Nvidia + Linux

For the most part, Distro specific applications of Nvidia don't really exist.

For example, go to the Nvidia Driver Download Page (GeForce, nForce, Quadro, Tesla, Legacy, etc.) and select your Product Type. After you have selam and/or Language (although these are usually selected for you..). After ensuring all information is correct, you can click the "Search" button.

At this point, you should see a collection of data pertaining to your Linux Display Driver. Versions, Release Dates, Operating System, etc. If everything seems to look right; click the 'download' button. Then, agree to the 'terms and conditions' (you can't use Nvidia without them).

Then, save the file (usually to Downloads, Desktop, or Home) in the normal place. Now, it may be a good idea to eliminate all traces of Nvidia on your system's software. After you eliminate all traces, you should restart your system. It will probably complain about not having the "correct drivers" or something like that. However, you should try your best to exit to a command line and login (with your username and password) as usual.

After performing a command line login, it would be a good idea to do:

cd /home/[username]/Downoads

[replace 'username' with your own user name.]

At this point you should be in the default directory for all Firefox Downloads. Then, install using:

sudo sh NV[tab]

After typing NV, pressing [tab] will finish the command needed. It should finish to NVIDIA.x.x.x.run. Finally, finish everything up by typing

sudo service gdm start