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Hello guys,

I’m new to the forum and thought I would introduce myself with my current Keyboard Project.

Here’s what the project consists of:
1 IBM M-type Keyboard
1 16gb flash drive
1 Dlink USB wifi card, modified with External Antenna (Injection Capable)
1 5 port USB Hub
1 7.7db Omni Antenna

Why: To make a long story short, I work in the Security industry, and commonly help recover (or penetrate) various systems. I wanted something that I could carry relatively easily that would allow me the following things a. a bootable operating system b. a internet connection that was capable of injection (just in case!) c. a device with enough storage space to backup passwords, pictures, etc.

How: Most of you will likely know, there were never USB IBM M-type Keyboards they were only released in PS/2, AT, and Terminal types. So to make this all work I have to convert the keyboard to USB. Once the Conversion takes place, I’ll need to completely rewire the internals, mount the external Antenna, and then some.

Here goes.

PhotobucketThis is the Keyboard PCB with USB to PS2 converter soldered on. The little bit with a mouse port hanging off the side is the actual adapter.

PhotobucketThis is several hours later, Almost all the ends and odds mounted. Top Left is USB hub, immediately under that is the 16gb flash drive. To the right, the Keyboard PCB and the USB adapter. Above this you can see the Switch I installed for the wifi. You can also see the rear USB ports mounted next to the switch.

PhotobucketUSB wifi mounted and external RP-SMA installed. You may notice this is the only device that I made removable. This is because I am not particularly impressed with this wifi card. I will be swapping for a better card in the near future.

PhotobucketHere’s a Birds Eye of where the keyboard sits today.

Here's the near finished product





In light of the recent hackaday coverage here's the completed(ish) shots publicly viewable.

If you like this kind of projects, please join the forums. We need community driven feedback for where to focus attention for future projects.