IRL Name: 
Jean-Pierre Lesueur

Jean-Pierre Lesueur was born in 1990 in London and currently lives in France, Paris. He said that at age 15, he was already facinated by viruses and related malwares. He is a computer programmer who codes free softwares related to computer security (mostly in Delphi and C++) and web development. He is also a Pianist and music composer. Coded the DarkComer-RAT (Remote Administration Tool), Browser Forensic Tool, Mirage Anti-Bot, VertexNet Loader and other stuffs used by skiddies.


His tool, DarkComer-RAT was used as a trojan during the Syrian Uprising.

After the Telecomix guys reverse-engineered the Syrian Spyware and found out that it was a Darkcomet RAT version 3.3, they blamed Jean-Pierre for creating the tool which they called as an espionage software.

He wrote an apology as a response to Telecomix agents for writing the tool which can be found here: http://unremote.org/2012/02/21/excuses-to-syria/


Branded by some media outlets as a cyber criminal (He has stated this is not true).