DVD or CD-ROM Not appearing My Computer

CD/DVD Drive Not Appearing In My Computer


Sometimes after installing or uninstalling an application especially those that
contain virtual hardware like Daemon Tools and Clone CD You end up
unable to use your CD/DVD-ROM which despite the efforts of all known
methods of reboots and system restore cannot fix.

So How Do I Fix This Issue?

Most people go through the long process of reinstallation where as others try
to find a way to solve this problem once off by doing so you can save
yourself a world of trouble in the future. This weekend it struck yet again as
a poor soul updated his Daemon tools.

So on with the show here is the process I use to resolve this issue

Open regedit using the run command
Go though the following keys Hkey_Local_Machine -> System ->
CurrentControlSet -> Control -> Class -> {4D36E965-E325-11CE-
Within this key delete all the content One key will usually give you
the finger which I think it is the default within Properties nevermind
it. Next up close the regeditor and reboot the computer if you had no
success then well I guess you will need to reinstall. Also note some people
say just have to delete the upper or lower filter key I find it better to just
go clean out the entire thing.