Amp Blasts: Sprint

Disclaimer: Like always, the following are the views and opinions of Amp intentionally tuned up to 11 for entertainment purposes. These articles do not reflect the views of other members of SX, but does fall under this site's user agreement.

This has been a while in the making and was what prompted me to start making blasts posts about issues relating to Cell Phone companies. Now, everybody knows that AT&T is in reality the name SBC (Which several people I know have opted to nickname it Stupid Bitchass Corporation) started to use due to the bad rep their name was starting to receive. Speaking from experience, I know that Verizon is the king of bullshit charges and trying to withhold deposits. What people don't know though is how big of hypocrites Sprint is and I have several reasons for saying it.

For those not in the know, the US subsidiary of Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint outright now, along with Boost Mobile. Recently, Virgin Mobile started to offer the iPhone for their pre-pay plans. Now there is an issue with this, their selection of iPhones are total bullshit as they are selling iPhone 4 as its lower end and has nothing setup for the next iPhone model currently. In addition, they are not allowing people to select how much memory is on the phones like regular providers do, with 4 only having an 8 GB option and 4s only having a 16 GB option so the higher end memory options are not available at all. This to me is rather dirty as I would legitimately be better off buying an unlocked iPhone 4S straight from Apple if I wanted more memory and going with a more affordable service.

Then there is Boost Mobile, who recently started talking about having 4G in a new series of ads featuring a "4Genie" (you can see this at if you want to see it and hear an awful instrumental cover of "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang") on it. Well, allow me to provide one very inconvenient truth. The reality is that the nearest 4G spot is over two hours away and their network doesn't utilize a fraction of Sprint's true network. (The same thing goes for Virgin Mobile US.) As a result of this, their coverage is nothing short of garbage to the point where if I had the money, I would do my own version of the 4Genie commercial. I would be at my place with a couple of friends talking about how my phone is ok with somebody else and this 4Genie guy would appear from out of nowhere talking about getting 4G for $40 a month. When he tries to use his powers though, nothing would happen and I would reply with "The nearest 4G coverage for you guys is over 120 miles away and I pay less for my service genius. Here's a special thank you though." and proceed to beat his ass with my walking cane for trespassing.