Chen Ing-Ha

IRL Name: 
Chen Ing-Ha

Chen Ing-Ha is from Taiwan who was responsible for creating the Chernobyl or Spacefiller, a Microsoft Windows computer virus and one of the most damaging computer viruses of all time. Although his virus is popularly dubbed as Chernobyl, the virus is known to experts as CIH and Mr Chen's colleagues say he had acknowledged using his own initials in naming the virus.


College officials gave him a demerit for writing a malicious virus.

Taiwanese police interrogated him while he served in the military, and that he confessed to writing CIH virus.

Taiwanese officials filed no charges against him, because none of the island's 22 million inhabitants stepped forward to lodge a complaint.

At least 20 Taiwanese firms competed to hire him, and that Wahoo International Enterprise won the recruiting war.