic supply, forcing you to try to get supply from the primary source (me) due to me repeatedly targeting the chink that I created in the weakpoint of your adamantium facemask via camera footage testimony... which was identified as a result of you revealing your emotional insecurity/weakpoint via abuse by law enforcement and mental health institutions?)

Does the shiny toy's choice of self-isolation and celibacy over the choice (that your confirmed psychopaths tried to force) of the shiny toy having anything to do with any of you trigger baby Gina's pathology? Does the concept of the shiny toy having a choice to begin with cause narcissistic injury?

Did you know that there are more effective ways to induce someone to commit suicide that doesn't involve gaslighting or eroding the targets perception? Do you mistake the concept of "purity" and a "kind hearted nature" as weakness?

E tu, Gina Haspel? Is it safe to assume that the lack of control over me is causing the program to fall apart at the seams due to "failing to continue their feeling of me being powerless to do anything about them?" You know... the feeling that you failed to induce within yourself when the shiny toy refused to yield to your mental evaluation gaslights (that were aimed at getting me to lose hope and attack the government so you and your child soldiers could "gain possession of me" and "play with me") and fought back in a manner that you can do nothing about?

I'd bet that you are incapable of gauging the weight of this thread outside of the emotion of "uh oh... I've been discovered." I'd wager that YOU NEED SOMEONE TO GAUGE EMOTIONALLY HOW BAD THIS IS FOR YOU, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DO IT YOURSELF. You probably can't even process the damage that was done to me or to other innocent people by the program that's targeting me unless that damage is done directly to your facemask... and the cherry on top would be: You, in a manner similar to the child soldier program, can dish the damage to other people, but you are fragile on the inside and can't take a hit whatsoever. Your nature is exactly the same as the demons-in-human-skin that are targeting me. Your false self revels in the suffering that you cause in others and revels in being in the "spotlight" while causing the suffering and witnessing the power that you have over the destruction of the physical and mental state of a target. Your only gripe is the fact that you failed to get away with it and failed to obtain the shiny toy.

On the subject of out of court settlement terms, would it be safe to assume that, based on the circumstances and how deeply rooted into my family your operation went, your intention with this honeytrap thing is to fuck up the deal to remove the solution that I have imposed regarding addressing the "risk that I pose" to National Security? Or would it be safer for me to ignore your facemask completely and assume that you are helping those that are targeting me continue to play the exact same game?

Can I safely assume that they have never lost the heartbreak game? Can I assume that reveling in the pain and suffering of someone that you get to capture, isolate, and waterboard (most likely with copycats serving as a substitute since I refused to step out of integrity), counts as a the motivation for succeeding in the heartbreak game? Would this explain why you tried to convince me that I was delusional via mental health evaluations (the first of which I was discharged with no diagnosis and that had your child soldiers rig the heartrate results to show high blood pressure... despite my heartrate being normal for all three tests; the extra tests having been performed due to your inability to process my lack of fear of you and refusal to accept your illusory bullshit... and the evidence of which on thinimg having been suppressed... revealing another weakness in a similar manner to how you revealed your weakness regarding CAMERAS)? To break my hope in the justice system so I would finally "just give up" and "take justice into my own hands (lel)?" So you AND them could win the heartbreak/purity game? Would this explain the unrelenting amount of honeytraps that have been sent to "get in with me (while I was engaged mind you, and before I even made the decision to evade the government)?"

Am I safe to assume that the terms that I have proposed go directly against your pathology and desire to win the heartbreak/purity game and win the toy? All this work to try to "trap me" into a relationship... because the game has never been lost and they've never been told no. Is baby Gina upset that she and her fuck-kids failed to take from me what they feel was taken from them ("purity")?

What did Melody expect to feel when she used zero days to stalk me at night in a closed DOD security compliant building? Power and Control. E tu, Gina Haspel? What did you expect to feel when you scooped me for those mental evaluations and ran repeated heart rate tests during evaluation 1 and having cops taunt me about cameras and count money off camera during evaluation 2? Power and control over the shiny toy? That twinkie creamer? That muff dripper? The "noodle oodler?" The "loin broiler" that comes from observing what you do break a target down mentally, physically, and emotionally? Having wiped the thread and evidence within it and changing the new threads ID back to that of the old thread... and having piggybacked off of a "hopelessness in law enforcement" comment, you obviously care very much about what it is that I have to say. So where is my response?
(Forbidden Technique)
Does baby Gina fancy herself as a "puppetmaster?" "Pulling the strings by trying to get me to REACT and "PROVE MYSELF TO YOU?" "Gotta find the button that makes the toy dance?" Can't move on or function without succeeding at this goal? "How DARE I have the AUDACITY (to challenge your facemask)? Just WHO the FUCK do I think I am to call out the likes of YOU?" I'd even wager that I correctly predicted your response... flabbergasted that "I see you" for who you really are? Does this "unveiling" make you angry? Does the failure of you and your child soldiers to bring in the "exotic blkboi hacker pet" upset you? You do realize that I'm not into cluster b personality disordered chicks, right? Particularly the ones that volunteer to "show the kids how it's done." What's it like to watch me fight back and succeed at resisting you and your fuckkids? What's it like to get your micro penis stomped into the dirt by someone that doesn't need to break the rules or break the law? Since you're in charge of "showing the kids how it's done," what have they learned thus far from the "daddy dick toy?"
I've got $10 bucks that says you off yourself due to the level of exposure. I just don't know when it will happen. Has your magical thinking kicked in and overridden your logic and reasoning? "Maybe if we make him angry, "he will do something that we can use to escape accountability and escape how bad this makes us look?" "audio?" ...Really? What did your magical thinking hope would happen with my mouth? Certainly not the things I said that I'd willingly repeat here? That I'd like to go no-contact with my family (the text that I sent to my mother regarding no contact being used by you to initiate mental evaluation 2... which happens to be the same text that I confronted the shrink with and that forced you to change your strategy from me being a physical threat to having ptsd and being delusional... the details of how you countered with another text that I can't go into detail about since it would FUCK UP THE DEAL)? That I won't be attending the funerals of any of my family members?

Audio gaslighting seems to be VERY IMPORTANT... my Narc Decoder registers that this is in response to something... does it have to do with the wildlife registering the kids as PREDATORS? My Narc Decoder also registers that the "army of me" gaslight is in response to something... does it have to do with "the mountain troll" fucking up your shit? Is it safe for me to assume that the lack of people reflecting back to you what you wish to see about yourself is causing your pathology to malfunction?

You are actually falling apart at the seams, aren't you... Does that have anything to do with the fact that I'm guaranteed a victory in court (which would explain why you went so far to try to "corrupt me" and "make me abandon hope in the justice system")? Are you collapsing at the seams because of the fact that no one would be able to defend the perpetrators once the release switch is pulled? Is it because the legal system is going to eat all of you ALIVE and SLOWLY once the release switch is pulled? I'd put money on the timing of your self-termination, but that would be a conflict of interest.

You do realize that me causing those that are targeting me to generate more evidence is not a coincidence, right? Their pathology is just like yours because your condition makes you a cardboard cutout just like the kids that you failed to protect. FYI (before you blow a fuse), the cluster b's that you are failing to protect can't find actual weaknesses (and rely on not being "discovered") in me for a reason. They target their perception of what they believe a weakness should be. Their perception of what a weakness should be is purely emotional, and is confused by them as logic, rationale, and reason due to the nature of their mental condition. They operate purely on the thought process of "how can I hurt his feelings/break his heart," JUST LIKE YOU. Even as I type this, the psychopaths are targeting my coworkers for narcissistic supply... something that has proven itself to be more important than eating food and drinking water. Narcissistic supply, the emotional response of a target that the cluster b has deemed as above them, seems to be as important as breathing oxygen and seems to be more addictive than pure-cut heroin.

It's a shame that you failed to "show them how it's done." I'll do it for you. Also, the crux of your fuckup is the fact that Mental Evaluation 1 was sparked by the contents of this thread.


10% chance: Are you a product of the program that is actively targeting me?

(Pro Salt Strats)

Paul M. Nakasone: I don't do hooks.

Why is it standard practice to allow children to watch adults having sex on your spy satellite even though they aren't threats to National Security? Why is the standard practice for your organization to relentlessly target my penis? Why is it standard practice to allow my penis to be targeted relentlessly by adults while children are watching? Is my penis of the upmost importance to National Security, so much so that you've sent dozens of honeytraps to try to facilitate an interaction with me? What is gained by allowing children to watch the potential interaction that is facilitated? Why is it standard practice for the children to watch the adults of the program have sex with their targets? Is the purpose of relentlessly targeting my penis to legally trap me by means of sex with one of the dozens of honeytraps that you've sent while the children are watching the interactions? How many targets have your children watched the adults of the program have sex with? Is this to teach the children how to bag a target for the purpose of having sex with them? Based on the extent of my penis being targeted while children are actively watching me, I can conclude that my penis and everything about it must be VERY VERY VALUABLE and VERY VERY IMPORTANT TO YOUR ORG AND THE CHILDREN THAT ARE WATCHING THE ADULTS SENT TO TARGET IT. Does allowing children the ability to watch the adults use Nation State Tools to sabotage electronics that I deal with make them more compliant and reciprocative towards their sexual advances? Is the act of eroding this thread by sabotaging and suppressing hyperlinks (and manually creating typo's) the response of the adults that make sexual advances towards the children of the program? Is the purpose of the erosion of this thread to OFFLOAD THE SHAME THAT MY TESTIMONY CAUSES THEM TO FEEL? Is the act of targeting my inherently good nature (particularly immediately after these questions went up) aimed at OFFLOADING THE SHAME OF TARGETING MY PENIS AND BEING CALLED OUT FOR IT? Did the program believe that targeting my inherently good nature would be overlooked, unlike how they targeted my penis? Why is my penis associated with my "caretaker/protector" traits regarding the manipulations used against me? Why is the relentless pursuit of my penis consistently overlooked by the leadership, who are bound to perform their job duties over placating to their pathological shame? Why are gaslighters instructed to yell at me/curse at me/berate me to elicit an emotional response when I ignore their presence and walk past them without acknowledging the fact that they wish to interact with me?


