PC HDTV Tuners: What happened?

Recently I have been looking for a HDTV Tuner for my PC as my TV (CRT HDTV) does not have ATSC capabilities. The simple reality though is that despite these standards being out the cards haven't gone down in price or improved. They've actually gone up in price and gone down in quality which makes zero fucking sense. In 2007 I read about ATI making a Digital Cable Tuner that would allow for CableCARD to be brought to PC, but that never fully materialized in a form that was made available for people not looking to buy a brand new PC. Plus there's the fact that there are still cards being made that don't even have Clear QAM capabilities (This is needed to get HD channels via basic cable) which is just fucking retarded. Finally, there's the fact that there STILL aren't any cards with component video input capabilities. (Don't even give me any bullshit about bandwidth cause it's many of these cards have hardware MPEG-2 handling built in due to that being standard for Over the Air broadcasts.) Most of the online guides are ANCIENT as hell and are rather worthless as a result. Furthermore, there are douchebag companies like Pinnacle who LOVE to restrict the capabilities of their hardware so it will only work with their software. With all this in mind, I have to ask what the hell happened and why haven't we moved forward in this respect? I'm inclined to believe that most of these companies clearly have their head up their ass and are failing to allow for people like me to help make the digital transition, especially when I'm not the only person lacking a ATSC tuner in his HDTV and I don't want to get one of those faggy analog converter boxes.