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Sven Slootweg

The founder of the Cryto Coding Collective, Joepie91 was associated with LulzSec, but no evidence was surfaced that he was involved in any hacks done by the group (or even actually a member of the group). In 2011, his information was leaked by TeaMp0isoN, iN^SaNe and TriCk on Twitter and his personal page was defaced. In July 2013, Joepie was raided by the police and his hardware was seized. However, he was not arrested in this raid.


Was active in #pure-elite (falsely reported as the LulzSec IRC channel), but no evidence has surfaced of him being involved in any hacks performed by LulzSec.

Founder of the Cryto Coding Collective

Openly talked about the raid performed on him shortly after it took place at OHM2013

Owner of


Loves Jason Scott