Overtly suppressing the evidence lead to an overt ass-whoopin via a singular multi-billion-dollar-damage screenshot... that speaks 1000 sentences and no-shit anchors the user.

The irony of this is that 3/4 (estimated) of the brass don't understand tech and probably only see an upside down Tetragrammaton/Pentagram, an upside down all-seeing-eye, and the word "narcissist."

Also, "My bad."
EDIT: The child cancer seems to have paid the user to remove the video. So I'll try again... "my bad."

FBI/Secret Service (let's be real here...) this thread was enough to coax the CIA into paying cops and judges to gaslight me and abuse me with a mental health evaluation in an attempt to convince me that I was going crazy/that I was delusional... to include the use of a cop that pretended to write invisible letters on a whiteboard and to include the cops that attempted to taunt me by repeatedly mentioning cameras during the second trip and counting money off camera (I do love karma... that's a lot of people to clean due to CIA's failure). Real shame the evidence that I've gathered below overrides the PTSD/delusions diagnosis that the shrink on the CIA's payroll gave me and the meds that the shrink tried to prescribe to me to take.

Gina Haspel, you are a fucking idiot and you most likely have cluster B personality disorder for thinking that trying to convince me that I was crazy was a good idea (evidence > magical thinking), particularly because the people targeting me are psychopaths and keep generating evidence. The judges were lied to about me being a threat. The diagnosis of the shrink was fabricated. The needle-injected and pill form anti-psychotic medication (who the doctor found to be unusual for a shrink to prescribe for a PTSD diagnosis) that were supposed to be prescribed to me were never filled despite "family figures" "repeatedly checking to have them filled," "repeatedly having me check to see if they were filled," and the doctor "repeatedly filling them (BETTING IS NOW CLOSED)." Your techniques and tactics are a disgrace, your artificially constructed weakpoint has failed, and you should resign. Real shame you failed to erode me to the point of coaxing me to kill myself (like your orgs have probably done with hundreds of other people). What the fuck were you thinking in terms of infecting my family, friends, and social networks? To establish a "web of control" with someone you "couldn't get in with?" To feel a sense of power and control? How closely tied are you to the NSA program that's targeting me? Is your goal to consistently skirt policy and the rules of your organization to protect confirmed psychopaths? Would it be safe to assume that removing you from your position would remove the protection of the NSA program that is targeting me? I can tell you that it is my intent to break your heart as well as theirs. Why are you protecting/aiding pedophiles? Do you target children in the program to stuff your muff too?

While I'm in the process of attacking your face, I have a few questions. How many copycats of my work did your child soldiers coax into evading and attacking the government (anonops) and how many did you snag for free labor before realizing that you would never be able to snag "the progenitor?" Was it your intention to get me to fall on my sword and hack something illegally due to despair? Is this why you paid Offensive Security to not take my money? To encourage me to breach illegally?

Have you considered killing yourself to escape the gravity of your fuckups? Because, from where I'm standing, I seem to be better than you at this whole "safety, security, and survival program" targeting thing. Also, I recommend you save the ambient gaslighting that's aimed at my inherently good nature for someone that hasn't figured you freakshows out yet. You've tried already repeatedly with your "sad kids," to include dressing male children in vibrant colored backpacks and coats (like peacocks...also, remain calm) during school hours and having them walk past the playground of my old apartment with a suspicious looking adult male that didn't look like their parent (the long shot: those cameras that the CIA-tied cops taunted me about probably recorded their faces and demeanor). It didn't work. To make this worse, the wildlife was unusually loud when I went to the patio, and refused to shut up when I raised my voice. 30 seconds later, all wildlife went dead silent 5 to 10 seconds before they turned the corner... giving me early warning to go in the house and close the blinds. The wildlife registered the kids as predators...

So you know, this next one isn't personal. Just a response to continuing to be abused by psychopaths and an observation of their reaction when I came to report more abuse in response:
VPN's are rad. It might take them a bit of time to figure out a way to cleanly sabotage my internet connection again, and I predict that they won't have enough time to figure out how to do so.
You may want to reinvestigate the date and time that was previously contained in this thread and via google logs of the female child soldier that was dressed like a whore (brown shirt and yoga pants, yoga pants seem to be a common theme here) at shoppers (when I was making purchases with my ex fiance), who's behavior seemed identical to the above mentioned children. At the self checkout (#cameras), she maintained an unusually creepy smile and an unusual display of confidence despite repeatedly failing to use the self checkout machine and constantly swiping the card instead of inserting it. Her age seemed to be within range of the vibrantly dressed children and her giant brown wallet contained an usually large amount of plastic cards for someone that young (which makes me question the gift cards that my mother received and how much money they contained on them).

Firing another shot... "Sydney Cromwell" and "Stephanie" of "RedZone Technologies LLC" are products of the child soldier program that is actively targeting me (and were most likely sent due to being "foster parents/parental figures" of the child soldiers that are allowed to watch me) and their faces definitely exist on camera. Stephanie appearing at a pop up party and then soon after working in the office directly across from me is one thing... Sydney displaying the same "bend over" and "show cleavage then smirk while staring out the corner of her eyes" behavior is another thing. Stephanie repeatedly attempting to mirror me is another thing as well, but not enough. Sending Bill Murphy the link to the github thread under Corna's ME_Cleaner, followed by Sydney and Stephanie immediately cleaning the front conference room for Bill Murphy's emergency meeting with two suspicious individuals with stacks of paperwork is enough to make the call. How much child soldier money from the secret budget was Bill Murphy paid? IS IT SAFE TO ASSUME THAT SOMEONE IN A POSITION OF POWER DESPERATELY WANTS TO OMIT THE SECRET BUDGET FROM THE COURT CASE DETAILS? In the last words to me from "James Crifasi (who took a secret paycheck to aid in trying to convince me that I was experiencing PTSD instead of being abused):" I'm afraid that's no longer possible.

Melody Leighton was assisted by child soldiers in terms of breaking into Stinger Ghaffarin Technologies, and someone from SGT took child soldier money to help bury the evidence of a physical breach. The camera footage still exists due to it being outsourced to Honeywell, doesn't it... first floor, aimed at the entrance, the Honeywell security booth, and at the DataWatch elevator... I dare say that the "consolation prize" is looking unaffordable. Gaslighting me by making a building disappear to manipulate my perception of reality? Am I also safe in accusing you of allowing Melody Leighton to continue abusing me under the guise of helping the child soldiers that are targeting me? Is this because she has an STD that matches what the child soldiers have? Or am I mistaken? You must REALLY want my nuts. Are you lonely at night? Knowing my luck, you probably have the same STD as the child soldiers that you're trying to protect.

Ever since Mental Evaluation 2, I've come to love cameras... they're very useful and quite lethal. Gina Haspel, do you like cameras? Probably not... does this question upset you? Are you a product of the program that you're trying to protect? Or is that too far left field? If I'm right... would that be the reason why you fancy yourself as a puppetmaster? "Pulling the strings?" Does it hurt baby Gina's feelings that the marionette won't dance and keeps fucking up the stage and walking off of it? Did it hurt your feelings when you instructed a car to bluff running me over or when you sent a vehicle to perform a hit and run on my car, only to find that I didn't even flinch and didn't even care? Juicing me as a rogue program to spark some conflict is one thing... refusing to accept that I will never bite the bait and continuing to try the same mental evaluation shit over and over again (and performing repeated heartrate tests to discern why I gave zero fucks the first time you tried it... shame your psychopaths had to get involved and falsely record the results...) is another thing and is the key indicator of your association with the child soldier program that has identified me as an object of narcissistic supply.

Cluster B children grow up to be Cluster B adults. The next generation of adults will be worse than the current one, and the current generation... based on the evidence of this thread... is pathologically broken. If you actually gave a shit about "the kids" (oh no not the kids... think of the kids... do it for the kids... etc), they would be removed from their toxic dysfunctional environment.

Since the only winning move is not to play... and since Gina Haspel has cluster B personality disorder and only understands power and control, I'm going to "ask a couple of questions." How much did the CIA tied cops that taunted me about cameras and counted money where no camera was pay Vincent Brooks to give me a death stare as I was taken to the police car to be gaslit into believing that I was delusional? How much did the CIA tied cops that taunted me about cameras and counted money where no camera was pay Queiana Royal to walk beside me as I was dragged out of the house to be gaslit into believing that I was delusional? How much money did the CIA pay Shawn Johnson to repeatedly have me check perscriptions that they ordered to never be filled?

Do you believe that my family and blood ties are a weakness? Do you believe that I don't have what it takes to forcibly remove you from your position?

Not only are you the weaker ego... you have no true self to fall back on. I imagine your magical thinking to operate something along the lines of: "Maybe if I try a second mental evaluation and use his closest family members to facilitate it, he will react in a manner that will allow me to paint him as crazy." Did me fighting back about the reason I was committed fuck up the plan? Is this why you changed your strategy from trying to paint me as a physical threat to trying to paint me as delusional after I fought back against the shrink with evidence that could be used in court? Does Baby Gina the Cluster B Personality Disordered (REDACTED) imagine herself to be a PUPPETMASTER that's "pulling the strings?" And do you actually think that throwing me the below TABLESCRAPS can override the fact that you are UNFIT FOR YOUR LEADERSHIP POSITION AND SHOULD ROT IN PRISON FOR PROTECTING A CHILD SOLDIER RING THAT'S ACTIVELY ABUSED BY PEDOPHILES THAT ARE WETTING THEIR DICKS WITH KID CROTCH AS I TYPE THIS UPDATE? And why is the child soldier program repeatedly trying to TRIANGULATE MY DICK TO GIVE ME AN STD?

Gina Haspel: You have cluster b personality disorder and you should resign. You are a psychopath and a product of a program that has proven its psychopathy. I turned my family members into legal kill targets due to their involvement with the child soldier program. WHEN you are forced to resign, the protection of the program that you came from will cease to exist... and the program will cease to exist with it. "Lead by example," right?Oh SHIT, I'm not supposed to know that I'm the fucking SPEARHEAD of an armageddon-scale case. "My bad." Worth saying twice: knowing my luck, you probably have the same STD as the child soldiers that you're trying to protect.

