December Upgrades - Looking For Suggestions

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As most of you should know by reading the site news, we are moving to a new server next month (December). We will also be doing many changes to the backend to make sure things are in optimal working order (including the web IRC). I wanted to take a minute to get suggestions from people on what other enhancements/fixes should be made to the site.

Here is the list of currently suggested enhancements/fixes:
- Source Code Highlighting on Forums
- Theme/GUI Redesign to fit the site better (namely the top of the page where "Home > Area" is over the SX Logo)
- Remove bad tutorials (from previous tutorial contests)
- Update SX History

We're not sure how much we'll get done over the holidays or how many of your suggestions we will actually do, but please do post any ideas that you have to this thread. We love hearing from our community Smile