Amp Blasts: The Finale

Today, I am going to blast the one person who since I started this whole thing, has had a blast coming for years. However, most people wouldn't think of such a subject getting blasted. The reality is that I am equal opportunity when it comes to blasting people though. As such, today, I will be blasting Amp.

The basic reality about Amp is that he has done quite a few things. There was his numerous screw-ups in his misspent childhood that he cannot remember. There is also the fact that he had huge issues with rage, coming off as being butt-hurt so much of the time. The biggest issue though is that when he points out a problem, most of the time he didn't even bother to offer a solution, which just made him a fucking asshole.

What makes his actions more egregious is this simple reality, he wasted a considerable part of his life with worthless pursuits that would yield nothing worthwhile. Lemme ask him what the end result of constant gaming from 2005-2008 yielded him? Oh wait, I don't need to ask cause we see that it got him nothing in the long run. The biggest sin he made however was this. At one point during this time, he was handed the holy grail of information in terms of programming, and threw it away like it was worthless. To me, he is truly a short-sighted fool for doing this.

Take it from me, Amp, when I say that Amp was a giant dumbass. It took him nearly dying to wake the fuck up and realize that he was wasting his life on worthless pursuits and was around people who didn't give two fucks about him. He woke the fuck up somewhat, but he needs to make damn well sure that he doesn't go back to the path of fail that he was in.

Afterpost: Yea, I may as well explain why I am doing this post. Honestly, I feel that it is time to end this series of posts and figured that I would take the Penn and Teller route on this one. (Their original plan for Penn and Teller's Bullshit was to make the final episode them calling bullshit on themselves for their own inaccuracies that happened during the shows run.) Overall, I do feel that it was fun to do humorous rant posts, but I figure its time to move on before it starts feeling like work.