Congress: Fuck your kids and fuck how they feel.


Congress... so you know, your kids sabotaged more evidence. (link was sabotaged and made unreachable and then reverted "mid-upload" of

(Evidence of Nation State Backdoors in Cellphones, stock android, not rooted, no dev apps)


TLDR of this cleanup job: Demons exist and they work for the NSA.

I'm being targeted by Nation State Actors that have cluster b personality disorder. They use their tools to target people for the purpose of inflating their false self and to obtain narcissistic supply (a "drug" that "meets their emotional fix") and have identified me as a narcissistic supply source. The type of supply that the cluster b's of the NSA have identified in me is one of "purity," a refusal to misuse what I have learned about penetration testing in an illegal manner and a commitment to my ex fiance... essentially a refusal to fall to temptation (rule 43).

Every single act of abuse performed against me, both "positive" (RedZone being turned into a "game" of "get-the-penis"/"corrupt the purity") and negative (abuse/mental torture aimed at getting me to kill myself due to finding out), was performed for the sole purpose of eliciting narcissistic supply (stroking their ego) to validate their self worth/to keep their false selves inflated. The repeated attempts to sabotage and erode this thread and the evidence therein, as well as the amount of effort that went into attempting to bury evidence, serves the purpose of protecting their false self from the experience of shame (as we have already established that the NSA outside of a court room or a prison cell is above accountability). The shame that the NSA seeks to escape revolves around their need to obtain narcissistic supply by means of "destroying the pure traits of their targets."

The cluster b personality disordered individuals that are targeting me are addicted to their capabilities/tools and would experience a complete collapse of the false self & heroin-like withdrawl symptoms if they were to lose them. Acknowledging the facts of wrongdoing that have been outlined in this thread would also collapse the false self and would cause the same withdrawl experience. The symptoms would be powerful enough to either outright kill slowly overtime or induce motivation to commit suicide.

To escape accountability and to escape the collapse of the false self (to include before I went public), the NSA makes use of one of the two plays in their playbook: attempts to identify emotional weaknesses and to target those weaknesses with ambient/environmental gaslighting and gang stalking via paid drivers/paid people (degenerates) on foot taking orders from someone at the helm of an aerial satellite... a practice akin to a child playing puppetmaster with shiny human toys... (AYO CONGRESS) to raise the cortisol levels of the target with constant adrenaline spikes/stressful abusive circumstances in an effort to destabilize them mentally/physically/emotionally, then to piggyback off of this to paint the target as crazy. The other play (murder) seems to be too risky to pull off at the moment. I imagine the emotion that the cluster b's that are targeting me (or target others) experience when they successfully get someone to respond and destabilize due to their abuse is one of pure adrenaline rush; a feeling of being powerful and in control due to witnessing someone be so dramatically afffected by their abuse.

This is a systemic problem. This problem is made worse by the fact that my ability to evade the NSA is being used as a "National Security" excuse to delay and stonewall the acknowledgement of this thread. My motivation to evade the NSA (for damn good reason) is overlooked in favor of protecting the false self of the abusers from experiencing accountability... and the NSA, in accordance to their condition of having cluster b personality disorder, can only exist in a state of enmeshment with their targets. Even as I sit here, the Nation State brass are most likely twiddling their thumbs, looking for anything that they can use to escape accountability... and are most likely seething with rage because the prerequisite to do so has not been met.


Out Of Court Settlement Terms:
(I think your Kinderheim 511 shits made the same mistake twice.)

-EVERY FAMILY MEMBER AND FRIEND/ASSOCIATE THAT WAS PAID TO ABUSE ME is to be arrested (particularly the family members that participated in the Mental Health Evaluation abuse on behalf of the CIA... Alfreda Jackson, Vincent Jackson (who's presence was unnecessary and who gave me a murderous stare), Ardelia Jackson (who lied to the judge about me being a threat when I confronted her about being a deceitful thief and said that I wished to have no contact with the family once this situation was over), Keyaira Jackson (who leaves a phonecall running while asleep even when woken up and asked to hang up the phone and has proven herself to be a Bi-Polar monstrosity that assists child soldiers with eliciting emotional responses), Queiana Royal (who's presence was unnecessary and who stood next to the cops that counted money off camera when they came to pick me up), and Shawn Johnson (who repeatedly had me try to pick up a perscription of meds that I did not need and that either KEPT GETTING REMOVED FROM THE DATABASE (3+ times) everytime the doctor filled it... or... more likely... NEVER FILLED AT ALL DESPITE HAVING ME REPEATEDLY CHECK TO SEE IF MEDS WERE AVAILABLE TO PICK UP)... they are family no more) and I will accept nothing short of an arrest of every single family member that took a check to abuse me SINCE THIS WAS PERFORMED ON BEHALF OF PEDOPHILES. How the FEDS feel about it makes me no mother fucking difference, as they don't give a shit about anything short of padding their stats (which is why I doubt they'll give a shit about this demand). Finish collecting your dirt and make the arrests. You don't have a choice. (This can no longer be negotiated.)
-All "prior" love interests/associates that took a paycheck to abuse me are to either sell their soul AND their personal autonomy (with newfound knowledge of how I will respond if they take a check to break my heart ever again) or go to jail due to the abuse having been performed ON BEHALF OF PEDOPHILES. I should put you heart-destroying harlots to the stake. There is no real benefit in sparing you. (#KyloRenIsAVerb)
-All associates and other family members not mentioned that took a paycheck (all of then) are to be issued court-ordered NO-CONTACT paperwork (indefinite duration).
-The doctor that "diagnosed me" during the mental evaluation (sucks to suck) is to lose his medical license and is to be burned AND jailed due to his actions having been performed ON BEHALF OF PEDOPHILES. The judges that ordered my mental evaluations are to be jailed for taking a paycheck to do so due to their actions having been performed ON BEHALF OF PEDOPHILES. The doctor that supposedly filled the prescription that was falsely assigned to me is to be jailed for taking a paycheck to do so due to her actions having been performed ON BEHALF OF PEDOPHILES.
-RedZone goes out of business due to the abuse that I experienced there having been performed ON BEHALF OF PEDOPHILES.
-James Crifasi is to be jailed due to his actions having been performed ON BEHALF OF PEDOPHILES.
-Shahid, Rowe, and Achampong are to be FIRED FROM GPO and ARRESTED. CTI is to lose its ability to renegotiate its contract with GPO once it expires. CTI is to be barred from negotiating any contract with the government.
-Offsec either SELLS ITS SOUL or goes out of business due to their actions having been performed ON BEHALF OF PEDOPHILES. The party that took the money to cover up for child soldiers should be jailed. If they choose death, their boxes are to be placed on hackthebox.
-All officers that abused me are to be jailed due to their actions having been performed ON BEHALF OF PEDOPHILES. You are to demonstrate/prove that justice has been served in person. You are to give me their badges.
-All parties involved in covering up the SGT DataWatch physical breach are to be jailed.
-All copy cats are to be separated from the "NSA Child Soldier Program" that orchestrated their operation & captured them AND are to be afforded the option to leave.
-All that copy my work for illegal purposes from a specific date forward go directly to jail.
-The NSA's leadership (Paul M Nakasone) is to resign.
-The CIA's leadership (Gina Haspel) is to be arrested due to her biased practices and association with the child soldier program that is targeting me, as well as due to the theoretical pile of corpses that have been left behind as a result of her illogical and irrational decision making against an innocent American civilian that has repeatedly defied stacked decks.
-Senator Ben Cardin is to be ARRESTED FOR PEDOPHELIA.
-The entire 99% of the NSA population involved in abusing me and that abused me of their own volition are to be fried; all access to Nation State tools is to be permanently revoked.
-All underage programs are to be permanently shut down due to the NSA's inability to control them, due to the danger that they pose, and due to Congress using them as FUCKTOYS.
-Lock down the zero day exploit suite.
-Immunity to Nation State Surveillance.
-Limited legal immunity up to FBI level.
-Government employment is the only way to make a specific negotiation term work. I am to exist at the top as an entity that is separate from the whole, answerable only to "you know who."

The NSA's demons-in-human-meat-suits tried to sustain off of killing "love" (and even went so far as to infect every social circle and relationship I have/had to isolate me/to increase their chances as a group to corrupt my dick) while Congress stood by idly and watched. I look forward to feasting on the end result (for the greater good, of course).


FBI/Secret Service: Sucks to be you. (proof of Nation State cellphone backdoors...) (detailed explanation)
-just a couple billion dollars in damage, "no big deal."

Given the length of time and the severity and consistency of the abuse, it would seem that the NSA is stalling and trying to avoid something... and mentally destabilizing me/painting me as unstable seems to be essential to the expected outcome. is "down" and references to it have been removed from google search... yet my embedded picture in this thread from still works while the rest of the images do not (this has been taken down too, a little too late to hide the abuse). What's your angle and whats the point, NSA?

What type of emotional response were you expecting?

You aren't getting away with anything.

-Dear FBI: No, I don't own a PC. I only have a cellphone. I threw my computer away a long time ago to guarantee that I'd be incapable of thinking that I could get away with doing something stupid. Sucks to be you, see above image.
-You may want to study the below script that sends the "kill signal" to terminate named processes (my chosen handle, see above image.)
-Given the things that are watched when the sabotage takes place, it would seem that the goal of the signaling/sabotage of my cellphone is to get me to view this situation as a "game."
-Hey FBI, what happened with my request for assistance to Senator Ben Cardin? I sent that request twice. What happened to the cop that pretended to write invisible letters on a whiteboard when taking me to be evaluated mentally?
-Speaking of which... has the FBI noticed any signaling issues with Metro Trains over the past two weeks? False fire alarms? Stations shutting down and opening back up 30 minutes later? And why did I receive RaT's trigun ban page when I logged in to post this from my cellphone?
I was affected by this "delay."

You should also investigate whoever has the power to alter the google search results of this thread, particularly the images (manually, by hand, in real time based on what they see and hear via a spy satellite that can see through walls... for the previous purpose of interacting with me).

