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This post is for the man that sits on the anti social spectrum. Initially I made this post with much reluctance because I don't know how it would be received. But when I started talking about it with others, they and myself kinda got the idea that maybe I should write it, and I said why not, I feel like the crowd/space surrounding the field of IT and Tech desperately needs a solution to an existing problem in the space.

Currently there is a problem on the side of computer dwellers where in an age of the internet, the original goal was to connect people together, but instead now instead of connecting people together, it has created easy ways out of socializing with people. One of these things we have all probably come to understand in the modern age is the concept of simping. If you don't know what that is, basically it's what the manosphere has deemed as the nice guy syndrome effect. What that means is you basically try and try to please/impress with the ulterior motive of getting something in return from a woman.

It is a cancer that plagues men. If you do donate money to these broads on the internet don't you feel any sense of shame or stupidity that you're getting nothing out of it? I mean really ask yourself, you have gotten NOTHING from that donation. What about dating, have you dated women and then they just use you? You don't like it. No guy likes it. You look at guys who do this kind of shit and all you can say is these guys are morons. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on women for what? Some idea that maybe just maybe if you pour and shower and glamour a doll with enough money and gifts she's gonna throw pussy at you?! You GOOFBALL! GOOFY GOOFY GOOFY GOOFBALL!

The first step in becoming better is recognizing that the Disney bullshit you learned as a kid is not how things work in real life. It might for the simp that gets married to a doll who's been passed around after she's done with her "hoe" phase, but really my dude, you just stupid if you fall for that trap. The Disney prince way of getting laid is antiquated, it's not right in the modern age especially now more than ever where you need to be absolutely careful with how your time is invested.

Now what I'm about to introduce to you, is NOT, and I repeat NOT stuff about red pill manosphere crap. Frankly I see a lot of the manosphere crap, as crap, it's stupid, I wasted a lot of time on it personally, and there's a lot of things on there that just simply aren't true. In fact many of the Youtubers in the manosphere space, cannot be trusted! Shocking! Most of the dudes on the manosphere space will actively tell you things that would encourage you to hate women more. And it's not right, it's vicious and evil and I will put names here just to name a few such as Darius M, Rollo Tomassi, Fresh and Fit Podcast (who I actually have a lot of serious issues with), just a few of the famous actors in the space who are scammers. You can't trust them, they have no vetting process, no history displayed.

In fact a funny thing about Fresh and Fit Podcast is that Marlon, which by the way is not his real name, actually after berating the women who go on his stream, goes to their instagram accounts and hires a hacker to basically lock them out of their accounts so they wont say shit about him. There's a lot of scumbags on the internet who dawn the banner of the Red Pill. Andrew Tate, while not trustworthy in terms of finances (trust me, nobody has as much money as he has at his age without having done something illegal, and before you claim this nonsense about droppshipping and hustle university or his webcam business, yeah none of that is going to net you nearly a billion dollars), actually managed to get girls from Marlon's shitty podcast. Andrew Tate is also a huge scammer with his Hustler's University thing, but I won't get into that as it's not the goal of this post.

So what is the solution to all this. Well in my journey developing more and more into mature masculine qualities, is that it starts with your ability to communicate. When studying women you read books about women. When studying seduction, you study communication. Like social engineering and phishing, it's all going to revolve and reduce to just that. Communication.

See the problem men have when it comes to women is that they hide their intentions. You buy ask a girl out for coffee, that's where the game of manipulation starts. I manipulate you, you manipulate me back! It's literally what happens. You go on and on about each other's work, probably most famously talk about the weather, chit chat about some other nonsense nobody cares about. And in the end all you do is waste each others' time! And it spirals from there, it's actually quite stupid how it spirals if you do succeed going down this route.

And this is not your fault, the problem here again, is communication. Your ability to communicate in life is the key to success with everyone. Now let's go back to you. Because that's who I'm posting this for. I'm going to show you something that could improve your life, I want to help pull you out of that pit of despair and rise up with a sense of backbone. This is a short clip from a movie, my intention for it is to give you a seed or idea of good communication, please just watch I promise I will come back:

Did you like? I like. Now how can you learn to be like this? Well it's very simple, you learn how to communicate. I'm just here to plant the seed. That's all. Whether it grows or not is up to you, and your dedication to improvement.

So how do you learn this fine power? You might ask. Well the way I learned it was from the author of the book called Mode One, by Alan Roger Currie. This is a man who's vetted, you can look him up and see his history. He's been on the news, even has had many arguments in effort to defend the integrity of sheer and honest communication. That means no more manipulation and no more bullshit. Unfortunately as of last year (2022) he passed away. But his knowledge is the same I will pass to you.

So what is Mode One, in simple terms it is a way of communicating to a woman your real intentions with no bullshit, in an effort to save you TIME . There is no manipulation here, no social engineering of any kind, no head games, no dating, no money, nothing of that nature. There are no steps to this, in fact it's not a form of pickup. It's literally just communication skills.

I can't get into the specifics, but the best way to learn this is to literally read the book. You might be asking, well what if I am not handsome? What if I am fat and ugly? Listen man, the truth is that while looks do play a part in getting girls, it is not the ultimate deciding factor. And these are things that can be changed, you have the power to control these things, even as a hacker working over time to try and hunt for bug bounties. In fact my counter argument to you is this guy who managed to get a wife despite not having any arms or legs:

How do you think he got it? That's right, communication skills.

Now there are some things the book doesn't touch that I sort of wanted to address. While Currie emphasizes Mode One, he fails to mention one thing that you have to realize before reading the book. About only 10% of your communication with other human beings is what you say. Ten. Isn't that shocking? What's the other 90%? It's tone and body language. I think you need to hear that. Even over the phone when you're trying to phish someone via social engineering, your tone is going to be the dominant factor that makes up 90% of the communication.

Another thing I wanted to iterate is that as a guy it's very important that you be completely honest about your intentions with a woman. And fortunately for you Alan Roger Currie, hosted a YouTube channel

and Patreon where he talks and explains all of the dangers of the manipulative behavior that comes from that cup of coffee I spoke about earlier. Men for some reason are highly manipulative, women too are manipulative, but when it comes to relationship dynamics, it is the truth that will set you free my friend. Remember communication is the key to success with others. Tone, body language. Best of luck.

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