Joel Langill

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Joel Langill

Joel Langill is a security researcher and instructor for InfoSec Institute and has over 25 years of control systems experience. His employers have included major companies such as General Electric, Shell Oil Company, Honeywell Process Solutions, and ENGlobal Automation. He has played a central role in the analysis and implications of the Stuxnet worm, including new methods of mitigating current and future attacks on critical infrastructure. Joel blogs on evaluation and security of SCADA and other industrial control systems, and is also a guest blogger with Byres Security. Joel served as the lead boot-camp instructor for InfoSec Institute's SCADA Security course. He is the Director of Critical Infrastructure and SCADA representative for the Cyber Security Forum Initiative, where he was a lead contributor to a report on the use of could in cyber warfare. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Penetration Test, Cisco Certified Network Associate, and TÜV Functional Safety Engineer.


Chief Security Officer / ICS Cyber Security Specialist at

He has a series of videos which shows how to deconstruct the Stuxnet worm, and are a condensed version of a subject for the SCADA Security courses.

Joel is also a proud member of the Milwaukee Chapter of InfraGard.