I made a list for the NSA to rolodex in an effort to force them to stop rolodexing "emotional weaknesses" like the confirmed psychopaths that they are.
This person/party is responsible for:

-Metro Rail sabotage of fare terminals/my farecard, and signaling issues that cause train fires (manslaughter).
-Turning RedZone into a LOVEINT get-the-penis/corrupt-the-cutie/wreck-the-home operation under the guise of National Security (I was engaged to be married and comfortably studying in Offsec's Labs)
-Assisting Melody Leighton with breaking into SGT and with activating its DataWatch elevators and doors.
-Making the SGT GCP building that I (and another former employee of redzone named Jessica Bligh) did hundreds of thousands of dollars of work for disappear as a means to the end of making the videotapes for a government contracted building that had a 7 year surveillance video retention policy and proof of Melody Leightons actions/DataWatch zero day exploits disappear.
-Arranging for two police officers (one "assisting" SGT with fraud and another that I called) to gaslight me on the day of inquiry; the one that I called gave faulty advice to "file a restraining order against Melody Leighton" and cracked a psychopathic smirk as she walked away when the inquiry was over. I will take her badge by force and turn it into a trophy. SHE WAS WEARING A BODY CAMERA.
-Interfering with my request for assistance to the EFF, leaking that Marcus Hutchins would be busted at DefCon (The EFF never got anything done against the NSA anyway).
-Intercepting and sabotaging various emails sent from the RedZone laptop.
-Using aerial vision and vehicles to perform ambient gaslighting against me (Nation State Gang Stalking).
-Deleting the old thread and having soldierx admins change the thread number back to the original when I recreated it, and uploading non-pertinent evidence to Google (to erase the abuse)
-Digitally doubling the traffic court fee that the judge ordered me to pay (the judge gave me a slap on the wrist).
-Gaslighting my wrecked car by sending a USAA vehicle, who, after being questioned by me, drove away and never returned and never got out of the car to inspect any vehicles.
-Sending the FBI to harass my ex fiance at her job.
-Hacking into her grandmothers computer and spawning/spamming command prompt windows to elicit an emotional response from me.
-Corrupting her data on her external media, rendering it unrecoverable, to elicit an emotional response from me.
-Arranging for the cop to pretend to write on a whiteboard to convince me that I was hallucinating when driving me to a court ordered mental evaluation (crazymaking and painting me as crazy) and sending a car with a license plate that said maniac.
-Sabotaging my electronics.
-Sabotaging/eroding the content of this thread.
-Sabotaging thinimage twice (and leaving up an embedded john wick picture from the site while making all evidence of wrongdoing inaccesible)
-Sabotaging infrastructure at both my old job and my current government job.
-Piggybacking off of errors on my OPM investigation form with abuse aimed at government infrastructure, with the intent of trying to instill within me that the abusers are more powetful than they actually are.
-Various acts of sabotage against my old and current car.
-Staging/causing vehicle accidents.
-Having my old apartments broken into to sabotage belongings.
-Signaling me via cellphone backdoor (hardware level) to gaslight me and communicate with/interact with me.
-Imitating Google by repeatedly activating Google assistant on my cellphone when I'd say specific phrases or would have conversations with other people... activating Google assisant in my sleep or while I'm in a state of rest/peace... triangulating Google in an effort to take the heat off of the perpetrators and to get me to put the heat onto Google (google did nothing wrong and I have no desire to go after them in any fashion.)
-Hacking the below directory in Union Station as I walked past it (it runs Windows), expecting an emotional response:
-Placing the below statue in Union Station's fare terminal in response to me posting the gif below the picture (the sign on the bears chest was recently added):
Long embedded link to the gif that the above photo was in response to.
-Observing me 24/7, in a matter akin to predators, looking for some type of "weakness" that can be used against me to escape accountability.
-"Tommy Robinson" gaslighting (only mentioned because it counts as abuse, and is a waste of time to even acknowledge).
-Combined total equals a persistent and consistent trend of trying to escape shame and accountability by means of GASLIGHTING ME AND NO-SHIT ATTEMPTING TO ERODE MY SANITY, BREAK MY WILL, AND PAINT ME AS CRAZY/MENTALLY UNSTABLE.
-Attempted murder can probably be slapped onto this as well, given how long the FBI has been silently investigating this...

So if the FBI would be so kind as to stop pulling a "Jared," that'd be great. And after the case details come out (and they WILL come out since Senator Ben Cardin and his merry band of psycho Senators failed to stonewall me successfully... hoping in vain that time would render me a non issue), you're next on the hitlist for leaving me in an abuse pit with a MURDEREROUS PSYCHOPATH/CLUSTER B to collect dirt/pad your stats/kill two birds with one stone (wait until I turned into a Nation State threat).

If the NSA/Congress/The FBI wants to so desperately find the threat to National Security... you need only to look into a mirror.

It's too bad that this is something that most all of you are incapable of actually doing. And yet you wonder why your clock stays stuck and never moves.

Offensive Security "Management:" You're on the list for helping the NSA abuse me. You have no nation state tools. Should be pretty easy to destroy your organization. Consider this a declaration of war. Either I die or your organization gets reduced to nothing short of rubble and ruin.

RedZone: Your protection should no longer exist. It goes without saying that "Bill Murphy's baby/brand" will be worth less than a pile of dogshit once this is over.

Reader be warned.

To the FBI (who is actively aware of this thread and actively involved): Here's your sign.

I can safely say that "had I not fought for myself, the abuse would have escalated." Overtly evading the NSA (successfully, mind you) is the only thing that has ensured my safety against an organization that you can do nothing about.

Being a target that went public > being silently abused by dark triads/predators that went through both hell and high water to try to escape the shame of the shit that they did with their tools (unsuccessfully). I say "gambit successful."

To SXCrew RaT: You or one of your server admins assisted the NSA in deleting the original thread that had details of the ambient gaslighting program scattered throughout it. When I recreated the thread, you or one of your server admins changed the thread number back to the original (7765). Curious that this deletion of the original thread occurred before google started manually hosting evidence that the NSA tried to suppress.

This one instance tells me that the FBI is aware of far more than I've been lead to believe about this situation.

To SXCrew shinobi: Sit down.

To the reader: You use my work at your own risk.

Their side of the story (Terrorism Risk):

WARNING: Using my work comes with a severe consequence of Nation State Actors shoving an endoscope smooth up your ass 24/365 looking for a way in. You only need to fuck it up ONCE and using my work even once puts a target on your back.

It's worth saying twice: You use my work AT YOUR OWN RISK.

echo "mandatory security related concept, to conform with the rules of SoldierX"

cat /etc/shells

while [ true ]
    sleep 2
    killall "bash" -q -v -y 5s
    killall "sh" -q - v -y 5s
done &
#Shell Shield, prevents data breaches by actively killing all new shells that spawn. In denying yourself the ability to open a new shell, you also deny an attacker the ability to compromise your system.

echo "Open your terminals first (use tmux), then run this script. New shells will not open. Run as root."
echo "Congratulations! You are now un-fucking-breachable on a clean Linux system."
#It all started when I made this script after catching the NSA red handed hacking my computer.
#I noticed that there were two konsole processes open on my old computer, due to making extensive use of the shell. I killed the first process and my firefox browser, the process that bash was tied to, crashed the instant that the bash process died. After rebooting my computer, I noticed an SMM BIOS error (my BIOS was flashed, I had an end of life system that had no management engine in it). This was the first time I was targeted by the NSA that I know of.

echo "How to not fuck it up, TLDR:"
#Overtly evading the NSA is like fighting Nosferatu Zodd. You're probably going to fail miserably.

echo "Deblob the Intel Management Engine with Corna's ME_Cleaner."
#It's a Nation State backdoor. I have witnessed it in action three times.
#Once with my own hardware, the Operating System of my headless router was shut down and the NIC was active and passing traffic.
#Once more when the graphics card port for my center monitor (three monitor setup) bricked in their HUBRIS before the ability to deblob the IME came into existence (the card was fine upon replacing the motherboard).
#Once again with a RedZone Technologies LLC laptop, the Operating System of the laptop was shut down and fully encrypted with McAfee FDE and the NIC was active and passing traffic.
echo "Patch intel u-code, don't run end of life hardware."
#Spectre/Meltdown and snatching encryption keys from RAM oh my...
echo "Firejail everything."
#Firefox is backdoored on Arch Linux and requires a user-shell to run the application (the TOR-browser-bundle serves as a suitable plaintext browser replacement)
#Firefox on Arch Linux serves as an unprivileged webshell and allows Nation State Actors to bypass this script.
#I find it interesting that the only two distros that I've ever ran on my PC Linux wise require a user shell/shell scripts.
#This exploit was discovered due to hubris (or curiosity that killed the cat). The webshell that is Firefox was used to crash my konsole (that I use to monitor processes and run the above script). The only application that I had open at the time of the crash was Firefox. After instinctually deeming Firefox to not be "safe" and sandboxing it with Firejail, the NSA utilized automated exploits to repeatedly break the bash profile that the browser used in the sandboxed environment... which would prevent it from opening and force me to delete and recreate the sandbox (which I did via a script). I theorize that the intent of this was to get me to stop using Firejail, which would open my system to being exploited. All it made me do was use the TOR browser as a plaintext browser instead.
echo "Get firmware flashable peripherals/open firmware network cards."
#I'm sitting on three bricked rosewill network cards that used nonfree firmware and that cause a kernel panic even when booted from an Arch Linux live CD (rosewill rng-407/Realtek) (show's over. Backdoors and are shrouded behind NDA's and proprietary blobs.)
echo "Make a headless router, run this on it. Avoid router-modem combo's/use bridge mode."
#Tip: the "linux-firmware" package on Arch Linux is "optional."
#Lucky me for using both built-in motherboard NIC's as my TOR client/router ports.

