Amada 3

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Amada 3 is a CNC program ,circa 1989, that runs a punch press as well as other types of metal working equipment.
It is a dos based program.
It uses a parallel port hardware key. I can get access to the key, no problem.
But when I run the software and get to the screen where one sends the code to the machine the screen is trash, on can make out a lot of what is going on, but a lot of it appears to be asci code. The software seems highly modular and basic menu driven as one can run the executable separately and most function, now it is the main .exe that calls for the key and won't run with out it.

I was able to copy the entire drive using "unstoppable copier" with no errors.

Now I would really like to be able to design some things and have them made to help with my beer brewing.

If someone could help me get pointed in the right direction it would be great. I really would like to have a kick ass brew stand.