I need a cheap and reliable VOIP phone services I can sell, We use Elastix and IPsmartX

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I was wondering if you could answer a few questions, I am not sure if you know the answer though if not can you put me infront of some who might . One a new company I got hired on is a new Telecommunications Company, 'VOIP". Remember That I am still a student at a college but I am trying to get my hands dirty til I graduate, my major is "Network Security".The company owners have the contacts to sell VOIP Telephones but I believe there has to be a cheaper and easier way to go about this. They are using Elastix which appears to be an open source, there website is elastix.org. and we also use http://www.ipsmarx.com/. They had another IT guy swad them into using these programs. The seem flawed to me and unrealiable. Do you know of another company we can make money on that hosts voip that we can sell to our costumers or a better way to go about this. Thank you for your time and consideration.