Ok, I kinda terminated the Rage-o-Holiday Season series preemptively due to time constraints that happened. However, it seems that I have been vindicated in a few respects concerning what I did point out. First, the follow drill after my Marine Corps roast went up things stopped being so nerfed due in part to a voluntary deployment that is pulling a large portion of our detachment. Also, the 3rd post helped halt some people who opted to talk out of their ass instead of spending the 5 minutes necessary to fact check what they say. Finally, in what had to be poetic justice the Cunts (which is what I'm calling our local NFL team cause that's what they really are) lost in their first playoff game! Maybe now they'll realize that taxing us for a shitty stadium wasn't such a smart idea.

One thing I will mention was that I was debating doing a part covering Konami's domestic wing due to their shitty releases and some underhanded behavior they've had, but I felt it wouldn't really work on here as outside of Metal Gear Solid most people don't have any knowledge about their franchises. I will say this, since their domestic wing can't to release games properly and craps all over good franchises like Contra and Silent Hill I won't buy any of their domestic goods until the quality of their releases improves substantially.

Also, in the next day or two depending on how things go I may consider doing a post concerning a major SX topic as of late which may upset a few people, but I feel if it doesn't get addressed by Wednesday night I'm going public with it.