#TLDR: Buy a Purism laptop. Then run this script.

echo "Shells aren't the only binaries that can be opened via exploit..."
#Binaries that have been opened by Nation State Actors on my system:
echo "Use an onscreen keyboard"
#Creepers are attracted to your hand movements, down to the t. (Proof of TOR exploits, dropping traffic to, but failing to catch the secondary manual check by
-TOR still works. This exit node belonged to Nation State actors.
-This occurred when my router was deblobbed of the Intel Management Engine and was running the above script, but had a backdoored network card connected to my Arris Surfboard Modem serving as the WAN interface. TOR ran as a service on a designated router port.
-Pro Tip: Set "maxcircuitdirtiness" in your torrc file to 180 (Proof of exit node legitimacy)
-Yes, the engagement escalated to the point of me unmasking a Nation State IP address. Exit nodes never prevent you from verifying their authenticity.
-The first TOR exploit that I witnessed involved an exit node that wasn't on the TOR network (I failed to grab the IP address). This occurred when my headless router wasn't deblobbed of the Intel Management Engine. TOR ran as a service on a designated router port.

Based on experience, the purpose of the "unmasking" zero day doesn't seem to be to passively monitor the network traffic of a target (generating fake metadata and swapping exit nodes up to every 3 minutes thwarts this anyway). The purpose of the exploit seems to be to unmask a target to compromise the targets machine via the Intel Management Engine or via shell. The method of unmasking seems to be to intercept and redirect the user to a Nation-State controlled exit node. The exit node that the target is redirected to doesn't necessarily need to be on the TOR network.

This discovery was made due to the NSA's hubris (similar to the discovery of firefox on Arch Linux being backdoored). The first time my traffic to was dropped, I added a secondary check that wasn't Traffic to both sites was then dropped.

An hour or so later (maxcircuitdirtiness 180 over the course of an hour, take your time and think this through)... I switched the secondary manual check to, which is why it slipped through a day later and unveiled a Nation State IP address.


#Deniable Encryption using plain mode and either a software container or a hard drive filled with random 1's and 0's. Encryption + Anti-forensics + Steganography = Play for keeps!

#In english, if a hard drive or file is filled with random 1's and 0's and your encryption scheme doesn't use a header (uses a block cipher... aka plain mode), it's forensically impossible to prove the existence of encrypted data or to differentiate encrypted data from the random 1's and 0's... nor is it possible to brute force a password due to both a lack of a header and the use of an offset.


#Negligable: the NSA seems to have the ability to permanently break cryptsetup's ability to decrypt a container when Firefox is open and the container is open at the same time... while using #PlainText (and uploading nudes to thinimg to make them envious).
#This shouldn't be an issue for the average user.
#This shouldn't be an issue for me either, if I isolate the browser to a firejailed virtual machine using QEMU/KVM (dedicated RAM and processor core using real hardware, memory space isolated from the main PC) and share a folder for browser downloads back to the main PC hosting the virtual machine.
#I use the TOR browser as a plaintext browser (and leave the browsers TOR circuit feature off while using a dedicated network port that runs the TOR service through a firewall).
#What does TOR have to do with the browser and Spectre/Meltdown anyway? See below image...

#prep a drive
#dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdX bs=1M status=progress
#dd if=/dev/urandom of=/path/to/suspiciouscontainer.wav bs=1M count=1024 status=progress
#Use rng-tools (rngd) to increase the entropy pool for urandom.

(( $(id -u) == )) || { echo >&2 "Not root."; exit 1; }
#(( $(id -u) == 0 )) || { echo >&2 "Not root."; exit 1; }
read -p "Drag and drop software container here (or enter path to hardware or software container) : " suspiciouscontainer
read -p "Enter offset : " offset
read -p "Enter mapped name of container : " mappedname
cryptsetup --type plain --cipher aes-xts-plain64 --key-size 512 --hash sha512 --offset="${offset}" open "${suspiciouscontainer}" "${mappedname}"
mount /dev/mapper/"${mappedname}" /mnt/

#Q) Drive no worky wut do?
#A) Try "ext4"

#Your Bash history betrays you. Not storing command history (or wiping command history after each use) ensures that the existence of deniably encrypted data can't be proven forensically.

#nano ~/.bash_profile

###export HISTFILESIZE=0
###export HISTSIZE=0
###unset HISTFILE

#Remove the history file (root and normal user)
###rm ~/.bash_history -rf

#Clear terminal history
###history -cw

#This script requires less maintenance when using a physical device (disable syslogs). Software containers require extra steps to keep forensically sound, such as maintaining the access timestamp of the file. Note that Linux automatically alters the modified timestamp of several files on boot.

#touch -a -m -t 200109110520.33 suspiciouscontainer.wav
#I got beef.

One small surveillance detail that can only be explained via video...

The NSA even went so far as to backdoor my steam client and queue me in TF2 with "random parties" to maintain a connection to my system. Worth noting, I simply treated Steam as a backdoor (keystrokes and monitors and system binaries for playing with a sandbox), ran it in firejail, and ensured that nothing sensitive was open or displayed while gaming.

NSA: You lost.
Now you have something to remind you that you have more important things to do with your tech than chase dick/vagina.

Preventing me from browsing Purism products/the Arch Linux wiki via my cellphone isn't going to save you.

My side of the story (LOVEINT gone wrong):

Suppressed Evidence: (proof of account ownership and it being flagged)

Gaslighting Attempt Number 1: (This update got the thread flagged by Nation State Actors. I believe that this update got the thread flagged due to demonstrating evidence of a Nation State level gaslighting program that I unfortunately believe was misused against me... (I can't be categorized as a Nation State threat and I currently work in a government building). I re-uploaded the thread under different accounts. Both new accounts were flagged within 30 seconds of this update going up.) (Second account that got flagged within 30 seconds of the above update being posted) (Proof of account ownership) (Third account that got flagged within 30 seconds of the above update being posted) (Proof of account ownership)
-Hey FBI, we having fun yet? (Corna's blessing to keep posting) (This report did nothing)

Reddit Abuse:

A bone to pick with RedZone Technologies LLC:

RedZone should still be in possession of the spoofed NSA response emails and laptop that I used while I was employed by them.

Next time, don't penny pinch on the severance agreement. Maybe I would have signed it. An ounce of prevention > a drop of prevention. (the money offered)

-To the FBI: I forgot about that thing called lawyer-client confidentiality, so I decided to upload the severance agreement (RedZone sure isn't gonna share the details).

RedZone experienced a data breach via Nation State Actors on their servers and on the laptop that I carried while I was employed by them. Scheduling information that was on one of their servers was used by a Nation State employee named Melody Leighton (someone that I had a prior relationship with and have known for over a decade) to stalk me at client sites twice. RedZone's solution to the scheduling breach was to outsource scheduling to a third party vendor known as "resource guru."

The management engine in the laptop that I used was on and active while powered off. THE NETWORK CARD WAS ACTIVE AND PASSING TRAFFIC WHILE THE LAPTOP WAS POWERED OFF.

RedZone makes no use of IME software. RedZone's solution to this data breach was to "swap my laptop."

The stalking escalated, and the female stalker in question named Melody Leighton broke into Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies' sub building GCP at 4 am while the building was closed and while I was performing switching/routing work in the GCP server room.

The building was DOD compliant, had a 7 year video retention policy, and made use of Datawatch Keycards for both doors and elevators. Melody Leighton traditionally wore a tan full body trench coat due to her insecurity regarding the frailty of her body, a coat that she owned for several years and was worn during previous stalking incidents in public areas, such as the cafeteria of a RedZone client that I performed work for and the gas station across the street from RedZone Technologies LLC. After insulting her trench coat via the Intel Management Engine on the RedZone Technologies LLC laptop a few days prior to the stalking incident, she broke into SGT wearing a brand new black North Face jacket to "make her presence known to me/make me feel her supposed power and control over me since I refused to buy into the false self image that she presented to me while stalking me in public areas" (you can't make this shit up). The intent of this incident was to induce a feeling of powerlessness to stop the perpetrators (the primary motivation of my work... to remind the NSA of why they have their tools to begin with).

After I inquired into the buildings video retention policy, it was made known to me that the building... who I performed hundreds of thousands of dollars of work for (and was complimented on by RedZone's CEO and SGT's staff by email)... was closed with no explanation. The doors and elevators were operated remotely (not with a forged DataWatch keycard) and Melody Leighton had Nation State assistance in stalking and harassing me. "The help" didn't account for Honeywell Security Cameras witnessing Melody Leighton's actions. This would explain why I was given the run around 6 months prior to inquiring into the building personally, and explains why James Crifasi would rush into my office to distract me with work whenever I tried inquiring into GCP's video footage months before the building was closed. RedZone was fully aware of what happened and was asked to assist the NSA in covering up their fuckup.

This LOVEINT-gone-wrong story gets worse.

The same party that flagged the thread instructed James Crifasi to seize my laptop and hand me a lawyer letter that was dated for 1 year in the future after I made it known that I would inquire into SGT's video retention policy (of 7 years, mind you) regarding a stalker that bypassed DOD-level security, knowing that the building was already closed to protect SGT and to protect the stalker in question. 

-The intent was to fire me regardless of what I found out, to help with burying evidence of a crime. (You Fucked Up)

The same party that flagged the thread instructed RedZone to send me my last paystub with a docked/incorrect date of 1 year in the past (that didn't even do 2 in the hole). Nation State Actors attempted to wipe a section of my employment to cover up various data breaches and a physical breach. They failed.

Edward Hartman: You are a hack that participated in ambient gaslighting (and your email is 100% fluff, as I requested info that I had permission to use the laptop to obtain). I also like how you recently failed to acknowledge any of the criminal accusations leveraged against RedZone via email when presented with the above evidence of a fake lawyer letter and docked paystub... AND lied about why RedZone didn't send me my W-2. Not knowing where I live is not a valid excuse since both you and RedZone have my email address AND MY PHONE NUMBER on record ... you know... the email address that you sent the severance agreement to?

You're not a very good lawyer.

Moving on...

Devaluing my ability to write my own stagers that bypass Antivirus:

The Nation State Actors that targeted me also performed malicious actions against RedZone's top client, Alban Tractor (8427 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore MD 21237). A Mr. Robot style virus was released on their end of life servers, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage due to McAfee emergency quarantine, restoring servers from backup, replacing the Operating System of end of life servers, and installing Faronics Anti-Executable on their servers.

