Hollywood making dumb ass movies about computer games

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this may seem like a bit of a rant but here goes. Why is Hollywood turning good games into movies. Have they not learned there lessons from before when they made the final fantasy movie or when they made the doom movie. The only good movie Hollywood has ever made that is based after a game is Tomb Raider and that is only because it had Angelina Jolie in it and all the Tomb Raider fans where drooling.

and the Doom Movie what a load that was. Allright it was ok in entertainment value but the only similarities between the game doom and the movie where the fact that monsters in the Movie looked like the ones from the games. What the hell hollywood you even had the tenacity to rename every nerds favorite ingame weapon the BFG, to Bio Force Gun, its supposed to be BIG FUCKING GUN you n00bs. Its supposed to have a shock value to it. What the hell the demons are like a disease, why didnt the movie just get called "dawn of the dead with doom monsters" then. The creatures are supposed to come from hell like the place where satan is.

and Final Fantasy was just awfull I sat through 5 minutes of the movie then the power went out and I never put the dvd back in because I didnt want to have to gouge my eyes out. Now Hollywood is trying to turn Wolfenstein, Gears of War, Halo, and possibly Mechwarrior into a movie. What the hell. Are the mechs gonna be replaced with tricked out cars with machine guns cause then it will just be a remake of Mad Max. Is Wolfenstein gonna feature barney as hitler because that might actually be good for the movie.

Oh, I have an idea maybe they can take the game Gears of War and put it in WWII and have a soldier that has to be saved before he dies because the rest of his brothers all died. Oh no wait they cant do that because it sounds too much like saving private ryan. Hey though we can replace the cybernetic marine from halo to a pissed off emo kid and Cortana can be a talking parrot that sits on the emo kids shoulder theres an idea on how you can butcher Halo.

Ok enough ranting

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