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Here is a Twitter scam site I put together for people to use. I made it as simple as possible. No editing required, just drop it into your ftp hosting and scam away. Of course, you can edit it to suit your needs. The message is just a default, " Your session has timed out." For people new to this concept; this called phishing, scamming, or socialing. I would suggest using a spoofed email and sending it from an email account that looks to be from a legitimate Twitter employee or an auto respond account from Twitter (like one you get when you sign up to confirm account), of course, you will need to edit the message displayed on the scam accordingly. One example might be; "You have an important message concerning your Twitter account."

Now more information on the script:

The php script, I programmed, to save the information into a text file. I have seen a lot of people use emailing scripts to send it to an email account, which is stupid. I do not recommend that method for very specific reasons; by law emails are backed up and stored. As well as mass scamming can cause your inbox to fill up quickly, which i do not recommend, so doing it this way, cuts down on the chance of being logged.... It saves in simple format of email:password. If you would like to extend it to point to another location, after user submits it; It can as long as you edit it The defult setting, by the way is to point to the real twitter site, if you want to change it, you change it by editing the header location at bottom in the php file. Sometimes people like to foward users to a fake response. Example; After a user submits, it fowards them to a page saying "the server is not responding." Of course, the fowarding message will depend on what you changed the scam message to. I plan to edit the defult to submit these variables to Twitter. To log the user in after submission, but thats for updates. Updates include; adding a Twitter banner, and form check submission. I will be releasing gmail, hotmail, and yahoo mail scams in the future. For users to use. So check back in the social engineering section...I plan to add comments to php files for users to understand what each line does and hopefully do a little teaching of php in the process. So in conclusion, here you go. Please, if you have any questions or comments come find me in our irc channel: #soldierx

I look fowarding to hearing from you. (PS: If for some reason the link ends up broken, please post a response or come to irc channel so that I may update it)

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