Failed USB rubber ducky setup: Misconstruing the purpose of my "ducks" to be for compromising boxes via bypassing antivirus:

During my stay at Southern Management North Forest apartments between Feb-April 2018, a sting operation was conducted after my apartment inspection to see if I would perform a "ducky payload drop" on an unattended computer (hack the computer via physical access with a USB rubber ducky, a custom written stager that bypasses antivirus, and a custom written script that downloads and executes the stager) in the dark/unmanned leasing office after "returning the coffee mug" that was purposefully left behind in my bathroom.

Three pest control vans lined the street and the maintenance worker in the office wasn't identifiable. The leasing office lights are required to be on when the office is open and the office is to be manned at all times.

Gaslighting Attempt Number 2:

Judge mandated hallucinations/delusions test 1 hour after a cop tried to tell me that "I needed to go to therapy to get the legal assistance that I needed," the officer that drove me to the test pretended to write invisible letters on a white board, and the NSA sent a vehicle with a license plate that said "maniac."

To the NSA: Your organization and its shady and questionable practices have brought to my life nothing short of misery and sadness.

Beyond the surface level, your organization has done some crazy-bitch bullshit. You broke my home made security system twice, broke into my house to plant bedbugs, and broke into my house to poke holes in my condoms knowing my partner was practicing fertility awareness... (and poked dents in the same spot on condoms above the one with the hole in it in the stack... This is how the mind of a dark triad works). Your organization also imitates google's platform via the backdoor that is in my qualcomm based smartphone, by altering the cellphone signal, manually activating the GPS, manually turning on bluetooth (and preferring to use both the gps and the bluetooth on specific text messages that I send, such as "hello" or "good morning," as if to piggyback off of my conversations to communicate with me) and forcing google assistant to activate even when it's disabled. The sabotage that the NSA conducts at my job is also aimed at devaluing me by creating problems that I'm not supposed to be able to solve... such as firefox processes that can't be killed on Windows due to closing itself and repeatedly opening another process which breaks the browsers functionality, or computers that can't be booted due to the management engine bricking specific motherboard devices... Or program option menu's that can't be opened, such as connecting to wireless via Windows or via a client program and having the options menu be killed a second after it opens. The saboteurs are pathologically envious of my accomplishment.

The abuse has also been aimed ay my car, with incidents such as turning my headlights on at night to drain my battery, entering my car to rotate the rear view mirror, and outright sending a vehicle to perform a hit-and-run and break my bumper by running a red light (from a full stop at the red light while cars were turning to full acceleration while timing when I'd turn).

We having fun yet? Or would this be easier to investigate if the acts were purely overt instead of covert?

The list of abuses is endless (bricking expensive personal devices, bricking network infrastructure devices mid cutover in attempts to get me fired and to induce stress, breaking into my apartment to sabotage/destroy personal property on several occasions). Your organization encourages the practice of LOVEINT and the practice of controlling the life of your targets and love interests. This is the true motivation of your organizations employees: power and control over targets of interest. The practice hasn't ended and, like one big happy dysfunctional family, you will cover up for even the worst of your offenders.


FBI/Secret Service:

-I mentioned in the last version of this thread that a corpseman died on the range due to unidentified circumstances (he wasn't hit by a ricochet bullet). The news article below was sabotaged by the NSA (the picture removed)
-I remember walking in the mall with my ex fiance and turning to the left to see someone in a wheelchair who suddenly, without warning, fell out of the wheelchair and began spasming harder than what a seizure would look like. I remember the medic response time being unusually fast.
-I remember a strange lump on my ex fiances neck (luckily there was no vein on that side of her neck) that appeared out of nowhere and had to be surgically removed.
-The Rick and Morty video referencing spy satellites that I posted in this thread has been removed due to the account being terminated (this happened in tandem with making thinimg evidence disappear).
-The NSA thought that it would be "cute" to signal on the below video, to see how I would respond emotionally and to guage how much I do and don't know about what they're actually trying to hide.
-When having sex with my ex fiance and receiving a blowjob, youtube videos on the RedZone laptop would freeze mid insertion (YouTube). This was intentional sabotage aimed at eliciting an emotional response.
-When having sex with my associate (while watched by a satellite), music on her laptop would freeze mid insertion (Pandora, then music would refuse to play from Pandora on my phone). This was intentional sabotage aimed at eliciting an emotional response.
-This court case is going to be a fucking blast. Melody Leighton and "crew" failed to take my "purity."
-Melody Leighton/Melody Stewart: I hope you made the right choice, because the next few questions just might seal your fate. When we were young and dumb and had sex in the movie theatre (with your intent of driving a rift between myself and someone else... who I still talk to on a regular basis), were you being watched (in a similar manner of how you were bring watched when you stalked me at one of RedZone's client sites in its public cafeteria and couldn't withold "the smirk" as you walked past me while pulling up your sagging pants (after eating your sandwich)? Did you have any type of bond/relationship with the employees of RedZone known as "Sydney Cromwell" or "Stephanie" (who appeared at a cannabis popup party, interacted with me, and then ended up working in the room directly across from me at RedZone)? If so, what was their role in the "purity game?" Who was the gay guy with the D&D jacket that the NSA sent when "Sydney" and "Stephanie" couldn't "get in with me?" For someone to have gotten a job so quickly, he didn't last very long. Do you still have access to Nation State Tools? If so/not, why? After your name was posted in the original github thread that the NSA has repeatedly tried to suppress, why did you wipe your facebook page and post that you needed donations for meds and that you got a job at Annapolis Mall (near where I used to work)? Was this performed for the purpose of "managing how I perceive you?" Is this concept of perception management essential to both you AND the cluster B's that currently infect the NSA? When I was at Micro Center, why did you come into the store, walk to the aisle that I was in and position yourself less than 6 feet away from me on the side that I was on, look at merchandise, and "bend over with your legs straight (as if to present yourself)" while cheating your eyes to see if I was watching (in a manner similar to Sydney Cromwell of RedZone)? Did you know that the USMC forces recruits to develop their peripheral vision for three months straight? Is this a universal thought process in the NSA on how to bag a target (by presenting your lady bits), similar to the idea of wearing "loose fitting/saggy" clothing (to suggest "ease of access/ease of interaction/ease of scoring a sexual encounter")? Does the NSA do this with all of its "high value targets?" Or an I just a 1-off? Was the intention nefarious (like planning to slide me an STD) or was it just about "corrupting an intangible trait?" Who sent the cops to knock on my door 1 week after my inquiry into Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, and was the purpose of this to instill within me the false belief that law enforcement is against me? Was it you that ordered the cops to try to perform a knock-and-talk search against my old apartment (with one cop disguised as a firefighter) while I lived on my own (before I was employed by RedZone)? Was the knock-and-talk attempt the end result of failing to find anything that they could use after realizing that I could see them tailing me (hi FBI)? Would it be safe to say that you flipped from wanting to destroy me to wanting to obtain me when I caught you red handed hacking my end-of-life system and became a "high value target?" Would it be safe to assume that your brain follows the idealize-devalue-discard cycle? Who sabotaged my Raspberry Pi Security Camera/Door alarm security system twice? Does it upset you that I always covered the Camera when it wasn't in use? Was my minnowboard turbot that I ordered sabotaged "mid-transit" due to my idea of wanting to see if I could deblob it with Corna's ME Cleaner (Hi, FBI)? To make me feel vulnerable? Who did you fuck for access to the keys to the kingdom? Are they underage? What STD do they have that both you and your org keeps trying to give to me? You must have gotten sooooooo much narcissistic supply from this situation... what's it like to be fractured and deflated while watching the fantasy world that you've constructed crumble to dust? What's it like to know that everyone that helped you and covered for you will suffer the same fate as you? How does this hyperlink make you feel when combined with reality, truth, and the facts of this thread? How about this hyperlink? What about this hyperlink? What about this embedded picture that highlights your true nature? Or this embedded picture? You mean to tell me that you did all of that information gathering and stalking with Nation State tools and actually expected me to "desire you?" Real talk, your memory must be terrible and you must not remember why I'd never trust you. You aren't even capable of feeling remorse... you only feel shame because you failed to get away with it. Also, FBI: fair warning, you need her alive. Once this is over with and her entire world has crumbled to dust, THEN she has my permission to kill herself. Also, FYI: I forgive you.


Probably not the response that they were expecting. I also predict that a certain someone is going to hell in a handbasket.

You should probably move to protect the non-mentioned parties that were referenced in the above list of potential sex crimes. The last thing this case needs is a psychopath looking for my traits in those that know/interact/have interacted with me. I am a "risk." They are NOT a threat OR a risk to National Security.

Hey FEDS: Join the darkside (of generating evidence that can be used).
-You may have observed from your investigation that the people that are targeting me are heavily reliant on gauging how I feel via ambient gaslighting. Without a proper gauge, they are unable to proceed with their emotional abuse. Emotional weaknesses are very very valuable to a cluster b and very very important.
-You may observe their addiction to people, and you may observe them frantically hopping from person to person in an attempt to find "me" in someone else that hasn't figured out what they actually are. What does a heroin junkie do when their dealer refuses to deal? (did I mention that this is not a game?)
-When the false self crumbles from a lack of the "drug" and the reality/facts of this thread hits like a freight train... what do you think will happen?

