IRL Name: 
Karim Baratov

Karim Baratov is a Kazakhstan-born Canadian citizen who has pleaded guilty to hacking charges over his involvement in massive 2014 Yahoo data breach that affected all three billion yahoo accounts. He was charged with 47 counts of hacking, ID theft, and espionage. However, as part of the agreement, he was allowed to admit one count of conspiracy to commit computer fraud, and eight counts of aggravated identity theft.

The US government claimed he was part of a Russian gang of four that hacked the Purple Palace's servers in 2014, that Baratov was therefore connected to the caper, and that two of his fellow gang members and paymasters were at the time senior Russian FSB officers. However, Baratov's lawyers insisted he did not know who was hiring him. His defense team told The Register Baratov was approached online to infiltrate people's webmail accounts for about $100 a pop. He was asked to hack 80 accounts, mostly Gmail inboxes, but only pwned eight before stopping.


He is a hacker for hire.