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Not sure if anyone is interested, but sharing some knowledge I've gained through trial and error with 3D Printing.

Recommended 3DPrinter For Starter/Intermediate:
BIQU-B1 by BigtreeTech - Price as of 02/2021 - $267
32bit main board (quiter motors, faster processing of gcode, custom Marlin Firmware edits allowed)
Filament type: PLA,ABS,PETGMotor Accuracy: +- 0.1mm
Print Size: 235*235*270mm (xyz)
Max Print Speed: 100mm/s
Touch screen interface, filament break detection, single nozzle, highly expandable (based on C10 style printers like Ender 3)
Recommended additons for the B1:
BLTouch Leveling Probe - allows for the extruder to correct height in small amounts over a mapped area of the bed (doesn't level the printer for you, but can correct for high and low points on the bed to get much closer to perfect)
2x3010 24v 2pin blower fans/ 3x 4010 24v 2pin silent or performance fans - the stock fans are not bad, but I had a few start screaming and go out on mine.
Raspberry PI 3b with Octoprint installed - allows for a ton of features through plugins and control from your workstation.
Setting up the B1:
The instructions included are very easy to follow, however a few pointers that get glossed over: after assembling the printer, make sure you use the touch screen to "Home" the XY and Z axis before leveling. Preheat the bed and nozzle using the preheat button on the touchscreen before leveling, as the bed and nozzle swell and move due to heat.
Adding the BLTouch to the B1:
Prereqs needed:

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