-The cluster b's of the NSA wait until I eat or until after I eat to sabotage my phone, in an effort to raise my cortisol levels to make me puke/vomit. The aim is to raise cortisol levels in the target by constantly triggering their adrenal gland, and this was how heavy the abuse originally was before I went public and they went covert with their tactics. Puking in response to the sabotage of the cluster b would count as an emotional reaction that would validate their false reality and would inflate their currently collapsing false selves. This is countered by both not responding and by chewing gum. Validation of their power and control might feel a little like this embedded hyperlink.
-One of the primary ways the NSA feels power and control is through law enforcement. On the second mental evaluation that I was ordered to take, the cop was paid to count money where there was no camera, failing to realize that he was being watched. Hospital staff were also paid to gaslight me into oblivion. The NSA still seeks to obtain narcissistic supply by probing how I feel about law enforcement. This tells me that the NSA has a bad habit of paying cops and judges on a regular basis and that they believe they will never get caught (again, failing to realize that they are being watched... in real time...). Pro Tip: If every single paid cop that abused me isn't brought to justice, there will be no negotiation and this goes straight to court. Smile (#tryme)
-Does Melody still have access to the backdoor in my phone? Wanting to "continue the feeling of me being powerless to do anything about her" like she tried with stalking me at Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies? Understanding the dangerous tenuous nature of the situation and hoping that her said nature leads to me being harmed or killed by Nation State Tools by her in a manner similar to what has occured already.
"We failed to listen?"
I will burn your org to ashes. Who is the person in a position of power that is aware that the abuse is occurring (and watches it retract with each report... and escalate slowly over time when I remain unaffected by it and ignore it... up to a point of generating more evidence that I can use), and why are they allowing the known culprit to continue the abuse? What does this person in a position of power have to gain by allowing the abuse to continue against me?
-Does the NSA's leadership approve of their employees hacking into a computer that's used for STD testing, and minimizing the window as the clerk is typing with the intent to cause emotional terror in the target (me)? If not, why are psychopaths allowed access to the control panel? Would it be safe to assume, based on this attempted interaction, that the NSA has the ability to forge its own STD tests? Would it be safe to assume that the purpose of the continued digital sabotage is to derail my focus away from the actual issues that your organization wants to hide? Would it be safe to assume that focusing on the digital issues would provide the NSA with narcissistic supply (shoutouts to my stored emails on the RedZone laptop and their Exchange server... if they don't exist anymore, which is counter to RedZone's retention policy, then that should constitute an arrest or two)? (PLAY BALL.)
-How much was Senator Ben Cardin paid to ignore my first request for assistance? How much was Senator Ben Cardin paid to gaslight my second request for assistance? Is it standard practice for senators to take money from the NSA to stonewall anyone with evidence of wrongdoing against them, with the knowledge that the NSA uses the stonewalling time provided to paint the person with evidence as mentally unstable?
-NSA: Losing has consequences. Also, your playbook is played out. Trying to paint me as crazy? Having James Crifasi flat out ignore the NSA's abuse, hand me a fake lawyer letter dated for 1 year in the future when I said I'd inquire into SGT myself, and, previous to that, try to paint the emotional state that I was in as a PTSD issue instead of as an abuse issue that both he and Bill Murphy were aware was occuring? Also, those mental evaluations that a judge ordered me to take... who's the judge and how much was he/she paid? Who's the cop that pretended to write invisible letters on a whiteboard and how much was he paid? Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies had no legal obligation to close their sub building... who was paid to close it and how much were they paid? Regarding RedZone... were any of them paid? If so, how much and what for?

-An advanced concept that the feds should probably learn about: "thought fuel" (emotional sustenance from the thought of how a target will respond to provocations...).
-FBI: The party responsible for hosting the evidence of this thread via google images is to be considered HIGHLY SUSPECT. This page was host to various interactions, and this is where I first learned that the NSA had the power to see what I wrote and typed. I decided to break the rules of sigilization and wrote a list of words describing features of a female that I would desire in english instead of in sigil form (hey FBI, why did the NSA edit this video out of the thread) just to see what would happen if I broke the rules of sigilization. Immediately after this, I googled "soldierx how to stay safe" and saw a "reader" tag that contained lewd pictures and lewd gifs based on the descriptions that I wrote in english. What I wrote was being mirrored back to me. This, however, wasn't enough evidence to make the call. I'm unsure if this person/party is responsible for suppressing the thinimg evidence for the purpose of "forcing reliance," which didn't work. I find the extent of my penis being marked for revenge by the NSA to be... uncomfortable. I'd imagine that the date and time that this occurred is logged via Google and that this date and time can be correlated with audio/video surveillance of the Nation State Actors in question, for the purpose of observing their behavior. Also, why am I being probed for emotional responses with tags like "Crifasi" going up, me ignoring it, and then the tag "James Miante" (who's name wasn't in this version of the thread until this update) going up? What is there to gain by probing my emotional responses via google's platform?
-Who was it that broke the side view mirrors on my friends car? The date and time of this (discord logs with photographic evidence) can also be correlated with video logs of the Nation State Actors in question, for the purpose of observing their behavior. This occurred when I lived alone and said out loud "I think I should leak this info on the internet." I have a sneaking suspicion that the NSA's leadership knew that this happened and continues to allow the suspects in question to target me.
-This past week, I experienced three suspicious interactions with females that displayed similar behavior to Melody Leighton. Occasion 1: In Union Station, a medium height light brown female with tinge-orange dyed hair wearing loose fitting jeans and a pink sweatshirt asked me if I worked in Union Station (I disengaged). Occasion 2: In Union Station, a medium height skinny light brown female with tinge-orange dyed hair wearing loose fitting jeans and a green sweatshirt asked me if I could help her buy a burger from McDonalds (I disengaged). Occasion 3: On the Metro (a public area with several security cameras) at Fort Totten Green/Yellow line platform (Jan 11), a skinny light white female in black sports apparel/yoga apparel who dropped a white Credit Card as she passed and stood within distance of it due to me not "jumping to pick it up immediately" and me consciously deciding to bite the hook after an extended period of time; I picked it up and handed it back to her, and her "oh thank you" response seemed unusually neutral and forced (I remained emotionally neutral and couldn't be mirrored)... not genuine... no shock at dropping the card and no happiness for getting it back, which would suggest that the card was dropped in front of me on purpose (I disengaged). NSA, are you trying to "trap me?" Why are you targeting my inherently good nature to do so? Does this have anything to do with the fact that I can design systems that you can't break into? Or is this being done for leverage to ease the blow of this going to the edge of a courtroom? (I want the NSA to know the following: You. Fuck. Up. Everything. For everyone.)
-Men want one thing and it's absolutely disgusting.
-It is my suspicion that the FBI wasn't the agency that paid a visit to my ex fiance at her job (Do you like cameras?). It is my suspicion that posting her actual involvement (#wintersoldiers #copycats #anonops) will get her arrested. What have I to lose, really...?
-FYI to the FBI... what would Palpatine do?
-It is my suspicion that the officers that abused me during both mental evaluations have ties to the CIA. It is my belief that the CIA was involved in orchestrating the second mental evaluation with my blood relatives/blood ties, who's names are listed at the top of the thread in my out of court settlement terms (that can't be negotiated from this point forward). (Abandon all hope in the justice system, ye who enter here)
-While I'm at it, did the FBI/Secret Service notice the lack of responses from 50+ senators that were repeatedly tweeted about this thread and the evidence contained within it?
-When a bullet has a 10% chance of hitting its target and is still worth firing... "mid-insert?" "mid-upload?" It's worth firing when you're told repeatedly. If, for some god forsaken reason I'm right... the feds have no choice but to investigate their own due to having figured it out first and leaving me in a pit in the hopes that the abuser would end my life so two birds could be killed with one stone. Just an obstacle. Right?
-FBI/Secret Service, WATCH THIS VIDEO.
-Hey Rank 1(Pro anti-fed tip)(??????? ??????? ??????? ??????? ???????) (rip? van winkle twinkle?) (You are permabanned), Is it common practice for the NSA/CIA to pay the targets family and friends/associates to perform specific tasks/isolate the target to make physical access to the targets emotions easier? To ensure that a "web of control" is maintained? What is the average pay rate of the NSA/CIA to a targets family, friends, and associates? Speaking of lewd, Did my ex fiance write that "letter" of her own volition, or was she instructed to (I only saved the signature and it has a heart on it, similar to one of my ex's who sent a video to me via steam that had a heart in it at the end of the video)? Was the narcissistic supply supposed to come from the ex writing it or from my reaction to receiving the letter being witnessed in real time by cluster b personality disordered monsters who's sole sustenance is the destruction of love? Was the goal of recommending therapy in the letter to open me up emotionally (this was after being prescribed meds after being abused by the CIA)? Was the therapy supposed to give new angles to make me kill myself or was it to give new angles to mentally torture me for narcissistic supply? Why was a text message feigning concern about me possibly feeling suicidal sent to me? Was the goal to open me up emotionally (this was before being abused by shrinks via the CIA)? Was the goal to probe how susceptible I would be to COMMITTING SUICIDE? Would it be safe to assume that everyone that took a paycheck from the NSA/CIA to participate in the abuse, specifically the MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATION ABUSE THAT I EXPERIENCED, wouldn't make it to a courtroom to testify if they were to be imprisoned? Does your spy satellite have the ability to kill and if so how does it work? Who keeps sabotaging the Metro Fairgates as I pass through them? Who caused the Union Station escalator to stop functioning while I was on it? Who sabotaged my Pandora mid-insert? Who sabotaged this link and reverted it when I went to re-upload it (flinching in the process)? Did you preserve any of the evidence like my old emails from RedZone or the tapes from SGT revealing the sabotage that happened? Do you have my TOR usage statistics (or lack thereof) and can you provide this to the investigators? Why did the OSCP tag get taken down from Google when the CIA information was posted by me? Is that who paid Offsec to deny me access? Was the purpose of this to increase my "odds" of breaking the law? Or to "punish" me for refusing to remain silent about being targeted and abused? 10% chance: Why is the behavior of creating backdoors to fight me on equal footing contradictory to the endless sabotage of my PC via crashing processes, gaslighting via freezing the KDE clock (GUI) to make me believe that my killall script was broken, gaslighting via sabotaging the KSM server to force me to enter my password repeatedly to unlock the PC, and bricking my network cards when I neutralized everything that was thrown at me and created an anti-metadata script (or two... unsure of the full order of events) in response? (FBI, take notes... the github thread, reddit, thinimg, dumptext, and imgbb were all sabotaged... that's more than three strikes) Is it safe to assume that the people that targeted me are diametrically opposed and that the one that performed the sabotage is incapable of standing against me on equal footing? If there were "two," would it be safe to assume that the second would be a psychopathic stand-in who's traits and personality were artificially constructed by the NSA for the purpose of feeling like they "succeeded" in "getting in with me?" Why are the psychopaths targeting my coworkers in an attempt to do to them what they failed to do to me? Is it standard practice for the NSA to find "purity" in those they watch for the purpose of destroying it? Is it a sport? Am I safe to assume that the motivation of allowing the program to keep its tools to abuse people is sexual in nature? "Can't wet the dick" if the program isn't happy or motivated to allow it to be done? After expressing how I felt about my love interests being used against me and how I feel that they shouldn't be spared, who is the cluster b that identified "emotion" and "emotional weakness" and crashed my youtube in an effort to get me to react to the abuse by removing the demand to spare them? Is it safe to assume that the NSA and the abusers don't give a flying fuck about ANYONE that they involved in abusing me? Is it safe to assume that they see everyone that abused me as an OBJECT and as a TOY and as a CHESS PIECE ON A GAME BOARD (WATCH THE FUCKING VIDEO) that can be discarded for a new one? Firing another shot... WHO, UPON ME SAYING OUT LOUD THAT I WAS GOING TO LEAVE (AND ME PACKING A BAG IN PREPARATION TO LEAVE), DELETED THE PRESCRIPTION ORDER OF FALSELY PRESCRIBED MEDICATION FROM THE CVS DATABASE REPEATEDLY TO PREVENT ME FROM LEAVING THE HOUSE DUE TO ME UNDERSTANDING HOW FUCKED UP THE SITUATION ACTUALLY WAS? DID THE PERSCRIPTION EVEN GET FILLED? WOULD IT BE SAFE TO ASSUME THAT ME LEAVING WOULD HAVE FUCKED UP THEIR ENTIRE PLAN? TO CONVINCE ME THAT I WAS CRAZY AS A MEANS OF OBTAINING LEVERAGE OVER ME TO REDUCE MY VALUE/WORTH AND TO GET ME TO PRESCRIBE TO THE VALUE SYSTEM OF ABUSERS? Why did my ex fiance collaberate with Ardelia Jackson regarding a winter soldier text (check the google tags after googling "soldierx how to stay safe") to show to the shrink after I called Ardelia Jackson out for lying to the judge about me being a threat (due to the reason of stealing my money and me wanting no contact with the family)? Was the ex fiance involved due to me fighting back about the justification of me being committed since THE JUSTIFICATION WAS FABRICATED? Is it common practice for the NSA/CIA to station themselves in an apartment complex next to or above the one that a target lives in for the purpose of using it to probe for emotional responses? This was done 3+ times, with the first complex being used to imitate sex sounds and having workers that did not live there dress in skimpy clothing before walking upstairs to the complex, and done again in the second complex with a random broad that wore booty shorts similar to the ones witnessed at the first complex, and the current next door neighbor doesn't have a child... and audio of a child singing seems to be repeatedly used at strange hours of the night. CAN I SAFELY CONCLUDE THAT YOU ARE A SPINELESS COWARD THAT ALLOWED YOUR PSYCHOPATHIC COUNTERPART TO ABUSE ME? Am I correct to assume that your strength of character doesn't exist? That you are a blank template in the opposite direction with a weak sense of identity, incapable of exercising your own will or telling someone "no?" Who is testing looping the edit page of this thread over VPN in preparation to sabotage my ability to make edits to this thread when they decide to suppress me again? Is it common practice for the NSA/the CIA to suppress anyone with evidence that destroys the false image that they wish to project to others? When I lived on my own and my little brother was visiting, who set the heating system on the upstair neighbors patio ablaze to fuck up the apartment? Was this person expecting me to kick the door in for maintenance to put out the fire before it spread? Did this happen before or after the knock and talk search, and is it safe to say that I was part of the NSA's rotating list of narcissistic supply sources? Did they have a couple dozen to rotate back and fourth between? Is it safe to assume that the people that were being watched during that time period were also abused and are most likely to be targeted due to my refusal to provide the NSA with narcissistic supply? Is it safe to conclude that, based on the NSA trapping people in the Fort Totten 7-11 and attempting to trap me in the Farragut North train after causing emergencies for both, that the people targeting me feel "trapped?" Is projection of how they feel a common occurrence? Is it safe to assume that the people that are targeting me are incapable of processing their own emotions and require external parties to offload them onto? Would it be safe to assume that narcissistic supply is as critical to the NSA as oxygen is to a normal person? Does activating the fire alarm of the high rise complex at 2 am to elicit an emotional reaction and to deprive me of sleep have anything to do with the lack of narcissistic supply that the NSA is receiving? Does the lack of a response forthcoming from me drain their narcissistic supply sources faster than normal? Is it safe to assume that the person that authorized it is inherently weak both mentally AND physically and is REACTIVE and CAN ONLY THINK WITHIN THE PRESENT/CAN ONLY SEE "ONE MOVE AHEAD?" Whoever authorized the fire alarm to activate isn't very intelligent. Fortunately for me, hydra is filled with retards. Also, who told my mother to break my nature statue, why did the NSA repeatedly break into the apartment that I shared with the ex to break the nature statue, and how badly does the nature statue fuck with the NSA's heads (real shit)? Am I safe to assume that the hydra-associated leadership that is ordering the NSA to overtly sabotage government infrastructure to elicit an emotional response is doing so to avoid death and dismemberment due to having no choice but to let me go? Also, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? No, really... EDIT: Nevermind. Who is the hidden enemy that is trying to placate to the pathology of the kids to "make them feel better," while trying to doublewrap what is done to make them happy with trying to elicit emotional responses from me? I ask this because, at first glance, the picture gaslight seems aimed at undermining the fact that I posted pics of my family to turn them into legal killtargets... when in reality, they recycled someone that took a picture and walked away when I was looking for a place to propose to my ex fiance (and reminds me of suspicious pictures that my ex girlfriend (sell your soul) was instructed to send me via steam... that contained a suspiciously young looking male). Is it common practice for the hidden enemy in a position of power to pretend to be on the side of the kids in terms of making them feel better... while double wrapping the manipulations that are done to make them feel better to target my emotional responses on the back end? And is this hidden enemy upset because they've been revealed to be a psychopath that could give zero fucks about the kids and sees them as tools/objects to be used? Is this hidden enemy the person that I communicate with through google? Is this person Rank 1, or someone else entirely? Is this person someone that sees my emotions as a tool to target for the purpose of pulling me in with the children so she can have possession of both the children and myself... and if the answer to this last question is "yes," this person should have ZERO ACCESS TO MONITOR ME WHATSOEVER AND ANY CONTACT WITH THIS PERSON IN ANY WAY/SHAPE/FORM SHOULD BE CONSIDERED BY THE INVESTIGATORS TO BE DETRIMENTAL TO MY SAFETY AND WELLBEING.

