Amp Blasts: Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows

Recently, my Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition FightStick arrived and I figured why not try it with some PC shmups. I hooked it up and drivers were instantly installed. However, the drivers install mapped the joystick to the POV hat which renders it practically worthless for most shmups. I attempted to use XBCD+, but when I try to install it the system gripes about the drivers not being for Windows 64 bit despite seeing information to the contrary. On my desktop, which I have Windows XP on, I got it to work with XBCD almost instantly and was able to get everything working.

The biggest issue is that the drivers won't install due the Driver Signature Enforcement that Windows 7 uses. The reason given by Microsoft was that this was for security reasons, but that explanation is a load of shit. The reality is that it was done partially cause of groups like the MPAA freaking out over the ability to copy their works or display it on whatever device they want instead of spending a retarded sum of money on an overrated LCD TV. This 'enforcement' however cripples devices hardcore, in particular it has made my life miserable with trying to make my fightstick work CORRECTLY (the official drivers are shit) and my attempts to make my Digital Cable box connect to my laptop via firewire. (It was cause of this that my planned tutorial won't happen now unless a holiday miracle takes place.) In short, I want my stuff to work CORRECTLY, and it won't if I have to use gimped drivers or abysmal hardware support. Fuck you Microsoft for breaking something that worked just fine until Vista.