CSAW 2013 newbs team?

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Hi all,
I'm sure some of you are aware that there's a CTF coming up, namely the the CSAW CTF (https://ctf.isis.poly.edu/). There's an online qualification round between September 19 and 22 and a final round happening in NYC in November.

I'm pretty much a newb in comm-sec but I'd thought I'd give it a go since I think even taking part in this competition might mean learning a lot about tools, practices and all that good stuff. I thought about getting a small team of newbies and giving this CTF a shot. It might also be interesting as I assume everyone would have knowledge in different areas so we could share information.

I already registered a team called Electrons. Maybe some of you remember an old bbs-gone-message-board called totse? It's gone now, but it used to be a cool place, so I named the team in honor of that place.

I set up a forum on some free hosting at http://csawice.byethost17.com/forum to enable communication between team members. I'm also thinking of using some IRC channel during the competition for some real time communication.

So far it's me and one other dude and we'll go at it alone if we have to, but I was thinking that there might be someone interested in this undertaking in the soldierx community. If anyone wants to join up, just register there and I'll OK them as soon as possible. It's about having some fun and learning as much as possible.

P.S I'm moving so I might have very spotty internet access the next couple of days and might not reply fast.