Minor Threat

IRL Name: 
Christopher M. Lamprecht

Chris Lamprecht is regarded as the first person to be banned from the Internet. After being sentenced to 70 months in prison for money laundering, Lamprecht was also given the unusual punishment of no access to the Internet until 2003.

Under the order of Judge Sam Sparks of the US District Court in 1995, Lamprecht was ordered to 70 months in the Federal Correctional Institution. Though a known computer hacker, the 24 year old was never tried, nor pled guilty for computer related crimes, making it the more unusual that he was not allowed to access the Internet. In 2002 Judge Sam Sparks released Lamprecht from his term of supervised release, effectively lifting his Internet ban as well.

Chris Lamprecht co-authored the computer wardialer program ToneLoc in the 1990s with Mucho Maas, and he currently works at Indeed.com.


His money laundering conviction was from where he stole electronic and computer equipment from several buildings, and sold the equipment across state lines.

Actually bettered himself by finishing college after getting out of prison.


Attempted suicide in prison and had to have his stomach pumped.

Raped Agent Steal (Justin Peterson) in prison.