Who I was and who I am

I have thought about this quite a bit for the last three weeks now and here's the reality is that who I was and who I am are becoming two drastically different people. In the past, I was a bit of a shithead and I have to face up to it for better or worse. As such, I have worked to diligently make myself a better person. It is not an overnight process and everybody makes mistakes though.

The honest reality is that time changes a person and having a different perspective changes things. I am very proud to have received some great opportunities from SX over the years and I know that for better or worse it is the most enduring part of my life. Not just my life as Amp, but my outside life as David. I owe SX quite a bit as during some really bad times in my life, they have helped me and in some cases I really didn't deserve it. As such, I wish to express my gratitude to the community as it has helped me through the past couple of months.