How to stay as safe from the NSA as humanly possible

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-The google cache is being suppressed by the NSA.



This is almost as bad as the six corrupt CIA state troopers that came to take me to a judge mandated mental test due to "thoughts of helplessness and suicide," one hour after I revealed that there were cops on the NSA's/Pentagon's child soldier's payroll. They were so wrapped up in the gaslighting campaign that they failed to realize that THE CAMERA THAT THEY HAD ME FACE WHEN I WAS PLACED IN THE SQUAD CAR AT SOUTHERN MANAGEMENT NORTH FOREST APARTMENTS ACTED AS A DOUBLE EDGE SWORD AND RECORDED THEIR FACES.

The Right Hand

How to deal with Child Soldiers

On the date of February 5, 2017, my half brothers mother, Theresa Alston, died. She was targeted by the NSA's child soldiers via killsat. On the day of her funeral, February 15, 2017, a large bouquet of flowers in a giant Mac truck was sent to drive past the funeral home.

On the date of February 12, 2019, my uncle, Jeffery Alan Hasbrouck, died. He was targeted by the NSA's child soldiers via killsat. During this time, my credit card was maxed out and the CIA took my car because the purchase was sabotaged by the NSA's child soldiers. On the day of his funeral, March 6, 2019, the NSA's child soldiers piggyback off of his death and did an "apartment inspection." Maintenance left their cup on purpose so I'd return it to the leasing office of Southern Management, North Forest apartments, to find the office dark, empty, unmanned, and a pc logged in. The NSA's child soldiers expected me to do a ducky payload drop against the pc out of "anger at injustice," and we're unaware of my offensive skill set or that I configured the network closet of North Forest.

The child soldiers killed Senator Ben Cardin and piggyback off his death by lining US-50 with hazard light cars.
The child soldiers killed the corpsman in this news article. I bore witness to his death. There was no blood and firing was not in progress. The Osprey that was sent to pick him up broke down (was broken by the child soldiers) on-site. A second osprey was sent to take him to the hospital. Evidence exists in the Google cache that the NSA is currently suppressing.

The NSA child soldiers kill people with a super weapon for fun.

Double Wrap

The winter soldiers that copied my work? The child soldiers orchestrated the operation that they took part in and spread my "skid level" stager for them to use in combination with my nation-state-resistent deniable encryption method. They were set up by the government to be captured as free labor and we're an artificially created threat.

The Left Hand

How to deal with the NSA paying the FBI to delay ending the investigation.

The purpose of the NSA paying the FBI to delay the investigation is to continue the abuse, stonewalling, and ambient gaslighting. The end goal of the NSA's abuse is to BREAK MY WILL and force me to believe that I HAVE NO CHOICE but to cooperate with them. Their end goal is to avoid acknowledging that child soldiers murdered my family, choked me out, and tried to set me up. Their end goal is to convince me that the justice system has failed and to convince me to give up on my right to due process.

The Face

How to deal with Child soldiers and sex crimes.

The NSA plays a sinister sex game side by side with their child soldiers.

-During my employment at RedZone, which is now a CIA cleanup job since they did not send me my W2 (the government owes me money), "Sydney Cromwell" and "Stephanie" were sent to play this game. They are associated with the NSA's child soldier program and their objective was to have sex with me in front of the children. This is also why the SGT GCP building was closed. Melody Leighton, someone that I have prior ties with, gained access to the building to stalk me with the help of child soldiers. The building used DataWatch Keycards and had a 7 year video retention policy.

-Google has the date, time, and location of the following claim on-record. While grocery shopping, I observed a female child soldier "playing the sex game." She was dressed provocatively, had a wallet filled to-the-brim with cards/credit cards, and was purchasing a single item. She had the facial expression of "duper's-delight" and did not understand how to use the automated teller. Her face and behavior should have been recorded by the automated teller at the Shoppers Food Store. A red BMW, with the license plate PATOJU, was there to scoop her once I left. This vehicle belonged to the CIA.

