Dead Lord, Sharp Razor, Executive Hacker, Galactic Knight

IRL Name: 
Bruce Fancher

Bruce was a member of the legendary Legion of Doom hacker group and co-founded MindVox in 1991, with Patrick K. Kroupa. Bruce Fancher grew up in New York City.Much like Patrick Kroupa and many of his compatriots from the Legion of Doom, Bruce Fancher was part of the first generation to grow up with access to home computers and the networks that pre-dated the wide-scale adaptation of what became known as the internet. Unlike most others, Fancher seems to have met most of the people who played major roles in his formative years, in person, at the YIPL/TAP meetings that were taking place on the Lower East Side of New York City. Almost from the start, Fancher's peers were some of the smartest and most accomplished hackers and phone phreaks of the day.

The hacker underground didn't care how many years you had spent online, the only prerequisite for acceptance, was being highly intelligent. Fancher fit right in and adapted and refined the cynical and jaded attitude that many of the LOD members had arrived at, and used his newfound skills to wreak havoc and play games with the so-called "Elite" of the time.


Born on April 13, 1971


Still alive some where....