How to stay as safe from the NSA as humanly possible

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This thread should be titled: "The RedZone Technologies LLC Data-Breach Thread"

To the FBI (who is actively aware of this thread): Here's your sign.

To the NSA: I beat you in a legal cyber-warfare territorial catfight. How does that make you feel?

Don't mind me though, feel free to continue wasting your tech on LOVEINT to wet your dicks and stuff your muffs. I'm sure you'll manage to fully cover it up next time... "National Security" my ass.

Their side of the story (Terrorism Risk):

echo "mandatory security related concept, to conform with the rules of SoldierX"

cat /etc/shells

while [ true ]
    sleep 2
    killall "bash" -q -v -y 5s
    killall "sh" -q - v -y 5s
done &

echo "Open your terminals first (use tmux), then run this script. New shells will not open. Run as root."
echo "Congratulations! You are un-fucking-breachable on a clean Linux system."
#It all started when I made this script after catching the NSA red handed hacking my computer.
#I noticed that there were two konsole processes open on my old computer, due to making extensive use of the shell. I killed the first process and my firefox browser, the process that bash was tied to, crashed the instant that the bash process died. After rebooting my computer, I noticed an SMM BIOS error (my BIOS was flashed, I had an end of life system that had no management engine in it). This was the first time I was targeted by the NSA that I know of.

echo "How to not fuck it up, TLDR:"
#Evading the NSA is like fighting Nosferatu Zodd. you're probably going to fail miserably.

echo "Deblob the Intel Management Engine."
#It's a Nation State backdoor. I have witnessed it in action twice.
#Once with my own hardware, the Operating System of my headless router was shut down and the NIC was active and passing traffic.
#Once again with a RedZone Technologies LLC laptop, the Operating System of the laptop was shut down and fully encrypted with McAfee FDE and the NIC was active and passing traffic.
echo "Patch intel u-code, don't run end of life hardware."
#Spectre/Meltdown and snatching encryption keys from RAM oh my...
echo "Firejail everything."
#Firefox is backdoored on Arch Linux and requires a user-shell to run the application (the TOR-browser-bundle serves as a suitable plaintext browser replacement)
#Firefox on Arch Linux serves as a webshell and allows Nation State Actors to bypass this script.
echo "Get firmware flashable peripherals/network cards, the NSA will backdoor your hardware if it can't be flashed."
#I'm sitting on backdoored network cards.
echo "Make a headless router, run this on it. Avoid router-modem combo's/use bridge mode."
#I'm sitting on THREE BACKDOORED NETWORK CARDS... (Proof of TOR exploits, dropping traffic to, but failing to catch the secondary manual check by
-TOR still works. This exit node most likely belonged to Nation State actors.
-This occurred when my router was deblobbed of the Intel Management Engine and was running the above script, but had a backdoored network card connected to my Arris Surfboard Modem serving as the WAN interface. TOR ran as a service on a designated router port.
-Pro Tip: Set "maxcircuitdirtiness" in your torrc file to 180 (Proof of exit node legitimacy)
-Yes, the engagement escalated to the point of me unmasking a Nation State IP address. Exit nodes never prevent you from verifying their authenticity.
-The first TOR exploit that I witnessed involved an exit node that wasn't on the TOR network (I failed to grab the IP address). This occurred when my headless router wasn't deblobbed of the Intel Management Engine. TOR ran as a service on a designated router port.

My side of the story (LOVEINT gone wrong):

Suppressed Evidence: (proof of account ownership and it being flagged)

Gaslighting Attempt Number 1: (This update got the thread flagged by Nation State Actors. I re-uploaded the thread under different accounts. Both new accounts were flagged within 30 seconds of this update going up.) (Second account that got flagged within 30 seconds of the above update being posted) (Proof of account ownership) (Third account that got flagged within 30 seconds of the above update being posted) (Proof of account ownership) (Corna's blessing to keep posting) (This report did nothing)

Reddit Abuse:

A bone to pick with RedZone Technologies LLC:

Next time, don't penny pinch on the severance agreement. Maybe I would have signed it. An ounce of prevention > a drop of prevention.

RedZone experienced a data breach via Nation State Actors on their servers and on the laptop that I carried while I was employed by them. Scheduling information that was on one of their servers was used by a Nation State employee named Melody Leighton (someone that I had a prior relationship with and have known for over a decade) to stalk me at client sites twice. RedZone's solution to the scheduling breach was to outsource scheduling to a third party vendor known as "resource guru."

The management engine in the laptop that I used was on and active while powered off. THE NETWORK CARD WAS ACTIVE AND PASSING TRAFFIC WHILE THE LAPTOP WAS POWERED OFF.

RedZone makes no use of IME software. RedZone's solution to this data breach was to "swap my laptop."

The stalking escalated, and the female stalker in question named Melody Leighton broke into Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies' sub building GCP, a DOD compliant building that had a 7 year video retention policy and made use of Datawatch Keycards, to "make her presence known to me." After I inquired into the building, it was made known to me that the building... who I performed hundreds of thousands of dollars of work for (and was complimented on by RedZone's CEO and SGT's staff by email)... was closed for no apparent reason.

This LOVEINT-gone-wrong story gets worse.

The same party that flagged the thread instructed James Crifasi to seize my laptop and hand me a lawyer letter that was dated for 1 year in the future after I made it known that I would inquire into SGT's video retention policy (of 7 years, mind you) regarding a stalker that bypassed DOD-level security, knowing that the building was already closed to protect SGT and to protect the stalker in question. 

-The intent was to fire me regardless of what I found out, to help with burying evidence of a crime. (You Fucked Up)

The same party that flagged the thread instructed RedZone to send me my last paystub with a docked/incorrect date of 1 year in the past (that didn't even do 2 in the hole). Nation State Actors attempted to wipe a section of my employment to cover up various data breaches and a physical breach. They failed.

The Nation State Actors that targeted me also performed malicious actions against RedZone's top client, Alban Tractor. A Mr. Robot style virus was released on their end of life servers, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage due to McAfee emergency quarantine, restoring servers from backup, replacing the Operating System of end of life servers, and installing Faronics Anti-Executable on their servers.

Failed USB rubber ducky setup:

During my stay at Southern Management North Forest apartments between Feb-April 2018, a sting operation was conducted after my apartment inspection to see if I would perform a ducky payload drop on an unattended computer (hack the computer via physical access) in the dark/unmanned leasing office after "returning the coffee mug" that was purposefully left behind in my bathroom.

Three pest control vans lined the street and the maintenance worker in the office wasn't identifiable. The leasing office lights are required to be on when the office is open and the office is to be manned at all times.

Gaslighting Attempt Number 2:

Judge mandated hallucinations/delusions test 1 hour after a cop tried to tell me that "I needed to go to therapy to get the legal assistance that I needed," the officer that drove me to the test pretended to write invisible letters on a white board, and the NSA sent a vehicle with a license plate that said "maniac."

To the NSA: Your organization and its shady and questionable practices have brought to my life nothing short of misery and sadness.

Nation State Bullshit.