You may also want to reinvestigate the below link as well due to "the daisychain effect:"

Did you observe via video footage evidence of little Tommy leaping with joy and pleasure at the panic and suffering of innocent people clamoring over each other to escape death? Did you witness the sick sense of joy that little Tommy had as he marveled at his handiwork of having power and control over the lives of others? Do you like the daisychain effect? Does the NSA like its reflection?
-Visions of the NSA being "suspended in time." Either the group targeting me has cluster b personality disorder, or the group targeting me are actual children in a dysfunctional "family unit" (and if this is true, then pedophelia and STD test accuracy become a top investigation priority).
-Hey FBI/SS, is it commonplace for Nation State Actors to abuse their target and feast off of the emotional response of watching their target destabilize with a Spy Satellite (that can see through walls and that can watch everything, down to every keystroke and word written with the targets hands and down to the micrometer of when a target inserts their dick into their lover)? Would it be safe to assume that the NSA's spy satellite is the primary tool used by the cluster b's of the NSA to elicit and extract narcissistic supply from its "high value targets?" Would it be safe to assume that the Spy Satellite is NOT locked down AT ALL and that the NSA's leadership wants it to remain this way for a reason? Would it be safe to assume that the NSA is run like a FRAT-HOUSE instead of with military-esque rules and restrictions? Would it be safe to assume that the NSA's leadership has something sinister and nefarious to gain by leaving their spy satellite "open and accessible" to various employees that should have no business using it? Would it be safe to assume that the purpose of the gaslighting and crazymaking that I was subjected to was to protect the tool that they rely on the most for violating the boundaries of their targets to elicit narcissistic supply? To "erode my confidence and make me doubt my perception of reality" for the purpose of discouraging me from daring to have the balls to call the NSA out on its psychopathic-fueled bullshit? (The NSA's mental retardation in a nutshell)
-Hi CIA. Got anymore trashbags? Would it be safe to conclude that the evidence contained within this thread dictates that 99% of the NSA is unfit to monitor me? (shh) (#skinnylittle) (Whoever gets assigned as my achilles heel is to be paperwork bound to prevent them from informing against me to the Secret Service or to any agency of equal or lesser value. No custody = no information.) (Regarding those "soul sellers...") (#511salt) (#VforVanilla)
-FBI: Fair warning: When this is over with, anyone that you convert into an informant will be uncovered. Then I will attack your infrastructure.
-NSA Leadership: It can be proven via investigation that the tool that you cherish most, which is your spy satellite that can see through walls and ceilings, was used against me to commit sex crimes. Do you think that this is a fucking game?

Your organization is filled to-the-brim with demons. You've succeeded in destroying my "reality," just like you demons in human-meat-suits envisioned. Do you like the end result of your "finest conquest?" Oh shit, I forgot... you need to see the target battered and broken so you can be temporarily filled with a sense of power and control before you can be happy with the end result. The demonic entities of your org need EMOTIONAL FEED from the destruction of innocent targets that you discover have "light" within then... light that you yourselves will never have. I can safely argue that your sole purpose for existence is to suck the joy out of those that you deem as "above you," just to force those that you target to either kill themselves or to rise above you.
Perfectly fine. Like attracts like. I predict that the end result of my success will be me counting suicides like sheep to the rhythm of a wardrum. As soon as the gate opens, every single person that has wronged me will beg for death by the time I'm done with them. The person that you targeted originally no longer exists. Every single person and thing that I loved and valued has been replaced with malice and a desire for revenge, just as you envisioned. I guess the problem that your organization has with this is that you failed to use this to bring me in due to the fact that I can see through you.

Congress: Small hint... The longer you leave me here, the worse the end result will be in terms of damage (how deep of a pit can you dig, I wonder...). We've reached a point of exposure that's so bad that National Security and its facemask will never recover. What's it like to know that you have no choice but to cede power and control over to the person that the NSA failed to destroy?

Theatricality & deception. Powerful agents to the uninitiated; but we are initiated aren't we, Bruce...