Exploit Engineers, Vulnerability Devs/Researchers, and CNO Devs - iOS and Android

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Not sure if this is the right area to post... but my company (I'm the Tech Recruiter) is hiring for iOS and/or Android Exploit Engineers, Vulnerability Devs/Researchers, and CNO Devs. We'd prefer min 4 years professional work. I'd name off the tech, but I think in this forum most of you know what we need... IE Reverse Engineering, Fuzzing, IDA Pro/Ghidra, Binary Ninja, Python, Linux, x86, ARM, and the other stuff. I've found great non mobile Exploit Eng and Vulnerability Devs/Researchers, but my Hiring Managers really want people who have worked with Mobile.

*Salary - I get asked this all the time. The range I'm stating is NOT always the case. Just me giving a range for a "typical" post - 160-180k+
*Needs to be located in the US

DM ME! Even if you see this in 3-6-9 months, just reach out. We're growing Smile

Thank you.