How to manually update the Panda AV definitions for MRI...

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I'm sure many of you have noticed that Panda's definitions refuse to download when you run TFU (The FACE Updater) on MRI. As an ex-Geek Squad agent, I'm gonna you guys in on a little secret. There's actually a direct link to download the definitions you need directly from Panda's website. Anyways, here's a quick little tutorial on how to download and slipstream the updates into the iso.

1) Grab the latest definition file from http://5487HGVFFS:[email protected]/member/pavsig3/ and save it to your desktop.

2) Open up the MRI iso in UltraISO or a similar program.

3) Browse to "Malware\Core Scanners\Panda\Definitions" and then add the file you just downloaded.

4) Confirm the overwrite, save the iso and burn it to a CD!

Hope that helps all of you who are having problems updating the definitions. Also, please don't go spreading the link everywhere or else GS will get it changed. The entire company uses that same link to update the defs, so I doubt they'll change it...but if it gets posted on a popular warez site or something and indexed by google, they just might. Wink

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