Dmitri Galushkevich

IRL Name: 
Dmitri Galushkevich

Dmitri Galushkevich is a Russian hacker living in Tallinn in the Baltic state of Estonia. He was apparently upset over the relocation of a bronze statue commemorating the Russian soldiers who died in Estonia during World War II, and launched one of the largest cyber wars in history in retaliation. Using a botnet of "tens of thousands of compromised computers", he launched DoS attacks against state government, political parties, leading newspapers and financial institutions, effectively putting the entire country in an "internet gridlock". ATM's, websites and government systems were all disabled by the attacks, and some sites were redirected to images of Soviet soldiers and quotations from Martin Luther King about resisting "evil".

Estonia, one of the most "wired" countries in the world and home of the Internet phone-call company Skype, was effectively cut off from the Internet for several days. Estonian officials blamed Russia for the attacks at the time, though it was nearly impossible to trace them back to their sources. Enlisting the help of NATO, they were eventually able to track down Galushkevich in 2007. He was fined the equivalent of $1,600 American dollars for his efforts.


Took down the Web site of Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip's Reform Party