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does anybody even talk on IRC anymore or am i leaving it too soon

maybe we should move to telegram?

Just sayin

IRC a little dry

To most of those newbie questions that can be found on the internet on how to do a certain "hack"

I found this site called NullByte that had some pretty cool stuff on hacking but I recently found their youtube channel which includes very greatly explained ways hackers do some things and very common tutorials and a lot of stuff people ask on the forums are in this youtube channel, like how to crack WPA2, or analyze traffic on wireshark and all that and I thought it was cool


irc people

for yall IRC people if u wonder why I haven't been on in the longest is cuz my shitty ass school computer (the only device I have) blocks VPN and I'm not trying to get on IRC unprotected and get my stuff compromised or whatnot so no VPN = me no be on IRC,

and when I hop on IRC on other devices to talk to shino he not there


Calm ur tits

stop emailing me to hack shit for you I literally don't even have the time energy or the intelligence to do anything, I can't do shit
stop hitting me up

I'ma be deadass

My name(/nick/whatever the hell you wanna call it) sounds like a child name so I might be changing it soon and i'll let the ones i talk to know what its gonna be.


Is the IRC down or is my shit just wack asf


Hows life people.

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