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AVAST on Ubuntu


People who usually work with Ubuntu are people who went and sought alternatives to Microsoft operating systems usually due to the sky rocketing price but also to explore other options in the world of computers. Now unknown to many the term microsofties originate from the consistent moaning from them, therefore you hear a lot more about the horrible viruses on windows but would never suspect a threat on Linux. However the main reason for this was depicted due to the popularity of operating systems should the balance tilt so will the OS being targeted and currently with Ubuntu being shipped on several large industries PC’s. Ubuntu is very likely to see more in the upcoming days. In a 2001 study virus totals were:
Windows: 60 000
Unix: 5
Macintosh: 40 (of which 4 caused enormous amounts damage)
Linux: 40
Now with viruses coming out at rate that developers can no longer keep up and more sophisticated Trojans R.A.T.s and similar are appearing we should also be aware running Linux without and proper AV is not a clever risk.


To install you will need to launch your terminal and use the WGET command to install have a look at the AVAST homepage what is the latest version the current version at time of writing is provided. Use the following syntax to start the installation.
wget http://files.avast.com/files/linux/avast4workstation_1.0.8-2_i386.deb
Also note for the 64 bit version you can replace 1386 with amd64. To execute the installation use the following command:
sudo dpkg -i avast4workstation_1.0.8-2_i386.deb
Please note these commands only install AVAST to run from the terminal and not the application bar. So to install it within to the Application bar do the following:
cd /usr/lib/avast4workstation/share/avast/desktop
sudo ./install-desktop-entries.sh install
This will install AVAST into Applications -> Accessories.
Next you will need to obtain a License key WHICH IS FREE just provides your email address here: http://www.avast.com/eng/home-registration.php and you will be sent a key. When you launch AVAST it will request the key copy in the key and update.


Should it come to this due to some error or similar uninstallation is easy enough by using the following commands:
dpkg --get-selections | grep avast -> Though not necessary a interesting command to view all products made by AVAST.
dpkg -r avast4workstation -> this will remove AVAST from your workstation without much trouble.