The NSA plays sex games side by side with Child soldiers. This seems to be systemic and the NSA's child soldier program seems to be a front for a pedophile network.

This is why the NSA is denying me due process.

The Nuts

How to deal with Heartbreak Soldiers

Based on the evidence collected over a period of 7+ years, I can safely conclude that the sole purpose of the game that the NSA plays is to BREAK MY HEART. I am being targeted by a mass of people that have cluster b personality disorder and their sport and their lifeblood is breaking the heart of their target and destroying their targets will and psyche. The FBI should have no issue confirming this. The sole purpose of everything that was done to me was to destroy me for the SOLE PURPOSE of feeling a sick sense of pleasure and satisfaction within themselves. They refuse to let me go because they failed to break my heart.

The Back

The Pentagon uses child soldiers to work National Security tasks. This is why my prior service means nothing and why they are actively choking me out.

The government paid my mother, Ardelia Jackson, child soldier money to support me while they run their campaign of ambient gaslighting, AND THEY ALSO USE HER TO DO IT. They blew their cover twice via strange text messages and her telling me things about people that she should have no business knowing anything about. She is now a kill target.

An example of their mental retardation:

My car has been the object of envy of the child soldiers. So the first got wrecked and the second had the purchase sabotaged by increasing the price and reducing the model.

Today, when I went to use my license at a u-haul rental to help my mother pick up furniture in storage, at 3710 St Barnabas Rd, Suitland-Silver Hill, MD 20746, the clerk told me that "they don't accept provisional licenses," despite having accepted it before. My license isn't provisional and Maryland licenses turn into regular licenses automatically 2 years after the issue date without confirmation from the DMV. The child soldiers paid the clerk to gaslight me and she lied about requiring confirmation from the DMV that states that your license is no longer a provisional. The goal was to make me feel "less than," to offload from the fact that I can drive and that they can't.

Double Wrap:

New news: Bill Murphy, Andrea Fitzsimmons, Timothy Sweeney, Eric Humbertson (possibly), James Miante (possibly), and James Crifasi, all took child soldier money to abuse me and participate in the gaslighting campaign during my employment at RedZone Technologies LLC when I went to inquire about SGT and their video retention policy. This is why they gave me a fake lawyer letter that was dated for 1 year in the future, which I still have. Their lawyer, Edward Hartman, also took child soldier money to participate in the abuse process. Nancy Schilling, Alban's I.T. manager, also took child soldier money to allow the Mr. Robot style virus attack against their infrastructure, and should have already been... "arrested."

Old news: Melody Leighton was assisted by child soldiers. They helped her break into Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, GCP, during my employment at RedZone. The CIA turned the building into a cleanup job, since the building had a DOD-compliant security setup and had a seven year video retention policy. THIS, however, is old news.

New news: SGT's staff was PAID BY CHILD SOLDIERS to gaslight me, to include Alexander Zingerman. The cop that I saw on my second inquiry was also paid by child soldiers and was used by child soldiers and Melody Leighton previously to perform a knock-and-talk search against my home AND to tail me (his face is on camera at their HQ). The female officer that was sent to gaslight me was also paid by child soldiers and gave me misleading legal advice.

The child soldiers and Melody Leighton were playing a SINISTER GAME that I'd like to call "get the penis." This is why she stalked me on the job, first in a public area while performing work for Lafayette FCU, second in a building for Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies. After I reported her, the child soldiers sent to RedZone Technologies LLC "Sydney Cromwell," "Stephanie Anderson," "Chris," "Anthony," and "Monique" to play the same game while live on satellite with Child soldiers watching (I guess they thought I was bi). They failed, and the gaslighting after the CIA buried SGT GCP was to ESCAPE THEIR SHAME. This is made worse by the fact that a female child soldier tried to play this game with me at Shoppers.

I'm afraid that that's no longer possible... now that public knows that child soldiers play dirty penis sex games side by side with adults the shame is impossible to escape.

Did I mention the STD that's "not supposed to exist?"

Dear Government:
I recommend you LET ME OFF THE BUS.

"Anon" beat the government's gaslighting program with a meme.